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Young Cunts

Description : Use me, breed me, take advantage of my little ones, fuck all of our tight holes, do anything you want to us, the sicker the better! Any fucked up twisted fantasy is welcome.
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I need to talk to you!

Description : Your fantasy is my desire. I am all about teasing and pleasing. If you like it, I love it. No taboos it's all about you! Roleplay is my specialty. I can be your dirty girl and rock your world! I got what you need and aim to please. Call me....I have some secrets to tell!

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Twisted Desires

Description : I know you have Depraved Desires, so do I. We all do. I also know that you're looking for a total deviant who has NO limits and REALLY means it! Someone who will NEVER say no, no matter how filthy and fucked-up those perversions may be. Whether it is the kidnapping and raping of the youngest pink hole or the impregnation and breeding of tiny teen fuck-sluts. Maybe your cock gets hard thinking about having incest with Mommy and Daddy or needing to become extremely violent and having to torture and snuff out some whore.

So if you truly are twisted and depraved like myself, then give me a call. Nothing is too extreme or perverted for me!
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Face Sitting and Breath Play

Description : Seeking a willing volunteer to be my chair for a night. Someone whose face is ready and willing to have my ass sit right on it. I want someone with a quick tongue and hungry hands that grab at my hips as I smother them. If it gets hard to breathe, well too bad, my pleasure comes first!

More air can be yours after I'm done shaking from an orgasm I doubt you can give me. And don't even try to claw my hips, scratches won't get you any leniency, it's my pleasure or nothing.

Call for more face sitting and breath play fun~
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Description : Fresh out of a nail salon after getting a pedicure, theres nothing more I love to do than sit down with a little bitch kneeling in front of me waiting to be played with.

Running perfectly smoothed and painted foot over a hard cock can only be matched by pushing the ball of my foot up against my play thing's balls.

Nothing is as pretty as a freshly painted nail rolling over the tip of a cock in little circles will having my other foot kissed and sucked on.

Give me a call for more foot fetish fantasies~
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My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Description : I was spending my Friday evening over at my best friend's house, just hanging out before her boyfriend got off work. They don't get to see each other a lot during the week, so every Friday night when he gets off work, they start their weekend fuckfest!
We weren't expecting him to get home for a while, so my friend went to go take a shower, and I stayed in her room, laying down on her bed while listening to some music. I was laying on my stomach just flipping through a magazine when all of a sudden i felt two hands smack down on my ass! At first I thought it was my friend just messing around, but before I can even say anything, I felt my skirt get pushed up over my ass and a mouth against my pussy!
When I felt scruff against me, I realized it wasn't my friend, but her boyfriend. He had come home from work early and mistook me for her!
He quickly started eating me out, not taking the time to check and see if I was actually his girlfriend, and I was loving it. Before I even had a chance to feel bad about her boyfriend eating me out, but gets up and shoves his hot cock right into my tight pink pussy.
I can't hold back the moans at this point as he pounds me against the headboard. After one particularly loud moan, my friend comes running out of the bathroom, hair dripping wet and towel falling to the floor!

To find out what happened next give me a call and I'll tell you all about it~
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Being bratty

Description : I know as I'm doing it I'm going to be punished, but I can't seem to help myself. I need to fucked and Daddy is not paying any attention to me.
I start to smart off at the mouth to gain his attention.
"Baby girl, you need to stop or you'll regret it" Daddy says with that look.
" Will I, Daddy? Please make me regret it". I respond.
Daddy smiles and continues with his work. I stand up and slide my shorts off and I see Daddy glance my way. I continue with this until only my thing and hair are covering my my pussy and tits.
I sit on the edge of the coffee table and spread my legs.
"Daddy, cum play with me", I bed
"Daddy has work to do, be good. " he says.
No, Daddy, I want to play!" And I even stomp my foot.
Daddy stands and undoes his jeans.
Daddy, is going to face fuck you so you'll shut up and let Daddy work" in gasp as he finishes those words.
Daddy grabs my head and feeds me his cock and he forces his cock into my throat. I gag for a moment and then he continues.
He fucks my mouth and I feel him tense. He slowly pulls out of my mouth and my fingers find my swollen clit. Daddy puts his cock back in my mouth and says fuck yourself baby girl.
I am on the verge of cuming and Daddy pulls out his cock and proceeds to cum all over my face and breasts. As I cum I scream out my pleasure and I tater daddy's cum.
I rub his cum all over my breasts and then plunge my fingers into my wet pussy and cum again as Daddy licks and sucks my clit. I cum all over daddy's face and then her scoops me up and takes me to shower.
"That was just the fun, baby girl. The punishment will come later"
I smile and fall asleep next to Daddy as he goes back to his work.
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My Boyfriend

