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Mistress Primrose Will Expose You For Being A Pervert
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Mistress Primrose Will Expose You For Being A Pervert
Mistress Primrose will:

-make you admit that you're a closeted faggot;

-make you admit that you have perverted thoughts;

-train your ass to take a strap-on;

-play out a specific role-play that you have in mind;

-lock you into chastity, either short or long-term;

-make you eat your own cum...

and that's just the beginning.

Whether you keep having thoughts of being a cuckold, which means that you encourage women to be with Alpha Males instead of your pathetic beta ass, or you want to be feminized, I'm the Mistress who will make your fantasies come true.

I've transformed dozens of so-called 'men' into submissives who suck cock, regularly go into chastity (some permanent), eat cum from other men out of my holes and are basically just a doormat for me to walk on.

Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where
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