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Karmen BAEs Taboo FIXATIONs

Karmen BAEs Taboo FIXATIONs

Into a variety of kinks & fetishes. Take a look at my list located on my profile to see what I'm into. If they are not checked, chances are, I'm not into it. I'm big on raceplay. I'm quite open-minded when it comes to topics. To reach me you can chat with me via phone, text & webchat. You can also reach me by email if you have any questions, scripts & any other concerns. I tend to answer emails quickly but please be patient & bear with me if this is not the case. thank you.

X Number of Things About Karmen

What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

I can say that I have many dirty fantasies but one is to witness or see a shemale or a manly man have sex with one anther in front of me. I’ve seen manly men have sex with other manly men and shemales have sex with many men on webcam but not in front of me. It just turns me on to see it. I think it’s maybe because I know how it feels in the ass, so I want to see if they will be able to take it also. I want to see their reactions and facial expressions.

How many people have you slept with?
I don’t know. I wasn’t counting my sex partners when I was focusing on getting it in Your guess is the same as mines. Although oral sex is considering sex, I never really count that as someone I had sex with or if they weren’t good in bed or I didn’t get off and cum. I guess it depends on how you look at it.
Where’s the weirdest place you had sex?

The weirdest was in a utility closet, roof of a house, in an auditorium behind the big curtain, in the bushes and next to someone older.

Have you ever had anal sex?

Of course. Now I do have good and bad experiences with anal sex. Favorite place to be touched on the body? Back of my ears, back of my neck, my back, my titties, my nipples, my pussy and inner thighs.

What kind of porn I like to watch?

Too many categories to mention but I do like the ones worthy of watching that are clear, great acting, lengthy and with a lot of nasty action. I don’t do well with boring types of videos.

Have I ever been caught having sex?

Nope but almost. It was a close call. Now that I’m older, I don’t care who catches me have sex. Heck, if you want to pull up a chair and watch, so be it.

What are my Favorite sex positions?

Cowgirl and doggy style

What is the best orgasm I ever had?
The best was with a guy I still fuck and have been fucking for almost 10 years. There’s a different kind of connection with him and the sex is always intense and every time I have sex with him, I have an orgasm and constantly keep squirting.

Have I ever made a sex tape?

Yes, but I watched it a few times and deleted it.

Have I ever slept with women?

Yes, it was experimental, but I haven’t slept with a woman in years. I’m into men now, 100 percent.

Am I loud or quiet during sex?

While on the phone, I’m loud enough but in person, I’m quiet and loud. It depends where we are and who is nearby, such as someone in the next room or downstairs.

What are your most embarrassing sexual experiences?

I have a few but I’ll give you 1. So, me and this guy whom I’m still friends with, got to know each other for about 6 months. The conversation eventually turned sexual. We were talking about how were going to do this and that sexually to and with one another? We were making out and as soon as his thick, long basketballs fingers touched my clit, I squirted but it wasn’t just one time, I just kept going so I eventually went into the bathroom and started hysterically laughing because I was thinking that he was thinking that I couldn’t control something or that something was wrong. Of course, I wasn’t the age I am now but at he time years ago, I was thinking too much about this.

Have you ever fantasized about someone else during sex?

Yes. I fantasized about other guys all the time except with the guy I’ve been fucking for 9 years. He grabs my attention; keeps my attention and I only focus on him.

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