Description : I love catering to my boyfriend's needs. Whatever he wants I'll get it. I support him in all of his endeavors. I enjoying listening to his problems while sucking him off. Public sex is our number one couple activity.
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Me and my sexy young blond girlfriend...PART ONE

Description : We were freshly just blossoming.
She was beautiful, tall, blonde....I don't know what came over me...
She came over to hang out and work on a assignment for school.
I sat close to her on my bed, my little clit tingling forcing my moves.
My hand ventured to her thighs, ascending up.
My hand met her zipper, I lean in starting to kiss her neck.
She not pulling away and every word she speaks get more shaky, as I suck harder on her smooth white skin.
Part Two CUM SOON! or come call me.....
Sugabear Lisa
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Dirty little girl needs to be fucked

Description : I want to have my clothes ripped off and I want to be fucked by three men. I want to be filled completely. I want to suck cock while I'm being fucked hard and fast. I want to be tied down and fucked. Whip me while you're fucking me. I'll beg for it. Come have fun with me đź’‹
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Shower Fun

Description : I just took a nice, long, hot shower. I fucked my dildo and came so hard. A mixture of water and cum running down my legs. I still want more. I am truly insatiable. Give me a call and let me help you cum đź’‹
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Daddy Dominates

Description : As I lay strapped to the bed and not knowing how long I had been there I heard the soft click of the door. Instantly dripping knowing Daddy was back I wiggled my ass in the air.
Daddy laughed and said" does baby girl want more of daddy's cock?"
"Mmm yes Daddy, I want more." As I wiggled my ass again.
Daddy smacked my ass and I moaned as my back arched. Daddy smacked my ass again. Daddy leans over me and I feel his cock push into my wet pussy. He slowly pushes into me as his hand closes around my neck. With just the slightest pressure and a slow fucking I cum all over daddy's cock.
He starts to fuck me harder as his fingers slip into my mouth and I start to suck. Daddy starts to plunge his fingers into my mouth as his cock thrusts into my pussy. Daddy likes to hear me gag and he fucks me faster and harder as I gag on his fingers. I feel his other hand slip between my legs and he pinches my clit and then his fingers are in my ass.
All of a sudden all my holes are full and its amazing. I cum hard. An earth shattering orgasm.
Daddy is gone from me and starts untying me. He jerks me up and off the bed and stands me against the wall. He slowly pushes me down and proceeds to face fuck me as I continuously gag on his cock.
My hand slips down and I start to fuck myself as Daddy fills my mouth and throat with his cock. My other hand gently cups his balls and he cums in my mouth, pulling out and cuming on my face.
Daddy helps me up and leads me to the shower to clean up before the next round.
The next round ends up being in the shower. Daddy carries me to bed and I drift off to sleep completely satisfied and covered in pretties.
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Daddy Dominates

Description : Daddy told me to wear my hair down and I was for a while. I had a bad day and I piled my long hair on top of my head. Well, now I'm in for a punishment. I'm in waiting pose and its been 20 minutes. I hear the soft click of the door. I don't dare move. Daddy walks around me and holds his hand out for me to take. I stand and Daddy tells me to bend over the bed. He ties my hands to the bed and ties my feet to the legs of the bed.
I feel his hands softly glide over my ass and his finger dip into my wet pussy. Then his hand is gone. The next thing I feel is the sting of the flogger hit my lower back and ass. My pussy is instantly dripping. He continues to whip me and I'm so beyond ready to be fucked hard.
I feel his cock against my ass and suddenly he is in my ass balls deep. This is heaven to me because I like to please Daddy. He fucks me hard and fast until I'm on the verge of orgasm and he slowly pulls out. I feel something start to enter my ass and I tense. As I tense I feel my ass start to burn.
Daddy leans down and says" is baby girl going to wear her hair up again."
"Ah, no Daddy, I won't."
I feel whatever is in my ass push deeper and I tense again and again I feel the burn.
"What's in your ass, baby girl?" Daddy whispers.
"I don't know Daddy."
Daddy puts his strong fingers against my pussy and starts to rub my clit in soft little circles.
"It's ginger baby girl. Do you know what its for?"
"No Daddy"
"Well, you're going to find out."
Daddy steps back and proceeds to start flogging me again. Every time I tense from the sting my ass burns. Daddy flogs me until I'm soaked and my pussy is dripping g down my legs. He slowly pulls the ginger out of my ass and enters me, fucking me hard until I cum all over his hard cock. He continues to fuck me bringing to orgasm again and I feel him cum in my ass. Daddy steps away and walks towards the door.
"Now, I'll be back in a bit baby girl"
Daddy leaves and I'm left legs trembling and pussy dripping for more.
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Looking for A Partner

