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Ebony Rain Diabolical Darling

Ebony Rain  Diabolical Darling

Need a much deserved release? Do you have more than a few desires that society tells you to take to the grave? No need to hide. Don't you dare repress those cravings, express them all to me and I'll pump your ear with the most gut wrenching, nightmare inducing fantasies that will make your throbbing cock projectile vomit. I have no limits and no fucks to give. I am the diabolical darling that actually picks up the phone when you call, snatches the pocket puss right out of your balls, and send you on your way utterly satisfied! What's with all the loves and likes, you ask? Come and find out for yourself. I don't just wanna get nasty. I want to get fucking disgustingly filthy! So, give me a ring if you THINK you can handle me.


Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!