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Nikki B.

Nikki B.

Help Me Jerk it Please Masturbation is a part of life. You have to touch it. It feels fantastic when you grab it. It feels so good for you. Moreover, it can get out of control—not developing the technique needed to maximize your production. It would help if you had a masturbation technique specialist, a person who specializes in handjobs. You need direction and structure. Your jerk off-limits needs to push! You don't know how to touch it correctly. First, Mental Stimulation is required if you want to explore your pleasure. You have to learn to control your breathing and your mind. Say this to yourself. Black Goddess is the antidote to all my ailments. My cock controls me I relinquish control from my cock to my Black Goddess. You will need to relax, and trust me to guide you on this masturbation journey. How Can I Start Sexy Black Goddess? You will need to contact me. DM and explain your masturbation journey. Caution: very challenging jerk off journey! - Glitter Graphics

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What is Phone Sex wit Nikki B

Phonesex is an adult conversation between two consenting adults. It consists of fantasy role play, taboo topics, and general discussions.� I describe it as a very fluid and non-judgemental conversation between two mature adults.�

Call me when you want to talk. Taboo topics are not required to call but they are fun to explore.� �The Nikki Bee experience is magical and unique for many however at the very least� you will be satisfied to have spoken with a non-judgemental, engaging, easy-going and interesting woman. Our special relationship is you can tell me anything in the world and will not have to worry about real-life consequences. I do not judge you on your wild thoughts.� �

Nikki Bee is a phonesex operator and looking for long-term callers. I am available, responsive, and engaging. When you call, anything goes, but understand fantasy requires communication. You must be willing to be open sexually. Call Button

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Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!