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XXX Taboo Phone Sex

Description : I have no morals, boundaries or limits so we can engage in any and all types of scenarios and variations of the topics listed on my page or something completely differently devious. I most assuredly will talk about any type of fantasy imaginable, so please feel free to tell me all about what turns you on and gets that cock hard. Let's take a walk on the wild side of pleasure. Let's get extremely taboo and kinky and have fun masturbating together. I can't wait to get off with you!
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Snuff Phone Sex

Description : If you like to fuck ROUGH and HARD, getting VIOLENT with your victims, torturing and making them BLEED, hurting them in the most INHUMANE way which ultimately leads to the SNUFFING out out of a young cunt, then I'd love to hear from you.
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Description : I am your older, Perverted, Bisexual, MILF. I get off with sharing many things with you. Things that most consider sinful, my sensual, alluring voice, will have you cumming in no time. I speak spanish and love filthy talks in your ear. Telling you how to milk that cock, and cum for me.

I love to please and watch you drool in pleasure. Don't be ashamed, tell me your deepest fantasy, and lets play it out. This sinful mommy will make it happen, I am a very good listener, I can keep your secrets, even be your accomplice.

I am very open minded, love Role Play, I have a vivid imagination and give details. Being submissive/dominant are both equally delicious to me. I would love to get to know you, your desires, and build a pleasurable relationship. Message or call me anytime as i am always available for your needs..
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Extreme Ageplay Fantasy, Training Sluts

Description : Did I mention that I am a mommy? Yes, and I love my girls. My girls vary in age and I wanted to answer the question because it keeps getting asked. Are my girls trained and could they use more training? The answer is yes and yes. We are always on the lookout for a passing P daddy to bring in on the fun. I have mini's that always can use more cock in their sweet tight pussies. I am a firm believer in strict rules when it comes to listening to mommy. I will do whatever is necessary to enforce my rules. And, should my girls not listen, well.... let's just say, my creativity and BDSM toy box come out to play

I was teaching the girls the other day how to suck on a cock and take it all the way in to the back of the throat. I was showing them on a co-worker I had come over that volunteered to be my model. Secretly he had actually paid me a little money to fuck the girls and this was my excuse, but they do not need to know that. They do what they are told or else. That's how I run my ship, tight and taught. .
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Tuesday Night

Description : Just a boring old Tuesday... until you get home and find the little I nabbed up for us to fuck. It's such a sweet fuckable treat for a daddy's throbbing hard cock. Pumping in and out, tearing that hymen up... such a nasty start for this week!
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My introduction

Description : Have you thought about fucking your young babysitter, without your wife knowing? Have you jerked off thinking about the schoolgirl next door? Is your teenage daughter attractiong your sexual attention? whatever you are needing and desiring I will fill your void, and have you cumming harder then you ever have before.. My pussy is nice and tight, ready for your cock
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Description : If you are looking for young fresh meat, to violate, use, and abuse. Call me my Voice is talented, and becomes as young as your cock desires. Message me, I can give you a FREE...

Tell me your desires, and I will answer in character, or you can just enjoy me, being my normal young innocent self. Is ok to molest, rape, or torture me. My little fuck holes are yours to fill.

Is ok to breed me daddy, we are building our own little incest family. Open up your perverted mind, let your fantasies flourish with me.
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Description : Hi my sweet boy, my little faggot, cum slut, sissy, pantie boy. I am mommy Mindy. i have plenty of perverted love for you. Mommy enjoys making you pretty, dressing you like a sweet little princess, and making you smell so good.

Is ok! don't be ashamed of being mamas little faggot, playing with cocks is delicious i know. Thats why daddy feeds you his big enormous bottle, full of sweet daddy milk. Mama gets excited, when daddy feeds you. Mama cant help it and comes over and feed you warm, sweet breast milk.

Mama gets happy at bath time, little sister and you like to play with bubbles, as mama washes your little bodies. I like to rub you and little sister, with the new baby lotion i bought, before i dress you. I know how much you love when mama rocks you to sleep in the rocking chair, rubbing your little peepee.

Well my sweet boy, message mama or call me if you need mamas perverted love call me.

