Adult Phone Chat Free

Adult Phone Chat Free

I know. This probably sounds like an ad that is too good to be true. Most likely you have fallen for ads that promise one thing and deliver another. We'll we are happy to say that on adult phone chat free is a real thing.

You may be wondering how this is possible because all other adult entertainment websites charge for this service. We'll it is possible because our website is completely different then any other adult chat site on the net. We are the facebook of adult phone chat and allow users to register free and connect with each other privately.

In fact we are better then Facebook because we do not require that you use your real name, city, country, etc. Think about how unsafe that is! On our website you can be completely anonymous and still have a great time making friends and chatting with others. You can even create your own channel and categories. This is a great way to find other people that match your profile.

IsĀ Adult Phone Chat Free Real?

Adult Phone Chat Free

Now you may be thinking that all of this sounds pretty good, but it gets even better! Because on you can even make money as a phone chat performer! We have 2 different account types, the first account type is a customer account and the second is a performer account. When you register you will be asked which account you want to be listed under.

Basically customers are the people that want to connect with performer to engage in role-play and other adult conversations. Performers are the people that make money talking on the phone to customers and making their every fantasy come true!

So you may be wondering how is it that we can still offer adult phone chat free? Because the performers are able to create their own pay per call packages and set their own rate. This includes the ability to create FREE call packages. A lot of performers choose this option because it helps provide a sample for the caller.

Have you ever called an adult phone chat service and been ripped off? We'll it happens more than you would think. For example you may order a 30 minute call for $30.00, but after 5 minutes the call is disconnected. That is not a good thing. This is one of the reasons why we have included the option for performers to create free call packages. Because calls can disconnect for a wide range of reasons and this is often the result of a bad phone connection, low phone battery, etc. But on our website you can simply contact the phone chat performer and ask if she can create a new FREE call package to make up for the lost time!

Adult phone chat free is the best way to release a little stress and have some fun. We offer a safe and private area where adults 18 years or older can talk to each other and make friends.

We hope you visit our website and see what we have to offer.

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