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Hiding your Sexual Desires

To those who may be a oblivious to the question why do I have to hide my sexual desires? Let's think about that for a moment. We have families were married have girlfriends to hide what you really don't want others to know. As a phone sex operator I talk to a lot of guys who can't for obvious reasons share their desires sexually with their loved one there spouse there mate. 

Do you like to wear panties? Of course you do but your wife doesn't know that she doesn't know that you go into her panty drawer when she's at work and put on her panties and stockings and bra and dance around in the mirror feeling how pretty you are. What do you think she would say if she caught you? How would you feel knowing that your sexual desire is out of the bag now? Will she leave you? Or will she stay? There are so many questions but no matter what your desire to be who you are overrides everything. It would be pretty embarrassing to be caught in such a compromising situation. So what do we do?

We try to hide it for as long as we can. Your sexual desire with one who they don't know one that won't judge them, kind of like a person like me. A phone sex operator who better to share your sexual desires I won't judge you. I will help you fulfill your every desire your every need one that your loved one your wife cannot do for you. What's better than having the best of both worlds. I can make your fantasy world feel like reality making you want to come back for more and more. Thank goodness for girls like me what would you do without us when you don't want to go into the real world and actually fulfill your desires?

You have me your phone sex chat a girl yeah that's right. I will be the one you can talk to you when you can't talk to anyone else share your dirty little fantasy story with me. When I was younger I caught my brother wearing my panties I said to him what do you think you're doing?

He looked at me in shock and said I'm sorry please please don't tell mom and dad. I kept his little secret, from that point on I realize that all boys were not really boys.

A phone sex girl like me contributes a lot of good to the world. I mean when there's no one to talk to I'm here for you with no judgments. We all want some type of companionship And some type of way even if it's with a stranger like me.

What would the world be without sex workers may be more crime in the world maybe not. One thing I do know is we all have a story to tell we all have secrets. In all actuality no one is better than next we just like things in different ways. We all want to make a difference in the world contribute what we can and as a phone sex operator I think I do that very well this is a job and it's not such an easy one as people may think. To make one happy is a job well done for me. I enjoy being a chat girl. Meeting strangers is somewhat of a turn on for me because you are telling me all of your fantasies naughty stories.

Who else better to share with them at phone sex chat girl like me. If you have never experienced talking to a fantasy girl give it a try I promise you'll be back for more. The moral of the story is we all we all have one.