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Perverted Taboo Masturbators

Description : Are you obsessed with masturbating? Can't keep your hands off of your rock hard cock? Do you jerk off in public or in some other inappropriate place? Is your dick raw from stroking too much? Do you find yourself watching porn every single day? Are you addicted to calling phone sex operators? Do you have filthy perversions you need to discuss or confess? Is wanking your cock multiple times a day ruining your life? If so, call and tell me all about it!
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Cum be my Sissy Boy...

Description : Cum be my Sissy Boy...
Give me your heart and those two warm holes.
Are you wearing some pretty panties for me ? What color ? They feel good against your skin, don't they ?
I need some photos of you in panties for my panty wall. The photo doesn't have to have your face. So you can stay incognito if you want, my sissy boy. In my walk-in closet, I have all my sissy boy photos on one of the walls. The wall right next to my panties. I'm thinking about you in your panties and dropping to your knees in front of me, kiss my pussy right through my panties.
Then I turn and walk to the bed. I lift up the pillow and look a big 10" black strap-on. How pretty, look at it shine in the sunlite cumming through the bedroom window. We better hurry up before my husband gets home. While you're still on your knees, I bring the head of the strap-on to your mouth and you start to suck. Just like the natural cocksucker you have becum.
You watch me step into the loops of the strap-on, pulling it up and tightening it into position, making it all nice and snug.
Now it's time for you to get into position. Bend over, Bitch !
I can't wait to tell you the ending of the story.
Call me you fucking little Sissy..
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The best girlfriend

Description : I know you've been searching for a girlfriend like me for such a long time. Well, now you've found her! A pervert just like you who LOVES extreme age play fantasies, who will let you fuck as many little bald holes as you wish, who will encourage you to be the best pedophile you can be!
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The sickest fucked-up phone sex ever!

Description : If you crave the depraved - The most vile sick twisted extreme taboo perversions imaginable, then give me a call. Kidnapping, Rape, Torture, Blood, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Murder, Snuff - Anything Goes!
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Pedo Girlfriend

Description : I am your naughty taboo girlfriend and I love to encourage you to do nasty things to extremely young bald cunt. Whether they are yours, mine or the ones we abduct, it doesn't matter as long as we're raping, violating and penetrating those tight slut holes! We can sexually abuse them forever or snuff them out when they're all used up. Whatever your hard kiddy-loving cock wants, we'll do! There are NO age limits or restrictions with me, so let's get the perverted party started!
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Girlfriend and Boyfriend...!

Description : Do you remember your first love ? I do, an older gentleman who I worked for back in the day.
He owned a horse farm and I did all sorts of jobs on the farm. His wife was a real bitch and we all hated her. But luckily she wasn't on the farm very much.
I caught my boss jerking off, is how things got started with us. I came around a corner up in the hayloft and there he was in all his glory, sitting on a blanket covered hay bale. He must have been stroking for a while. His cock was nice and hard, curving towards his body, legs spread wide open and pants down around his ankles. Quite a site to see for an impressionable virgin.
I stopped dead in my tracks, had no idea what to say to him. We finally made eye contact with one another and the look on of sheer contentment in his eyes was staggering to me. I wanted to feel what he was feeling.
I reached down inside my baggie jean overalls, ran my hand down into my panties and felt the wetness on my fingertips. I'm not sure what made me do the following : I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck my pussy juice off them. But as I was doing it, I thought of where I had seen it being done. I had found a bunch of stuff on my brother's computer and had watched a lot of it and almost had to take written notes. Giggle, Giggle !
Then I walked over to my boss and got my fingers wet again and brought my fingers to his mouth this time. I watched him lick every drop from my fingers. After he got done, I lifted both hands to my shoulders and unsnapped my overalls, letting them drop to the barn floor.
Way back when...
call me and I'll tell you the rest of the story...
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“The Cuckold…”

