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Hotel Loserville ..

Hotel Loserville ..

Well Well look at you! You must be a loser of you clicked on this page! Whats a matter with you got a small lil penis and no REAL woman wants you? (lol) awwwww poor lil you.

Well Well look at you!� You must be a loser if you clicked on this page!� Whats a matter with you got a small lil penis and no REAL woman wants you? (lol) awwwww poor lil you.� Well this is your new home their is nobody nice here and will put you in your place if need be like a loser like you.� This is where you will find Humiliation at its finest. I will plan on ruining you and make you cry and tell you how pathethic you are.� Besides you got to pay talk to a hot Princess like me. Once your a loser you will always be a loser.�

Email a pic of your pee pee so I have something to look at on our call I always need a good ab work out laugh!� �Talking to a hot Princess like me will be your greatest accomplishment in life! I will have you stroking having you tell me what a pathetic loser you are!� Everytime I say Fuck You!� You will say I am worthless because you are!� How about some CBT let me tie your useless man sacks of flesh up and see how many kicks you can take to your dick before you drop to your usless knees and beg me for mercy.

I am the princess of mind fuckery.� How about some FISTING?� Lets see what the faggot ass of yours can really take.� You will have to relax that lil man pie of yours while i put my boxing techniques into gear in your ass!� I love a good cry and whimper you give me makes me fist punch you harder.�

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Do you want to be the Ultimate Cucky Boy?� Not a vanilla one that ust watches but one that fluffs a real man for for me.� Watches me get fucked by a real bull cock and then become my lil clener upper boy as in cleaning my man off first then licking that mans cum out of my pussy like a pig trough?

Sissies I love when you dress up for me and prance around in your cute lil stockings and skirts and girlie panties while you suck on big toys for me is always a pleasure to watch.

All Watersports are welcome and that means piss and shit and periods juices, enemas are all welcome.

My list goes on and on I welcome all Humiliation on here and I do mean ALL!� Dare to try me I promise to wreck your life up I don't or won't sugar coat anything to a FUCKTARD like you!�

Wanna be my next biggest Loser?� Call in and just let me ignore your ass.� You never know what you might here in the background of this house me laughing with the girls me and my boyfriend me and my dog or maybe I will just fart on the phone or piss or shit or hell even some days just mute you like the mute you are!� Ha haaa haaaa.� These type of calls email me first if you want to be ignored though so I know is all I ask.� Or hell just call and say ignore me thats even better retard!

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