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Sasha Daddies accomplice

Sasha Daddies accomplice

I'm Shasha and I am a cock sucking, cum loving whore... I used to be daddy's girl when I was younger but now that I'm 28 he doesn't wanna fuck my pussy raw anymore... Now I have a new job I go with daddy to our certain spots and help him control the girls so that we can take them back to the ranch for all kinds of sick twisted dark fun.. Daddy has his main breeder , but the others are used in much more of a dark capacity . Is it wrong that my pussy gets so wet when daddy does those horrible things to them... I rub my clit and watch and sometimes daddy and I will cover them in cum... I don't know exactly where it all went so dark but I do know that I fuckin love it.. Call me I bet my life is a lot more twisted and vile than you can ever imagine.... ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU CALL JUST ASK  AWAY I KEEP NO SECRETS EXIT SOME TABOO CONFFESIONS,


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