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Our Commitment to Trust and Safety
At Sincats, nothing is more important than the safety of our community. Our core values such as inclusivity, freedom of expression and privacy are only possible when our platform is trusted by our users. This is why we have always been committed to eliminating illegal content, including non-consensual material and child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Every online platform has the moral responsibility to join this fight, and it requires collective action and constant vigilance.

Over the years, we have put in place robust measures to protect our platform from non-consensual content. We are constantly improving our trust and safety policy to better flag, remove, review and report illegal material. More importantly we have removed the possibility of abuse by restricting certain features (such as customer media uploads, inbox attachments, live streaming and webcam). Our goal in this fight is to not just review and report, but to prevent any abuse before it can even take place.

In further efforts to prevent abuse we have initiated a verified user policy that applies to all account types. Additional changes include a Community Safe Reporting and Involvement Program. Our on-going goal is to provide a safe environment while still offering our clientele the freedom to express themselves and explore their fantasies.

Everyday we make it our goal to improve security and safety protocols. We have made some key expansions to our moderation process, registered with NCMEC's ESP program, and next year we will issue our first transparency report.

If you have any questions or recommendations please contact us. Our website is for role-playing fantasy based voice conversation where the only limits are your imagination (and we protect that right). However this protection is only provided when users abide to our 'fantasy role play ONLY' aspect. If a user is involved in RL crimes and using our platform to act out these crimes, we will work with law enforcement.

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If you have any questions that may not be addressed on our website please contact us.