Description : Why does a man want to see his wife or girlfriend with another man ?
He wants to see her satisfied, happy, enjoying herself, having some spice in her life. Experiencing a bigger cock, a younger man, maybe even a black man….
Some cuckolds just sit in the corner, watching…while others like to join in and be clean up boy when the fucking is over…
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart,” my husband said to me over a spectacular delicious meal, served at a very exclusive private club. He was handing me the famous little black velvet jewelry box. As I open the box he is smiling at me with a very wide almost impish grin. In the box is a very beautiful sterling silver chain with a silver skeleton key hanging from the chain. My mind starting to wonder as to what the key fits.
We're home and he’s almost pulling me up the stairway. Bringing his hands to the sterling chain of the necklace around my neck, he lifts it over my head and hands it to me. He knows that I love skeleton keys and it’s so smooth as I hold it in my hand. Now I know what the key fits, but what is in our new bedroom that has got my husband grinning like a cheesier cat? All the specs were given to the builders before we left, so there can’t be any kind of surprises as far as the remodeling. I actually find myself a little afraid to unlock the door, is something going to jump out at me. I wonder if it’s a new pet.
Finally, he puts his big hand over my hand with the key in it and helps me unlock the door. The room is aglow with candlelight and soft music playing; I wonder how he did that. Our new bedroom is absolutely beautiful.
My honey is always so full of surprises, one right after the other. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I turn and look and I can’t believe my eyes. My mouth drops open and I’m not sure what to say. I’m looking straight at a strange man in our new big brass bed. But he’s a very good looking young, strange man and he’s naked. I can’t help myself but to look at his manhood, hard and ridged, and he takes his hand and wraps his fingers around his cock. A sound comes from the left of me, a small friendly laugh, almost a giggle; I turn to see my cuckolding husband sitting in a very beautiful new wingback chair in the corner of the room. He is still wearing the impish grin and nothing else, totally naked, stroking his hard cock. I’ll never forget his next words; he says “he’s your valentine’s gift.”
Angel...call me and hear the rest of the story...!!!
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Custom Erotica

Description : Fulfilling your fantasies one word at a time.

Do you have your own personal fantasies, but can’t seem to put your thoughts down on paper? Is the fetish you have underrepresented, poorly written, or too watered down. Or perhaps, your fantasies are so taboo you have to go to the deep web just to read? Well look no further, your Taboo Messiah is here. Rejoice for You can now indulge in erotica created specifically for you. I will fulfill your fantasy. From beginning to end, the story will be told exactly how you envision it.
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Sex by the Pool!

Description : Being a deviant phone sex kitten with a exhibitionist streak is fun!! I convinced my friend to put on a show for a few guys in the apartment complex.

Victoria and I were at the pool, I see her laying in her lounger. She looked hot, in her bright red thong and tight little bra that didn't leave much to the imagination. I said "I have an idea. Let's have some exhibitionist phone sex!" She gave me a deviant smile.

We decided to make it more fun by calling our favorite Phone Sex Operator from www.sincats.com. We got our deviant phone sex goddess on the line. and she started telling us how she would start to make out with us. "I'd take my hand, gently place it on your breast, while your lips started to touch." As we heard her speaking to us, I wrapped my legs around my friend, and began to taste her lips. My hands danced underneath her bathing suit top, grabbing and squeezing every inch of her.

I began to moan as our deviant phone sex adventure started to get even hotter. We froze when we heard some clapping behind us. We looked up and there was a group of hot as fuck guys enjoying the show, some were even taping it on their phones! The exhibitionist in me, got exciting and now I became determined to put on an even sexier show!

I told our sexy phone lady that we had company and she got even more excited! She instructed us to get a little dirtier “there is nothing wrong with having them join in, she told us!” She then, told the guys to tell us what they wanted us to do.

The guys wanted to see almost every naughty thing you can imagine, and being the sexy exhibitionists we are, we were more than happy to comply!

If you want to know what else we did, give me a call and let's have some fun!

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More Strap-on Fun...

