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Sin Asylum Mental Hospital

Sin Asylum Mental Hospital

Welcome to the Sin Asylum Have you ever wondered what happens behind the doors at an Asylum? I'm sure you have heard creepy scary stories about it or seen horrifying pictures. Well in this Asylum you get to live out all your insane fantasies behind these doors it stays the options are so unlimited you know your curious and if your a sicko like me then you will love this Hospital! What are you waiting for the door is open and waiting for you! XXX This Profile Comes With A Super Sick and Vile Warning XXX Welcome to the Sin Asylum

When you enter these doors you wil never leave, you will never be right in your head again.  But that is what we strive forhere.  You soon will be fitted for your straight jacket.  This mental Asylum is cold, dark, damp.  You will hear screams ands crys for help from all ages as they echo throughout the hallways.  The patients are kept in horrible conditions.  In most crazy cases 5150 and above they are treated worse then any mis-treated farm animal.  Most times they are strapped down tight and drugged.  Would you like to be one of the local deviants or violent perverts who would come in to be left alone with our mental patients of your choice to victimize in whatever you want to do?  If so the Sin Asylum is the palce for you.  We have an empyty bed awaiting for you.

Treatments Offered But Not Limited Too

Human Experimentation
Chair Binding
Simulated Drowning
Slutskins used as guinea pigs
5150 Rooms
and much much more

XXXWarningXXX from the minute you call I start and stay in character I'm a crazy insane crazy girl 

Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!