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Busty April

Busty April

I'm exclusively into "extreme" and obscene fantasies. I'm just the amount of "vile" you need. My pussy is open for a fisting or a cock or two. DP is one of my favorite sports, but I also love topics that some may consider "forbidden pleasures". I'm a great person to talk to if you are looking for a friend. I'm open to discussions other girls may not be to willing to invest time in. I'm all you want and all you crave. My body doesn't lie. Clearly, I was made to entice not just men but women too. If you like busty sluts, I also have zero age limits when it comes to roles and I have a very sexy "young voice" for regression roleplaying. I spread my legs and like to make sure I get in the position for a man willing to get up in my pussy and mate with me. Feel free to message me and see if we are a good match.

No limits? No Problem! Everyone has them, but what about those of you who crave raw conversations? 

All calls are discreet. Do you think your topic is a little too much? Having trouble confiding in people about what REALLY turns you on? No problem, message me or simply call and you will leave with a new friend!  You can have your most gritty of fantasies fulfilled over the phone! All calls are for the purpose of entertainment, and nothing is off limits. Make sure you bring a rag to help you clean up the mess you are bound to make.
I crave dirty and even extreme cocks to milk. Hopefully you have one? 

Enjoy Uncensored No Taboo Phone Sex where The ONLY Limit is your Imagination!