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Bottoms and Bitch Boys

Bottoms and  Bitch Boys

You are submissive sissy bitch. I have no respect for you. Clearly, you have no respect for yourself and that's why I can treat you like garbage you are. So you're not a sissy? It doesn't matter because I couldn't care less about who you truly are. You're pathetic to me, and I don't yearn to make you feel comfortable. If I could kick you I would and I might. If I could shove you I will, and if I can do more behind the shadows I most definitely will. You're a submissive loser, and everyone knows it even you! Nothings going to stop me from hurting you how I desire. Not even if you cry or beg from you stop. You're a stupid loser, maybe even a moron at heart. You are most definitely the least important when it comes to you who I care about hurting. I want to hurt you like the submissive, good for nothing slave you are. You can torture yourself by torturing me. Just know I'd rather be doing a lot more things and chatting with you. In fact, there are 1 million things I'd rather be doing than humiliating you. That's pretty pathetic for you! When you call my hotline, you won't be able to escape the harsh reality you serve! Just like the boot you will lick, you will serve me like I deserve!

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