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Incest Phone Sex

Description : I walked past the bathroom and the door was open and I can't believe I saw his cock! It was about 7 inches and rock hard. I couldn't stop staring at it. It looked sooo fucking good! I start to rub my erect nipples over top of my slinky nighty and thought OMG this is wrong, what kind of Mother am I? But I just keep looking at him stroking it in the shower and realized my pussy was dripping. I started to touch myself between my legs and wished I could feel my sons cock deep inside of my tight fuck-hole...
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Freshly Born Cock Sucking

Description : I want you to stick your cock in her mouth as soon as she emerges from my cunt. She will immediately latch on and start sucking as that is all she knows how to do! Her training starts immediately as that little wet mouth sucks your perverted cock so hard. There are 2 other tiny holes that need your cock too so call now before my contractions begin!
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Daycare Mom Dawn

Description : Did you know that the dirty Daycare is open 24/7 so that perverts like you can cum over anytime you wish to "play" with the little ones? We have lots of activities you can help with. Feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner, multiple diaper changes, nap and snack time and the evening baths. Will you help me take care of the kiddies? Who wants to help me feed them? I need a few horny perverted volunteers who want their cum filled balls drained!
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Dirty Stoner Slut!

Description : Hi guys, my name is Jill. I'm probably one of the dirtiest stoners, in the world. It gets me so horny. I feel like watching porn, and getting off with hot men on the phone. I have a sweet voice, that you will adore. I'm usually at home, sitting around in my underwear. If only, you could see me now.

Stoner Jill
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Cherry Popping Phone Sex

Description : She is so tiny! Let's pull her cotton panties down, exposing that smooth, bald pussy. I want to see you taste her sweetness. Then I'll sit on her pretty face and hold her legs back while you plow into her tight, virgin fuck-hole, popping her for more!
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Imagination creation

Description : My name is Davina Clair and I’m lying around naked waiting for you to call or text I’m your Latina bbw sexy girl let my imagination take control I’m down with your every desire tell me I’m a dirty girl I’ll call you daddy! You wanna role play? Want me to cum for you baby? I love to fuck guys girls don’t matter just make me cum the taste of sex makes me wet and when I’m wet it’s a water park let me take you for a ride you’ll enjoy be my guyremeber I could be naughty or I could be nice definitely up to you and if your a guy looking for an Obedient submissive I could be your girl let me make your every fantasy come true ! Xoxo
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Freaky, Filthy, Nasty mommy whore

Description : Cum get your freak on my sexy, boys, men, mommy's boys, Faggots. Your Sexy Milf is on waiting to please you any way you desire. Soft or Extreme play. Let me be your Accomplice or your mommy. I do it all Cum play baby.
Anything goes bring your most perverted thoughts and Cum with me!

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Training Day Hard Cocks needed

Description : Today is Training day, my little ones have learned so much. I found a wonderful, perverted daddy to volunteer for hand on......oh boy there was more then just hands on.

So proud of how my little princess took that perverted, hard cock in her mouth. Her little sister was watching and learning. Big brother kept mommy busy with his Hard cock... I would love to give you more details, but i will wait till you get me
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Unique Perverted sensual Voice

Description : Sometimes voices sound a like, but not this one! This Perverted Milf''s voice is unique. Your cock wont resist. Listen to my greeting, beware not to cum with out me. Read my reviews from different callers. Call me i have no limits, no restrictions, soft or extreme desires welcomed.
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Filthy Nasty is Best

Description : Hey you! Sexy, Do you want to get filthy dirty? You know this sexy, sensually perverted milf has what you need!! Special request, Soft and Extreme Role Play welcome!

Oh my sweet boy, lol is ok mommy is not going to tell daddy you love giving blow jobs. Or that mommy forces you to fuck your little sister. Just make sure you obey at my command my little fuck toy....cum for mamma
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Extreme Age Play

Description : I'm a nasty kinky twisted mommy whore who loves all age play scenarios. If you're looking for someone with an excellent imagination, who is extremely detail oriented and talkative, then you've found the slut for you! Use me, breed me, take advantage of my little ones, fuck all of our tight holes, do anything you want to us, the sicker the better! Any fucked up twisted fantasy is welcome.
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Bad Girlfriend Phone Sex

Description : I need you to fuck my perverted pussy right now and fill me up with your fertile seed! We have no time to waste if we want a fresh fuck hole to use and abuse! This is what you've always wanted, now isn't it? A perverted girlfriend to fulfill all of your taboo fantasies.
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David's First Time Eating Ass

Description : David had never eaten ass before, but it was something he'd been thinking about for quite some time. His wife, Jenna, however, wanted nothing to do with it.

Which is why he came to me.

