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Hello all you Dirty Fucks

Description : My name is Velvet, You could say I also feel good to touch lol! ;) This is my first of many posts to come... I hope by me sharing my inner thoughts and secrets with you all dirty night owls that it will not only get you hard but it will also bring us closer together ;) I know that you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at me but don't let this baby doll face fool you, I'm as freaky as they come. The face of Innocence is an illusion, boys...I can certainly tell you that. More times than not I've scared a lot of people away for taking things too far in the bedroom... You'd think that more people would appreciate having a girl who was so eager to try something new, even if it wasn't the most orthodox. But why just have Vanilla when there's so many other flavors? lol you know what I mean. I need to let out all of this sexual rage that's been swelling inside my quivering pussy... So that is why I'm here! ;) we all should be able to talk about our most twisted urges... I'm ready to hear what you have to say and relieve you of those sexual burdens so your balls don't have too. So whose to say that our most fiery, erotic fantasies can't become a reality ;) I can make you feel ecstasy your pulsating cocks never even knew existed... show you what it really means sink your teeth into carnal indulgence. MEOW lol ;) The future has a lot in store for us you horny bastards, and I can hardly contain my excitement. Just remember, I'm always up late ;) Give me a call, you wont forget it. XOXO, Velvet
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Description : While you're driving, I'm unzipping your fly, baby, and letting it push its way to the right direction. I'll take south..My mouth very slowly licking around, while I'm feeling my hands around your balls.
OH WAIT! Your wife is in the backseat talking on her cell...of course...what to do, what to do?
sucking you and working my hand up and down so she could see your cock in my mouth, and my pussy juicy wet and ready to fuck you...
"Okay," she says, glaring into the rear-view mirror..."Only if I get some pussy too.."
"Oh honey, I guess you know that I can eat pussy too, right?"
You can tell she's cruisin' for a bruising, if she won't push her pussy into my mouth and then mount me..
"Jeez,' he says, "this was my fucking whore and my fucking fantasy!"
"Well, I always say two birds in the BUSH are better is that again?"
Let's all fuck so hard it hurts to cum again and again...
I think we should quit meeting this way!
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Kindergarten Kunts

Description : Hi there! I'm Kristy and I am a kinky Kindergarten teacher. I enjoy extreme age play and accomplice fantasies with NO taboos and NO limits. Anything and everything goes in my perverted pedo playground!

When you stop by (and I know you will) for your perverted playtime with a little Kindergarten Kiddy Kunt, I will have a nice assorted smorgasbord of tiny delectable bald little fuck-holes for you to choose from.

There are NO rules, restrictions or regulations in my classroom. Just a good old fashioned fucking and raping of a flat chested, naturally hairless smooth bald pussy for your perverted pedophile pleasure!
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Nympho Sex Fiend

Description : Horny wet nympho sex fiend wants to get off with you! I'm a dirty girl and love any and all taboo fantasies. No age limits, no restrictions of any kind. I'll make your fantasy a reality, so call me now!
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Any Taboo

Description : I'm looking for TABOO men who are into TABOO fantasies, fetishes and role-playing.
I'm fucking wet and horny ALL the time and would LOVE to masturbate with you!


Age Play, Barnyard, Breeding, Daddy, Family Fun, Incest, Impregnation, K-9, Kidnapping, Lactation, MILF, Mommy, Rape, Snuff, Torture

Cuckolding, Little Dick Losers, SPH, Humiliation, BBC, Glory Hole, Forced Cocksucking, Faggots, Sissy Pany Boys, Dress Up, Lingerie, Cum Eating


Give me a call and let's explore all your TABOO desires!
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Cold Calls

Description : ". . . Well, sir if you'll let me explain why our service is far better then the one you . . . sir? . . . Sir? Aww fuck it." Shelly slammed the phone down. She hated when they hung up on her. She was just trying to make a living, they didn't have to be rude.

She hated cold calling. She hated calling up people and trying to set up appointments but, it was sposed to be easy money. Easy. . .ya right. The only benefit was that she could work from home and that was it. Without a car, an office job was nearly impossible to get to on public transit each day so she was sorta stuck with what she could get.

She looked at the list again and read the names. There was a Marco Dubois.. . he sounded exotic. She giggled. She had a thing for men with accents. She smiled and dialed the number.

