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Money is always in short supply and when it comes to non-essential things (like adult entertainment) we are all looking for ways to save money. Now if you are like most adults that have normal, healthy libido then you have the desire for a little adult fun. This is not a bad thing and actually means that you are completely normal. But you want to be careful not to go overboard and spend to much on adult entertainment. The idea of free phone chat lines sounds appealing and many people all over the world choose this option for a little naughty fun with some erotic phone chat.

But is it real? Can you really find free adult chat lines? We are happy to say that at you can. Our website is setup like facebook, but tailored to adults 18 years or older that want to indulge in adult conversation. Live adult performers can register openly on our website, create a public profile and set up pay per call packages. The best part about this is the option to create free call packages. You may wonder why a professional adult chat performer would want to give away their services and the answer is to build a steady list of clients. You see most callers are a bit apprehensive when it comes to choosing just the right performer and having the option to call for free (even for a couple minutes) helps the caller know if the performer is right for their call.

Girls Talking Dirty can be Very Exciting

Free Phone Chat Lines
It's crazy what people will do to listen to girls talking dirty. When I was in college the cheerleading team had a party to raise money for new outfits and an upcoming cheerleading competition. This is a true story by the way, even though it may seem a bit too much. Now I seriously doubt that the party was condoned by the school staff, so it was a private event. How did the girls make money? We'll among other things they offered a kissing booth. They also would perform custom dances and cheers (some publicly for the whole audience and others private). You had to pay more for the private cheers.

My friend decided to challenge some of the cheerleaders by writing the dirtiest cheer he could think of. He did this because the cheerleaders said that would cheer about anything as long as you made a donation. So he had them chant his name and say some incredibly naughty things that they wanted to do to him. Many of the girls were a little embarrassed but they all played along.

What made this even funnier was the fact that my friend sold his bike to get more money so he could hear more cheers. I'm sure that if he had more items to sell (we were all poor at the time), he would have sold them to. That's why I say that most guys will do anything to hear girls talking dirty.

So it is no wonder why guys spend a lot of time searching for an adult chat service that offers free phone chat lines. We are proud to truly offer this service at One word of warning though is to be careful that you do not get too addicted. Being able to listen to these incredible adult chat performers can become a daily addiction. It's much safer than many things you could be doing, but you will be surprised by how exciting it can be.

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