I walked into my bedroom that night wearing a tight, black lace nightie and a pair of black stilettos with an 8" heel. David's naked body immediately displayed an erection, which went to just under his belly button.

Not bad for a submissive, I thought while slowly walking over to him.

"Oh my God," he whispered. "You're beautiful!"

I simply smiled as I got on top of him, brushing my breasts along his legs as his pre-cum seeped through the lingerie.

"Are you ready?" I purred to him, to which he eagerly nodded.

He let out a gasp as I turned around and presented my naked, round ass on through a massive hole in my lingerie. There was no backing out now.

"Open wide!" I said while lowering my ass onto his eager tongue.
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Sensual Perverted MILF

Description : Hi lovers I am Latin, dirty, filthy, fun, sensual, perverted, vile. Pantie boy, sissy boy, rough or extreme boys, any type of boys, this sexy milf loves to pleasure! i have done all types of Role Play. Cum and enjoy my talent, with me you can have a threesome, and accomplice and her little, and you will hear both as i play two voices at once.

I make it real for your perverted fantasies, try me, message me any sinful request for role play or voice recordings mp3. My voice alone will make you cum in no time papi. Cum for me!
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Induced Lactation

Description : 38ddd's......

Standing in the line at the corner store. Older guy behind me, no troll but not my type. Smelled really good, though, and had great shoes Then he spoke into my ear.

"I'd hate to see those gorgeous girls go to waste. Let's make an arrangement that You can't turn down. My obsession can be quite lucrative for you. If you....are up for seeing me every day until we bring those beautiful money makers to milk. At which point, you'll be in the position to up the rates on me, as it is my preferred proclivity and you are sumptuous."

You kidding me?

Guess what I'm doing for lunch for the next, say......3 months.


Gets me *right* *there*
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Statutory Rape Phone Sex

Description : So I know it's criminal to have sex with my young son and his friends but I just can't help myself. I love those virgin cocks inside my juicy Mommy hole. There is nothing better than breaking in a young boy for the first time. Knowing that my pussy was his first. My perverted goal is to take his virginity and turn him into a good little fuck toy! Do you want me to corrupt you with my hot sexy Mommy body too?
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Diddling Daycare

Description : There are many different little ones in my diddling daycare. All ages available for your perverted pleasure. Just knowing that their parents have NO idea what is done to them while in my care makes my pussy wet! Would you like to cum over and have some naughty fun with us today?
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Pedo Mom Phone Sex

Description : I just love playing with littles. It gets my pussy all warm and wet. Soaking thru my panties is the norm for me. I just love that sweet taste and feel of innocence that I can snatch up for my own. So indulgent, I have so many stories to share and many more experiences to cum. Call me, I would love to share experiences together.
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Den of Depravity

Description : ....he was 18 minutes late.

"Multiply 18 times 3 and tell me the number you come up with."

He shivered and sank to a kneeling position; he knew the drill.

I locked the collar and leash into place around his neck and lead him down the corridor to my Den of Depravity, my gorgeous heels clicking on the marble floor as we ascended his ruin.

Once inside the room, I locked him onto the St. Andrews Cross and blindfolded him, but not before looking into his eyes and moving very close to his face now...close enough to trade breath. I grinned and flicked my tongue on his quivering bottom lip. He gasped and his tiny pathetic cock jumped.

"Count them down, bitch boy. From the top."

As I began to swing the flogger across his milky flesh, I watched him writhe and buck. Each blow making his skin well up and turn beautiful shades of red..and now blue.

I paused to drag my nails across his pain. He moaned in pleasure and his tiny cocked, yet again, jumped for joy.

Bad boys need me. Love me. Relish in my discipline. But not all bad boys will earn their place at my feet. Many will have made grave mistakes before even getting there.

Which kind of bad boy are you?
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Our Depraved King and his Hard fat cock!

Description : Looking for my filthy, nasty, Dirty Daddy. Cum share my bed with my Little's. We will please you like the perverted King you are! We are at your disposal and here to please.

If you need a sensual voice, and a tiny little, call me my little Rose wants to tell you something. I am a Filthy, Nasty, perverted Milf looking for her better half is that you?
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Personal Incubator Phone Sex

Description : Are you looking for a breeder bitch? Someone you can turn into your own private incubator? Do you want to keep me barefoot and pregnant like a woman should be? Are you looking to produce as many "little" ones as possible? If so, give me a call. I'm ripe and waiting to be fertilized!
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Elementary School Girl Fun

Description : I'm Tabitha and I'm an Elementary School Teacher who has lots of grade school girls at my disposal. I'm looking for a strict principal who would enjoy punishing all of these disobedient virgin holes with that hard "ruler" you have in your pants.
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