Love Mommy Dearest xoxoxoxo
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Get Off Quickly

Description : Are you in a hurry and don't have time to talk? Are you already on the edge and ready to explode? Are you hiding from your wife or girlfriend? Are you out in public or in some other inappropriate place? Are you looking to get off quickly right now? If so, call the moaning hotline - no talking, no bullshit, just hot sexy moaning!
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Playing with the boys

Description : I was thinking about how much fun I have playing with the boys... teasing their cocks and making them hard. It reminds me of how my ex and I would spend rough nights fucking our brains out! I so want to relive that experience with you babe!
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DOMINATING sensation!

Description : Baby i am Feeling a DOMINATING sensation! threw out my sexy body. MESSAGE ME let me tell you whats making this pretty pussy wet. Then you can call me, so we can fuck each other up.

I love taking control and being submissive but today, my sexy beast wants to come out. I need Perv cocks, to indulge our fantasies with cum get this Sexy, Latin, Sensual MILF. Read my reviews you will surely cum on my pretty face.
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Bald Pussy Phone Sex

Description : I need HELP! I need a dirty daddy dick to violate this little slut of mine. She is extremely young (single digits) and I want to start whoring her out soon so she needs her cherry popped ASAP. Please cum help me fuck her bald cunt.
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My weekend plans

Description : Hey all of you fellow pervs, I am here and ready to please you. I have a lot of stories to share, like the gang bang I did in college or the time me and my ex boyfriend had fun on the sunny beach here if florida..........Call me and get to know me, you won't be sorry..
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Your fantasies

Description : Have you found yourself being attracted to way younger girl,thinking about their bald little cunnies? Violating their tight little perfect holes, Me too, we have the same thing on our minds,call me and we can chat about all of the possibilities....
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Babysittin Center

Description : Hello Darlings, come visit our center, we are always busy and in need of extra perv hands. Our littles are always hungry, and we have to keep them busy.

We are always looking for PERV COCKS to assist, especially at Feeding and Diaper changing time. Be aware! you might get an accidental Golden Shower, is ok to taste! You might have to wipe dirty, creamy poop off their little bums..

If you are in need of volunteering, come join us, you will surely be pleased. Message Brandy, call her, don't be surprised one of our mature littles may answer.
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Loving Mommy Phone Sex

Description : I know you desire that warm, loving touch that only a mother can give. Soft sensual kisses all over your little body. Holding you, caressing you, rocking you gently while you suckle and nurse on my big beautiful milky tits. It makes my pussy so wet to breast feed my baby boy. Mommy loves you so much!

Oh no! Look what you've done! You made a messy mess in your diaper again! Tsk Tsk, Mommy will just have to clean you all up and put a fresh new diapee on your bottom. I'll use lots of wipes and baby magic wash and talcum power on your little bottom. Mommy will make you feel all fresh and new again!
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MILF Phone Sex

Description : Hello boys! I'm Devon, your dirty MILF and I love finding out what turns you on and gets that cock throbbing. If you're looking for a no taboo slut, then you've found her. I haven't come across any fetish or fantasy that doesn't make my pussy wet. I want you to open up and tell me your sinful secrets, filthy fetishes and taboo temptations.
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Molesting Mommy

Description : How often to find your cock getting rock hard for a naturally smooth bald pussy? What if I told you that MY pussy gets extremely wet when I see my little ones naked. Wouldn't you love to have some fun with this Molesting Mommy and her little sluts? I know you want to cum play with us right now!
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Sensual Perverted MILF

Description : Hola my pervs I dont need introduction as you already know who I am, Your sexy Latin Milf. I am fairly new and already have over 100 calls, read my reviews, leave me a message. I enjoy special request, as my goal is to please you.

If you want to enjoy a realistic Role Play with a twist of double character, call me lets play, as i have many special talents. Cum see why callers love me, i am as real as it gets.... CUM with me
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Top Rated Phone Sex

Description : You've tried the rest, now call the best! 900+ Calls. Do you crave the depraved? The most VILE and extreme TABOO perversions imaginable? Do you need another sick TWISTED mind to talk with about all your filthy fantasies and devious desires? As you can see, I have MANY satisfied customers, will you be next? Remember, I have absolutely NO fucking limits whatsoever! So if you're a nasty XXX pervert like myself, then I'd love to hear from you! Make sure to view my page to see ALL of my favorite TABOO topics!
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Moaning Phone Sex

Description : Are you in a hurry and don't have time to talk? Are you already on the edge and ready to explode? Are you hiding from your wife or girlfriend? Are you out in public or in some other inappropriate place? Are you looking to get off quickly right now? If so, call the moaning hotline - no talking, no bullshit, just hot sexy moaning!
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