Sure enough, he answered in a very sexy foreign accent, French she was pretty sure. She felt herself getting a little flush at the sound of his rich accent. She started into her sales pitch and he politely declined. She smiled to herself and allowed a brief fantasy of a French gentleman. . .allowing her mind to build a perfect man around the voice.

Without realizing it, she made small talk for a few seconds, just wanting to savor his sound a little more. When finally he told her he had to go, she thanked him for his time and hung up, feeling more revitalized now.

She noticed the room seemed a little hotter now. She giggled and felt her nipples were stiff against her lacey black bra. She knew if she was to wiggle a bit she'd find her pussy was also a little wet. God she loved men with accents. She read down the list until she found another name that sounded exotic and dialed that number next.

As she let the phone ring, she let a finger play across her neck and down to the edge of her pink blouse, pushing it back slightly to play with the beginning swell of her breast. She lost herself in the feeling for a moment until a rich voice answered the phone. . .dripping with delicious European accent.

She gave her sales pitch a try, it seemed to flow from her fluidly now. She was somewhere else though. Her mind on a face to face meeting, as she spoke, he devoured her body with his eyes, imagining her nude giving her sales pitch. Her fingers pushed back her blouse more and she reached in, as she gave her sales pitch he reached up and caressed her breasts.

He politely declined as well and she got off the phone with him after thanking him for his time. Scanning the list she dialed another number and the fantasy was back on. She spread her legs as she gave her sales pitch, enjoying the growing wetness of her arousal. Feeling her panties getting wet, knowing he was wanting her. When he declined and they hung up, she frantically searched for a new name.

As she dialed the next number, she pulled off her pretty pink blouse. The room was so hot, she wanted to be more comfortable. He answered and she stood before him, allowing him to touch her inner thigh as she spoke to him. He listened to the whole sales pitch before declining but, not before pulling her panties to the side and feeling how wet she was.

Pulling off her bra and panties, she tossed them away and searched for another name. As her eyes glanced down the list, she played with her hard nipples, perfect gumdrop nipples that ached to be sucked and pulled. She let her hand rub her clit, feeling how wet she was. She moaned an slid a finger into her pussy and wiggled it as she searched, frantic to find a name so she could finish her fantasy.

Finding one she dialed it and in her haste dialed it wrong. Hanging up she calmed herself enough to dial it again. He answered and now she really wanted the sale. Spreading her legs, she played with her pussy for him to watch as she gave her sales pitch. He wanted her, she could see his cock growing hard in his pants. She let two fingers slide into her slit and then enter her pussy

He listened to the whole pitch and asked her questions. She answered him and fucked herself, shifting her hips so her could see how wet her pussy was, so he could see her fingers sliding in and out of herself. He asked more questions and she knew she was going to cum for him.
As they talked, she bit her lip and her body trembled. She felt the wave of an orgasm washing over her and fought to hear what he was saying. Her hands froze, her pussy clenched around her fingers and she moaned softly, holding the mouth piece away from her face hopefully far enough that he didn't hear her.
Yes,. . . .he wanted to set an appointment. He was very excited about it. She shook and tried to catch her breath. He was very intrigued with her sales pitch. His accent seemed to wrap itself around her. Feeling her cum dripping down her ass she finally exhaled and was able to breath again.
Yes. . .yes. . .he was very interested. How could he not be, she was obviously very excited about the product and that sort of devotion was hard to find these days. It told him a lot about how much she believed in it. Shelly smiled. She played with herself as she listened to him and then wrote down his information. She thanked him for his time and the chance to send someone out to show him how great their service was. She was still shaking with after shocks when she hung up the phone.
Maybe this wasn't such a bad job after all. . .
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Car Wash Hustle

Description : “You folks are welcome to come inside out of the heat while your car goes through.” The pimply faced attendant said with a goofy grin. Ginny and Carl just smiled and waved him off politely.

“No, we’re good. Like watching the sudsy things wash the car.” Carl said and realized instantly that if this kid had a brain his statement would sound so stupid that the kid would surely know what they were going to. . .

“Oh, Ya.” The kid nodded, “It is sorta cool lookin aint it? Well,…have fun then.” Thank God for shallow gene pools Carl thought as the kid pressed the buttons and the conveyer belt began to suck them into the car wash. The quickly rolled up their windows to avoid the water jets ahead.

