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Filthy Slut Michelle

Filthy Slut  Michelle

You are entitled to ejaculate as hard as you want. However, do you allow yourself to get to the point where you can come so freely that your toes curl? Do you like to imagine scenarios that you know can't quite happen in real life but you can't resist imagining? Sometimes things that aren't supposed to turn you on end up doing the opposite. I'm OK with helping you out for time to time. If you have an offbeat desire or a kink that you usually wouldn't be very keen with sharing, now is your time to do exactly that. Are you interested in speaking with me about some thing that you normally keep secret? When you do talk about these things know that it's OK to jerk off with me. I'm here to help you, and never here to judge you. Sure this may seem like I'm conventional therapy, but I'm sure you'll feel a lot better afterwards. I encourage you to indulge in all the things that turn you on. Enjoy the things you like, and indulge in the pleasure you want!

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