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Confidentiality and Privacy

This is our promise to you.

We will never share your information, texts, chat, calls or any communication through our website with anyone. We understand the need to feel secure and safe when indulging in your fantasies with our performers. And we also want you to know that we go to great lengths to keep all communication encrypted.

We do not sell, share or harvest your personal information. Our commitment to privacy is at the core of all that we do. In our efforts to protect your privacy please remain digilent and never share your name, address, email, phone number or agree to communicate with a performer outside of our platform in a way that jeopardizes your privacy.

Important details that should help you feel more at ease when using our service:

  • Only the Management has any access to your personal details. None of the PSO's have this access nor do they have any way to obtain it.

  • We keep the entertainment side and business side separate. This means that PSO's remain PSO's and are never assigned a management role. You may not know this, but many websites are run by the PSO's that you speak with. The problem with this is that they have all of your personal details (including your credit card). We feel that this is not a proper way to run a business and therefore we maintain absolute separation between PSO and Management.

  • Some of the PSO's on our website are veterens and do this for a living. Others are new and doing it for fun. The talents range greatly. However we never take sides or choose 'favorites'.

  • All PSO's are treated with the same level of professionalism and are bound to our TOS.

  • Encryption: All information and communication is secure and encrypted behind our SSL.

  • And lastly our oath to you, the customer. We understand that it may not be possible to satisfy everyone, but we promise to do our best. This means fast responsiveness to your questions or concerns and active engagement in conflict resolution.

Of course what we offer is an entertainment based role-playing fantasy service and all communication is contained within that realm. Your personal details will never be exposed to our performers.

This is a safe place to explore your fantasies.