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Daddys Bailee Dear

Daddys Bailee Dear

Hello I'm Bailee! I'm a college student and I'm here to have some fun! I'm a completely no limits anything goes kind of girl. (Extreme Ageplay Welcomed!) If you are good to me, I'll be very good to you I promise! Sex! Sex! Sex! I love it and if I'm not out getting some, then you know I'm in my bed with plenty of toys at my disposal. Let's get you cumming, and cumming back from more!! Anything goes with me, let's play! So you read a little bit above to learn some about me. Here let's break it down to some more specifics. I 100% want to get you off, I love filthy fantasies and getting off to the same things you do. I offer a connection with a taboo playmate. So let me give you a little insight on the type of fantasies that make me WET!!!

  • Ageplay (Super fun!)
  • Family Fun (Keep It In The Family)
  • Breeding (I'm fertile ;))
  • Forced Sex (Take ME!!!)
  • Torture (Make Me SCREAM!!)
  • Accomplice (I grab em, we "play" with them!)
  • Sensual Cocktease (Sweet and tempting) 
  • SPH (Come on what girl doesn't love it?)

Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!