Carl clicked the timer on his watch, they had 5 minutes to be safe. . . .5 and a half or maybe six if they were willing to run the risk. He looked at Ginny who was already pulling her skirt up over her hips and fingering her pussy. She grinned at him and slid two fingers in and out, showing him how wet she was.

“Hurry up and get it out!” She said laughing, pawing at his shorts trying to open his fly up. Carl unzipped and Ginny reached in and grabbed his hard cock, pulling it out as she bent down to suck him. She was fingering herself faster and hard with her free hand. Her fingers making a wonderfully wet sloppy sound as she frigged herself.

Carl grabbed her hair as her lips swallowed his cock head and she then slid effortlessly down his shaft. She sucked cock better then anyone he had ever known and her lush pouty lips looked so sexy doing it. She always wore slutty red lipstick for him, he loved seeing a ring of red around the base of his cock when she was done.

Checking the time he called out “One minute.” It was hard to concentrate on time when she was sucking him, her tongue working the shaft and the rim of the head as she bobbed up and down his cock. He reached over and grabbed her tits through her shirt and played with her stiff nipples, pulling on them and making her moan.
He closed his eyes but instantly snapped them back open, that was a mistake he wouldn’t make again after that last incident when he lost himself to the blow job and they finished with quite an audience. He checked his watch again, “Two minutes baby . . . we’re into the suds.” He laughed and Ginny giggled and then choked slightly as the she tried to deep throat him while laughing. She pinched his leg and he laughed harder. He delicate fingers were rapped around the base of his cock pumping him like mad, stroking him closer and closer to cumming.

The first taste of precum in her mouth and she went crazy, fucking herself harder and harder with three fingers as she sucked. She loved cum. The promise of his cumming in her mouth made her so horny she couldn’t help but fuck herself harder. She felt her juices dripping down her fingers and making a wet sticky mess on the car seat.

“Three. . . “ he paused, his breathing ragged. “Three minutes baby.” He was sweating heavily and thrusting up into her mouth now. His cock was beginning to throb as he got closer and closer to cumming. “Oh God baby...suck it sooooooo good.” His fingers clenched into a fist of her hair and he pushed her face back down onto his cock.

Ginny felt her own body trembling, she was on the verge of cumming but was trying to finish him off first. Once she started cumming, she was out of it for at least a minute and that wouldn’t give her enough time to finish him off. She stroked and pumped his cock hard in her mouth, sucking on it as he fucked her face.

Carl looked at his watch and tried to say the four minute warning
but the words choked as he started to cum. He groaned and threw back his head and growled as he came. Ginny didn’t stop pumping and sucking him until he had shot a heavy load into her sweet mouth, enough that some dribbled down her chin.

Ginny let herself go over the edge as he finished cumming, her body instantly quivering all over as she came. She felt like she was on fire for a second, the heat shooting through her entire body. Her fingers froze up as she came and she had to grind her pussy on her had to get a really hard cum out of it. Her juices were dripping down her hand, she could feel them pooling under her bare ass cheeks.

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Description : Hey Daddy! I have this great game for us to play. I know how much you love to wear Mommy’s lingerie when she is not around, Dad do not pretend that you don’t know what I am talking about, I have peeked in on you wearing her nightgowns. You do look so lovely in it too might I add. But I feel like you need something a lot more sexier, something that makes you feel like a true woman. I bet you look so good in those little tutu skirts and ones that will accent your soon to be tits. Plus Daddy, I would do your hair and your makeup to make it look 100% believable! You will feel so pretty, you will be the perfect princess for me. I can’t wait to watch you bend over with your ass up in the air, the skirt sliding up so I can see those cute little ruffled panties. The best part Daddy is that you actually do look so good as a woman, I bet you that nobody would know any difference. And you do love to make me happy, don’t you? Well what if having you being a sissy whore for me is what makes me happy? I do know some boys we could invite over, sexy young teen studs with cocks bigger than yours. I will just tell them you’re my out of town cousin and when it comes time for you to bend over and take it, we’ll turn the lights off. Those teen cocks will fill your princess ass up really good! So Princess, are you down for some sissy fun? Let me doll you up and make yo a sisy whore..
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10 mins for 5