Description : I love it when I ask a man what he's into and he says "anything and everything" ... Game on !
We start to play, maybe I undress for him, bend down and kiss him, lips to lips, while he strokes his cock.
I climb onto the bed with him and get into the wonderful "69" position. Both of us licking and sucking. Then I dismount and spin around and take something from under the pillow. Big, black and it kind of shines in the candlelight.
I look at his expression. His eyes are wide open and mouth also wide open. So why not see what kind of cocksucker he is by putting the head of the strap-on into his mouth. And he immediately starts to suck with his lips wrapped around the head. I think you'd call that a natural cocksucker. He's sucking on it so hard that he's drawing it deeper, towards the back of his throat. Oh my, this is going to be fun.
It's time for me to get into position, in between his legs, with the strap on in its position. All ready to fuck him ! I take out the bottle of lube and he watches me move my hand up and down the shaft of the strap-on, getting it all nice and ready. Maybe I'll put a little lube on his tight little hole. Now it's time to put the head of the strap on right where it should be, between his ass cheeks on his ass hole and pushing it in. I want to watch it go in but I also want to watch the reaction on his face. He has been making a few noises. But I keep pushing it in, just a little bit at a time. And watch him start to squirm...
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My dark dream last night

Description : I am telling you my darkest dream ever, it was me and a man..We were violating a little together,I woke up with a very wet pussy...I want to tell you all of the details
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Me and my lil sister

Description : Last night was amazing my boyfriend and I were in the middle of having sex and my lil sister walked in on us...Well, she said she wanted to join us, it was incredible, I can't wait to tell you all about it.......
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Description : I was drenched in milk. It was moist seeping between my smooth legs. I wanted to taste it's creamy goodness but I was visiting a friend's house. I went behind a wall and slowly trailed my hand to my core and walls clenched tightly and the need to release became urgent. After excusing myself to the restroom I had the greatest refreshment of my life and to this day my friend remained clueless.
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This weekend=

Description : I had a lot of fun doing the sorority car wash lots of wet t-shirts and bikinis, Very hot, I got a lot of pictures.. I also am having a blast watching these twin girls, they are so cute and I love playing with them, call me and we can play with them together!!!
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I enjoy it all

Description : I love holding my lil sister down for a pedo cock to violate her!!! I always enjoyed daddy fucking my bald lil cunt, when I was little!! I have lots of stories I would love to share with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Delve into my dark side

Description : I love the taboo, my wild side is very dark and I am ready to share it with you, Does your cock get hard for littles, or for a horny little slut? I am your girl.......
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Get to know me, my dark thoughts

Description : I crave the depraved, violating littles, just like you... Why wait to call me, we can violate all of the littles you want, rape, torture, snuff anything goes with me, extremely ready to play with no limits!!!!!!!!!!!
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My Cuckolding Husband with the Delivery Guy

Description : Can’t wait to see his package…
Have you ever wondered how many women get fucked by the UPS or the FedEx Guy ?

My delivery guy is one fine specimen. He’s tall, lean and has a wonderful smile. I can’t help myself from wondering what he has hidden away in his pants. And of course, he’s half my cuckolding husband’s age. Probably one of those cocks that get hard over and over, again and again, all that nice warm, wet cum.
The cuckolding husband of mine has seen this man on occasion and mentioned that he thought he looked like my type. So I guess that makes him a prospect bull.
The knock on the door. We have a huge old-fashioned door knocker in the middle of the front door that can be heard all over the house. I walk by the open bedroom door and notice my cuckolding husband standing in the middle of the room, naked, rubbing his cock. He tells me to bring him up. Then he turns and walks to his easy chair in one of the corners of the room.
I head down the stairs to answer the door. Would you like to know what I’m wearing ? A very pretty, simple, long white silk nightie. It has spaghetti straps going over each shoulder, nice deep slits going up each side and three pretty silver buttons going down a very low cut front. And the back of the nightie goes all the way down to the crack of my ass.
I answer the door with a smile and a very seductive “hello”. I put out my hand and make an inward motion for him to enter the house. He offers me my package and I take it and set it on the table, never taking my eyes off his eyes. And I explain that’s not the package that’s holding my interests right now. I look at his package and notice it growing right before my eyes.
Bringing my eyes back to his, I wink and say “follow me; this is your lucky day”. I take his hand in mine and we walk up the stairs together. While we make our way to my cuckolding husband, I can feel my pussy getting wetter and imagine his cock getting harder.
I open the bedroom door, we walk in and I introduce the cuckolding husband to the delivery guy.
Call me for the rest of the story…
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Getting caught by an Older Man and enjoying it…

