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What my profile is about: My husband & I are always into dirty things but lately, he's been over the road working and hasn't had any time for me. I sit here often, I come from work and just imagine what it would feel like if I had another man or woman pleasing me and he returns home seeing me fucking someone bigger, freakier, and better than him! I feel like he lost interest in me after, I had our 4th bundle and joy. I'm still wet and tight. All of my holes are also very functional. Come play with me! Do you want to have a family affair with me? Update: My husband is no longer in the picture but I will remain married & never get a divorce for so many reasons! That means I can fuck & suck whoever I want freely. If you want to chat, text me, web chat with me, or call me. Note: As you can tell my profile says “bad mommy”. This means that I do not play that role to be your Mommy at all. That’s why I don’t have ABDL checked on my profile or anything like that. I only deal with playing that role with my family affair only! " My family only!" "My family only!" Note: This is all fantasy, don't take anything personally, thanks!. I'm only play roles for my bundle of joys Call Button

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