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Silent Calls Only with MANDI Corrupt COUGAR

Silent Calls Only with MANDI Corrupt COUGAR

Hush now ... do`nt say a word. Mandi`s got you. Inbox me the details your juiciest of fantasy filth, the tantalizing trigger words that shoots off your steamy, sticky loads. See more about me below.

                          I am on Eastern Standard Time 

It`s Mandi, Sincats` Corrupt Cougar Bitch, with much sought after
                          Silent Calls Only Packages.
Sssh... keep your fantasy filth & best kept taboo filled secrets on the downlow... they are safe with me.  Your privacy intact. 
  My whispers, or full blown smokey Milf Cougar voice is anything but sweet nothings... let me into your ear, travel down to your hard cock you manhandle, your heavy balls brimming with cum
that are ready to detonate !   
  I ask that you inbox me your dirty deed details, and tantilzing triggers before our jerk sesh!  
  Indulge in my speciality Silent Calls Only Packages for your hefty package in need for somethin` special and secretive. 

For full, classic cock blowing conversations, reach me on my main
 MANDI Corrupt COUGAR account. Click link  below ~

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Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!