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Heavenly Delight

Heavenly Delight

Hi welcome to my profile. I’m a milf who is wandering around the internet in search of a good time. I typically have no limits because that hinders me sexually. I like to share my fantasies with other people. I hate traditional women who are too afraid to show it off or speak their minds. I have never been that way. Don’t you want a taste of my beautiful pussy? Do you want to know what it’s like to speak to a beautiful and sweet MILF? Just so you know I’m a great listener, and I provide my callers with vulgarity and detail. I’m very fetish friendly and never kink shame. Nothing is too much for these ears. I’m a creative phone whore who has been making men ejaculate hard for years. I have many stories and I enjoy speaking with people who want to hear them, and are open to sharing things back. I want to make you feel beyond comfortable. This is a safe space, and when you call me I will deliver what you require and deserve. My full attention. Confessions are one of my favorite types of calls, role-playing and story telling follow close behind. Check me out and chat with me if I seem fitting for your personal needs, wants and desires.

Nasty MIlF +Hot Mommy Phone Slut


Interested in my services? Any kinks you have I can handle. I'm very open minded. I have heard it all, and done it too! 

I am motivated by my own sexual nature. I like making men cum and hearing them tell me all their secrets.
If you need a specific detailed call, message me before.
I RECORD stories! Ask for links! 

I also provide texting, and chat packages for paid online chat sessions. 
Topics listed below are the most popular: 
Erotic Hyno therapy 
Fem Domination 
Mean Mommy 
Cuckold + Cheating
Diapers+ Bathroom 
Forced+ Hardcore Sex 


If you have any questions message me. Ask for a link for my story content. If you want something personalized, let me know the nature of the story you want.

Thank you! 


Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!