Description : I love sincats because we can share our most dirtiest fantansies. No limits baby.
Talk to pearl for 10 minutes for $5 special ends soon.
Friend me for my specials...
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How to Be successful slave

1. Follow Directions and Pay Attention to detail. Do not ask stupid questions.
2.Check-In Daily (specific time by text, call, email, video post)
3.Maintaining Respect when addressing a FinDomme.
4. Wearing a collar and Serve and Wear gear from a FinDomme wearing at specific time or 24/7
5.Completing a submissive/slave work book/ work sheets or written assignments or post video
6. Tribute to your FinDomme at all times when the Queen desires
7. Asking for preference regarding clothes(heels,dress,makeup etc)
Go commando for two hours during the day , Specific lingerie etc
To start off with .. Subscribe to Queen Morgan Sincats subscription
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Description : In the damp stairwell of the lighthouse, I see them lurking in the shadows waiting for me. Through the beacon of light I see the crashing waves of the storm, and nobody to rescue me.
I see my daddy in his room waiting for me to enter. He is stroking his cock, while my sister and brother are sucking and licking his shaft.
They are borne of incest, but I too am forced to mount him and bounce up and down, while he spanks my bottom, hiking up my plaid skirt.
I tell him not to cum inside me, but daddy says it's either that, or take it down my throat. It is my choice: to breed or not to breed.
Deep, deep down my throat is his pre-cum showing he is serious.
"You have to make my cock ache to get it deep enough into your tight hole," he tells me.
His cum has to be deep inside me, with a huge load, to breed me for his incestuous brood. So he slides his cock out so we all three play and tease it, sucking his balls, knowing it will give him more and more...a fat cock load of cum.
He wants to squirt it on my face, but instead it is throbbing too hard to waste all that creamy cum. He thrusts it up my ass first, pumping it in and out and ramming it in.
He puts me over his lap where my bald pussy clit is rubbing his aching, fat cock, while spanking me between my legs to open my hole wider for him. We rock together until I feel the same aching in my pussy.
That's what it takes, he tells me, "you have an aching pussy that opens wide and deep for my aching cock."
I do what he says...He thrusts me deep, while making my clit cum with his cock, again and again, until the cum drips out of me.
He wags the cum at my face and I eat it, just to be sure.
Meanwhile, the beacon of light moves across the dark ocean in the stormiest night on record. I am pleased.
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Description : At night, when he lights the tiki torches around the deck overlooking the night sea, the cabana boy feeds me his plum sized balls and leans hard into my tits. The cuckold begins!
His cock slides sideways out of his tight shorts while my daddy watches us rocking and riding like ponies, leaving cream pie between my legs, which he licks off, leaving a little wet spot on my bikini panties.
Daddy votes him off the beach.
He orders one guy and one girl from the menu, while the waves crash and pound, receding with the foamy cum back to the ocean.
Girl sits on my face while I lie on the beach. She squirts the fruity drinks on me and licks it up like a kitten. Then she sits on my face and rocks me back and forth with her wet clit.
Cabana Boy comes from behind turns us both over on our stomachs. He and daddy spank our little bottoms and take turns fucking us up the ass. And when I suck down their cum straight down my throat, I kiss the girl and she kisses me, mixing juices and foamy ocean cum into us both, making us all breeders and lovers and savages too., while the ocean waves overcome us with salty cum.
That’s when I realize we are sex slaves in the perfect storm, forever captured for savages to rape us in this nightly cuckold ritual, while daddy watches.
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Young Pussy

Description : I found her in the park. She is so young and pretty. I can't wait to bring her home for you. Once her panties are off, we can violate her virgin fuck-holes for hours. I know you want to rape her with me, so call and let's begin!
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Little Sissy Boy

