Adult Phone Chat Free

Adult Phone Chat Free

Interested in some fun Adult Phone Chat Free?  Everything costs money these days, especially quality adult entertainment. Now you may be thinking that you are not the type to engage in adult entertainment but it is a normal and healthy activity. I mean what type of normal adult does not have a libido and an occasional desire to seek out a little adult fun? This is especially true for singles, but it can also be true for couples or even married people that are looking for that extra little boost to give their love life a little spark.

Even if you have an amazing relationship with your SO a little extra creativity and kink can make all the difference.  And besides this gives you a chance to 'cheat' without actually 'cheating'.  It's more like a fantasy scenario that both of you can enjoy.

In fact couples engaging in phone sex is very common and can be very exciting.

But you don’t want to do anything stupid (like have an affair, risk the chance of catching some type of disease, or even getting setup and robbed (in the case of a Backpage or Craigslist venture). What you need is some fun and safe adult entertainment. Fortunately this can be found at

Free Adult Phone Chat on you can register free and connect with people from all over the world. You can engage in any fantasy of topic you wish knowing that your phone call is 100% private and confidential. No one is listening in and your personal details are protected.

It is a great way to explore your fantasies and maybe even talk about things you would never discuss with someone in real-life. Yes, it is a phone sex service. But this is a little different then your typical phone sex website. On REAL people can register 100% free and setup a profile and start making friends. It’s kind of like Facebook because you can create a public page, post to your friend’s pages, add friends, send messages upload images, videos, and more. The REAL difference is that you can actually speak on the phone to people that share your desires.

Now most customers that register join free, then add money to their account so they can connect to a performer. Customers are usually males (although this is not always the case) and performers are normally females (same applies). The performers range from college students, housewives, single moms, mature old women or just your regular girl that wants to have a little fun and talk to strangers.

It can be very exciting to share your most intimate details with complete strangers. And of course it is really nice knowing that your details are safe and always hidden from other users on the website.

Now you may be thinking that all of this sounds enticing, but you really don’t want to spend a lot of money on phone sex. We’ll we have some tips on how you can enjoy Adult Phone Chat Free on

Adult Phone Chat Free

Here are some great tips on how to get started!

Tip 1: Register as a customer and setup your public profile. Be sure not to list any personal details like your name, phone number, email address or anything that you do not want users on the website to see. Just create an alias name and write about yourself and what you are seeking. Be genuine and truthful about your fantasies and the type of person you wish to speak to.

Tip 2: Start seeking out performers that are in your same category and add them as friends. A friend request will be sent to the performer and if she accepts her profile will be listed on your public page and your profile will be listed on her page. You will also be able to post to her page and see her online status every time you login.

Tip 3: Do not try to deceive a performer by registering as another performer. This may sound strange, but some customers actually register as a ‘performer’, then try to make friends with other performers in the hopes of getting free calls. This never works.. So please do not make this mistake.

Now that you have registered as a customer and created your profile, added friends and sent a few messages you will be able to view our call options page. Many performers create FREE call packages that they use as ‘samples’. This basically means that you can connect with a performer for FREE by clicking the order link in her free call package. Offers the BEST in Adult Phone Chat Free

You may be wondering what ‘call packages’ are. These are pay per call items that you can order simply click clicking on the order link. The performers can create as many of these call packages as they want, set the call length and price. So if a performer wants to create a free call package she simply enters 0.00 as the price. When you click to order the call package an automated call is sent out to the performer asking her is she is available. If she is available she will press #1 on her phone and you will receive a toll free number and calling code to enter. Now sometimes the performer is not available, in that case you will see a messages notifying you to try again later. This usually means that the performer is not by the phone at the moment.

Next you dial the number, enter the code and presto – your connected!

Plus at calls are 100% confidential. We do not record calls (like most companies) and we do not limit what you can talk about. All conversations are completely private and unrestricted!

It’s free and tons of fun. So even if you have never considered this type of adult entertainment you may want to reconsider. It is safe, private, secure and cheap. Plus you never have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home or risking your personal safety.

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