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Caras Sadistic Psycho Line

Caras Sadistic  Psycho Line

What you need is to stop being a bitch and cum for me? You need to jerk your dick and stop acting like you aren’t some pervert. You fit every bullet point. Can you imagine me stomping around you in my highest of heals, and my cunt swollen from being fucked? I can dangle my pussy right above your fucking face. The thought of me sitting on your face would leave your breathless. I own leather, latex, sex toys and tape. I might even own YOU🫵🏻. A good time is all I know, don’t expect less. How about we get to the best part and let loose? 💦 I’m a sloppy squirt-er and want you lapping your my pussy juices. Come seek out the most perverted of calls yet. I am a creative but a uniquely sadistic bitch. I'm not like other girls. When it comes to dark conversations, we can go 6 feet under. There really isn't a reason for you to ever question if I can make you bust a nut. My specialties are a lot of others, but likely more heightened in nature. As simple as things can be, I make them sinful and a horrific (if that's what you're into). There's nothing I will not say to make you ejaculate. I love very heavy and hard-core brutalizing scenarios. Consider giving me a call, It's likely what you need. Honestly, consider yourself lucky.

Psychopath Rp
-Forced Fantasies
-Miscellaneous kink 


Interested in my services? Any kinks you have I can handle. I'm very open minded. I have heard it all, and done it too! 

I am motivated by my own sexual nature. I like making men cum and hearing them tell me all their secrets.
If you need a specific detailed call, message me before.
I RECORD stories! Ask for links! 

I also provide texting, and chat packages for paid online chat sessions. 
Topics listed below are the most popular: 
Erotic Hyno therapy 
Fem Domination 
Mean Mommy 
Cuckold + Cheating
Diapers+ Bathroom 
Forced+ Hardcore Sex 


If you have any questions message me. Ask for a link for my story content. If you want something personalized, let me know the nature of the story you want.

Thank you! 


Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!