Description : Description : You little sissy boy, enjoying your pretty pink panties. They make your little cock all hard, don’t they ?
Look at your little cock just hanging there and that little set of balls, no bigger than two grapes. I think you need to put on your pink panties with the leopard skin waist band in order to hide that poor excuse for a cock. How cute…!
You’ve been in the bathroom way too long. I stand at the door and listen to see if I can hear what you’re doing. Moans and groans, just like a girl is what I hear. I can’t help but open the door. And there you sit on the toilet with your panties down around your ankles and playing with your little cock. I can’t help but stand there and laugh at you.
Standing up from the toilet and bending over while you take a big dildo out of the vanity draw, ant to you beg me to fuck you. I tell you that I want to see you suck on the dildo before I fuck you. So I walk around you and hold the dildo against me, just like I have a cock. And I tell you to suck on it just like a good little cocksucker. I laugh my most devious laugh I can muster.
Watching you suck that dildo was starting to get me excited. I find myself wanting to fuck you, pulling the dildo out of your mouth and telling you to turn around so I can fuck you like a little Bitch…your ass is gaping wide open. So I stick the dildo in your ass and start fucking you…this is very fun and exciting me to the point of my pussy starting to get wet. I look down and notice your pink panties still around your ankles.
Call me and let’s finish the story together…!!!
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My Husband the Cuckold, The First Time…

Description : Cuckolding for the first time. I can’t believe it’s going to really happen. And with Chuck the pool boy. And I’m sure it’s going to make me as excited as my husband.
Chuck the pool boy, he looks over my shoulder and he’s smiling. I had just asked him if he would be interested in fucking me while my husband watched us. Slowly I turn around to see what Chuck is looking at, and there is my husband standing in the doorway to the house looking at us. I turn back around and smile back at Chuck as he pulls my body close to his and kisses me very aggressively.
I can feel that bulge in his pants, which I’ve been admiring for some time, pressing against me in all the right places. His kiss was wonderful and it made my pussy even more wet.
All of a sudden Chuck picks me up in his arms and carries me over to a lounge chair by the pool. He lays me in the chair and pulls his cock out of his shorts. I just can’t believe the size. Reaching my head up and wrapping it around that big black cock. And squeezing it as I start to make my hand go up and down.
He straddles the chair, standing over me, putting his cock to my lips. My lips open and I feel the head of his cock slide in and out of my mouth. Taking my tongue and sticking it in his pee hole in order to taste him. Then running my tongue down the back of the shaft to his balls, and I suck on his balls, one at a time. Going back to the head of his cock, I wrap my lips around it and suck. It’s so different then my husbands cock. When I look up from sucking cock, I see my husband looking down on me and smiling like I’ve never seen him smile before.
More stories to cum …

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Pee Wee the Little Dick !

Description : There once was a Little Dick
As cute as he could be
He wanted the name Rick
But his name was Pee Wee !
Do you have a Little Dick ? He’s just so cute but not fuckable at all. I hope you have a good tongue.
When was the last time you fucked a woman ? or should I say TRIED to fuck a woman. Your little dick isn’t long enough. Even when Pee Wee fully hard.
How old were you when you realized you had a little dick ? Was it grade school, junior high or maybe high school ?
Do you remember the first woman that pointed and laughed at Pee Wee ? And looked at you and told you to get ready to eat pussy and to do it to the best of your ability. I wish you could hear me laughing right now.
Is your little dick getting all hard reading these thoughts of mine ? Sit back and close your eyes, thinking about me. Maybe I catch you stroking little Pee Wee. Let’s see, outside somewhere, it’s a nice sunny day and you’re in your back yard. Thinking you’re alone. But I’m in my back yard watching you. You hear laughing coming from my yard, who is it you wonder.
Your hand immediately covers little Pee Wee. But I’ve already seen Pee Wee and very anxious to see him up close and personal.
You invite me over and as I get closer, you see the big smile on my face. I ask you what I interrupted. And you start to raise your hand off Little Pee Wee.
Oh, my…! I point my finger at him and laugh loudly. Little Pee Wee is sticking out straight in all of his two inch glory.
I stand in front of you as you continue to seat in your chair and lift my skirt. Showing you my pussy while I watch you stroke pathetic little Pee Wee.
Stay tuned for the next adventure of Pee Wee the Little Dick !