Description : He caught me playing with my pussy when I thought I was alone.
Caught while lying in the sun, all naked…!
Getting caught masturbating by a tall, dark, and stranger. He was blocking my sun, standing looking down at me with his cock growing in his shorts.
He clears his throat and I open my eyes. I find myself wondering who this man is, maybe he’s the new neighbor. And I remember I don’t have any clothing on, I’m bare naked…! That may be the reason for the look on his face. He almost licks his lips as he stands over me. His hand came to his cock as I open my eyes and my hand goes to my pussy. I’ve been caught…!
Next thing I know the stranger has bent down and kisses me. His lips on mine and putting his tongue into my mouth. My hand starts to rub my clit harder and faster. I feel him straddle my lounge chair where I’ve been sunbathing. He stands as he lets go of our kiss. I can’t help but look at the bulge in his shorts. He asks me if I’d like to see his cock. And I wink at him and say “of course, silly…” After all I have been caught…!
Reaching both my hands into the waistband of his shorts, I give a good tug. And oh my, a very nice looking cock comes bounding out and almost right into my mouth. I can’t help myself from planting a nice big kiss right on the head of his cock.
He turns himself around and still straddling my chair, bends to lick and lap my pussy…at the same time, feeding his cock into my wide open mouth. I feel my pussy getting wetter as he continues to lick me. And I feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. I must say sucking cock is one of the more enjoyable things I do with a man. And I hope I get caught more often…!
Cum and give me a call and I’ll give you the details of Getting Caught…
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Description : Let's get all dressed up together...
what's your favorite color ?
and your favorite cut of panties ?
Doesn't that silk bra feel good ?
And those stockings, ones with the seam up the back...hooking them to a pretty black lacey garter belt. My man likes to snap the garters...giggle, giggle.
How about the basic black dress, tight, low cut in the front and back. and short enough to see the top of the stockings when bending just right.
Shoes are always so much fun. A nice high heel and maybe a nice platform also. Do you like toes showing or not ? And what color ?
Do you like to play with make-up ? Pretty smokey eye shadow, eyes ontlined in heavey black liner and those long black lashes. And there is nothing like putting on lipstick to make a person feel all girly...
Hair...long and curly or short and straight, blond, burnette, or a red head ?
Maybe we could go shopping after getting all dressed up...pick out some new lingerie. The list is so long : panty and bra sets, camisloes, teddys, body stockings, silk stockings, garter belts, slips, pantyhoses, nighties of all kinds !
Oh my, look at all the pretty dresses...and then walking by the cosmetics, love that deep, deep, deep red lipstick. Shoes are on the left, let's look...! Boots, shoes and pretty fluffy slippers.
I'm anxious to find out what you're going to buy...then we can go home and try on all our new stuff...
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What are you needing?

Description : What are you looking for? I love being a young little whore...You can use and abuse me? You can put me in a gang bang, cheat on your wife with me your teen babysitter... Fuck me, impregnate me, breed me... Anything goes, no limits... You want me and my little sister to your cock, you want to rape and torture us.... Anything is possible.....
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Strap-on Fun with You my Little Bitch !!!

Description : Bend over little Bitch…
Let me fuck you like the Bitch Slut you can be…
It starts with rubbing a little lube on your tight little hole of yours. Your dick starts to get harder as I hear you start to moan to the moment of my finger.
I want you to lick my pussy. So I spin myself around and straddle your face and stick my pussy over your mouth. And I want you to lick, lap and suck my cunt, Bitch. !!!
While you enjoy my pussy, I continue to play with your asshole, with the lube and my finger. Then I bring my lips to your cock and kiss the head. I can’t resist sticking the tip of my tongue in your pee hole so I can taste you. Another motion with my tongue and I’m licking and lapping your balls. Then move my tongue up your shaft and wrap my lips around the head while I feel you sucking on my clit.
At this time I reach under the pillow and pull out a nice sized strap-on. Watch out you Little Bitch Slut…!!! It’s time to get FUCKED…!!!
So I put some pillows under your ass, getting you all propped up and ready. But I can’t fuck you before watching you be the cocksucker that I know you can be. Now put that strap-on between your lips and suck on it. I’m going to make it go in and out of your mouth, it seems like once again you’re being that Little Bitch Slut…!!!
And finally it’s time to fuck you. My Little Bitch Slut…you like being called that, don’t you ? Look at you spread your legs wide open for me.
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