Description : It wasn't until now that I realized there is nothing more erotic than hearing the screams of young children being violated. I love stretching their tiny holes to the point of internal bleeding. However, it does get lonely torturing kids by myself. So, I am in search of an accomplice. I need a partner who is as sadistic and methodically as I am.

This job includes:
A free van
Condoms (provided if needed)
Warehouse (with a sex dungeon)

If you the balls for this line of work, then give me a call.
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Cell Block R

Description : After crossing all the hurdles, I finally achieved my dream job as a prison guard. Now I can have my way with the inmates. If you want me to visit your cell, feel free to give me a call.
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Bratty sub needs to be punished

Description : I've been such a bad girl. I've not been following my rules and I am due for a punishment. Spanking will not do because I enjoy it way way too much. How should I be punished? Come punish me, please!!!
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Pimping 101

Description : Hey fellas, I'm Madam a that enjoys pimping out her whores to depraved clients that are into domination, humiliation, and rubber play. If one of my Johns fails to bring in his keep, he'll have to endure ball-busting, dry pegging, and being raped by his fellow whores. And if he repeatedly fails to collect or put out, then I'll personally castrate and sissify him. He'll be the sissiest little shemale in my stock, oops I meant she. But don't worry, I always reward my top earner by allowing to use my body as cum-dumpster.
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Sexy, bratty sub

Description : This sexy brat is need of punishment and I want you! I need to be spanked and fucked hard. Who is up for the job? Cum and get this hot, wet, pussy.
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Pedophile Phone Sex

Description : I'm a nasty kinky twisted mommy whore who loves all age play scenarios. If you're looking for someone with an excellent imagination, who is extremely detail oriented and talkative, then you've found the slut for you! Use me, breed me, take advantage of my little ones, fuck all of our tight holes, do anything you want to us, the sicker the better! Any fucked up twisted fantasy is welcome.
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Hot little latina home alone

Description : Home alone and would love to fulfill all your fantasies :)
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Audio Options...

Description : I am interested in creatin audio files for those interested. These could be scripted by you, could possibly be a recording of the two of us playing, or something from my own wicked imagination! I would love to see if this is something my callers would be interested in, so please don't hesitate to let me know!
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Cuckolding Friend...

Description : Cuckolding Friend…taking him past his limit…!!!

Taking a friend down the path of Cuckolding…You know watching his wife with that younger and more well-endowed man…

Cuckolding is such a fun and wonderful thing. And taking a friend over the edge with a cuckolding story is just amazing…! He wasn’t too sure at first. But the more I talked, the more I could hear him breathing harder and harder. The deeper I got into the story the more excited my friend became.
The whole cuckolding experience… younger, more well-endowed man, fucking his lovely big titted wife…while the cuckolding husband sits in the corner and watches.
So the next time you lie back to masturbate, give me a call and I’ll tell you all about your wife taking that much younger and way bigger cock into her nice tight wet pussy. Look at him playing and sucking on those big bouncy titties…
Listen to her moaning and groaning. She doesn’t do that when you fuck her. Does she ?
Then he pulls his cock out of her pussy and climbs up and straddles her face so she can lick and lap her own pussy juice off that very big hard cock…what a picture…Right ?
I think he plans on cumming in her mouth and all over her face, the first time…and being the youngster he is, it won’t take long for him to get hard again and dump the second load in her already wet pussy.
Then the cuckolding husband is going to learn all about being the good little clean up boy. So take off your clothes, climb into your bed and call me. And I’ll tell you the story of you being the cuckolding husband that you know you want to be…deep down inside…
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