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Rainy day

Description : Its been rainy in my city all day who can make my pussy soaking wet as well?
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The Haunted House... The Ending…

Description : The Haunted House at the end of the Lane ! The Ending…
The tied up man that was chained to a bed in the Haunted House at the end of the Lane.
Do you remember the beginning when I found the tied up man ?
Getting my clit sucked until it became a cock. Remember the tied up man sucking on my new found cock making it all nice and hard?
The feeling of wanting to fuck him, my tied up man, is becoming overwhelming. I climb in between his legs, take some pillows from the head of the bed and put them under his ass, to get him all propped up and ready to fuck. I totally enjoy watching him as I spread lube all over my cock and it feels so good to stroke MY cock.
It’s a fantasy cum true; I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to have a cock. I can’t help myself from rubbing our cocks together and bringing the head of mine down past those balls of his and rub the head all over his tight little ass hole. And then I start to push it in his tight hole making it disappear inch by inch. It feels so good burying my cock deeper and deeper. I can feel him squeezing me as I start to fuck him harder and deeper. An amazing feeling was coming over me; my cock was starting to twitch. And getting real hard and getting ready to fill his ass full of cum. I couldn't wait to feel my load squirt.
Maybe I’ll pull out so I can watch the last squirt go all over his cock. It would be great if we cum at the same time, I’d mix our cum together on my finger and bring it to the tied up man’s mouth and make him lick it off my finger.
I’m feeling another odd feeling between my legs. When I look down, I notice my cock is shrinking back to being my clit again.
I wonder if that will ever happen again…?
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Open wide for that cock

Description : Choke me and shove that cock down my slippery throat. Thrust until you cum and spill that load down my thirsty throat and onto my waiting lips. Who wants to quench my thirst?
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A Ghostly Sexual Fantasy

Description : A Ghostly Sexual Fantasy
Cum have a Sexual Fantasy with me…?
Have you ever gone to bed and thought someone is in your room with you ? But you know that physically no one is there !
Having a bit of Indian Summer, what a nite for a Sexual Fantasy, so I leave my bedroom windows open. I lie in bed and I feel my sheet start to lift away from my body. The wind was not blowing when I came to bed. Then I feel a cool sensation against my cheek, almost like I was being kissed. And then more of the cool sensation up and down my body. Almost as if someone had laid down next to me. Something runs up my arm, like a hand moving from my elbow up to my shoulder. And the ending with a brush of fingertips against my cheek.
From the light of the full moon I can see just an outline of a figure, almost transparent, but very alluring. I couldn't speak, but I didn't feel any danger.
I wonder if I’m getting ready to be taken by a ghost. It would be a huge sexual fantasy cum true for me.
The image is sexually arousing me. It makes my pussy become wet and my nipples have never been so hard and sensitive.
Something seems to be slipping in between my legs and making me spread my legs apart. The cool sensation is absolutely wonderful, as I feel something run down the slit of my pussy. It feels like the head of a nice hard cock.
What seems to be the face comes closer to my face and seems to be kissing me while starting to push the cock into my pussy. I can’t describe the way it feels. It’s like warm and cool at the same time. Then the feeling of it going in and out was making me go crazy. And it didn't take very long to make me cum.
Call me and I’ll give you the details of the Ghostly Sexual Fantasy…!

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The Haunted House...the Beginning !

Description : The Haunted House at the end of the Lane, in the Beginning !
All tied up and nowhere to go.
Blind folded and not knowing what is going on and totally naked !
I was on my afternoon walk and at the end of the Lane, a dead end Lane, was a huge house that is supposedly haunted. As I turned to go down the other side of the Lane I thought I heard someone calling for help. It was a very faint cry.
I walked to the front door of the house and knocked but no answer. When I turn to walk back to the Lane, I hear the cry again. Walking back to the door I wonder why I’m doing such a stupid thing as my hand turns the door knob.
The smell that comes from inside the house leads me to believe that no one has lived in the house for a long period of time. The sound of the cry scares me back to how stupid I’m being by coming into the house alone.
The cry seems to be coming from upstairs. I’ve come this far, might as well go upstairs and find out who’s crying for help. At the top of the stairs I see light coming from a door that is slightly open. Again I hear the cry, so I walk to the lit door and open it all the way.
The room is very dimly lit with a bed in the very middle of the room. And it’s the only piece of furniture in the room. As I walk further into the room I recognize what seems to be a man that’s tied up and chained to the bed. And he’s lying on his back and naked.
I’ve never seen a man tied up and chained to a bed before.
This is the end of the Beginning…so be watching for the Ending of the Haunted House in my next blog…

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Hot and horny

Description : Are you looking for a fun time? My pussy is wet and waiting to be fucked and licked
Who'll play with me?
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