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Angela Vixen

Angela  Vixen

I’m looking for my one & only “spankoligist.” A dominant, who knows how to give me a good bare bottom spanking or spank me where I can feel it. If I don’t feel it, then it didn’t happen. I won’t obey you. I want to remember your name, not just any spankologist. You must teach me a lesson or else, I’ll keep acting up & out no matter where I go. I sometimes feel like I need home training. Do you have big, strong, heavy hands? If you’re interested & would like to take a crack at taming this ass, please don’t hesitate to let me know because you might be the perfect match for this job. Maybe pulling my britches down & bending me over your knee will work. Yes, it’s a job, because you might have to work at getting my habits under control because I do all kinds of crazy shit. Do you have any discipline methods that actually work? I might fake cry with you. I’ve always been the boos & one thing you’re going to fucking learn is that I will always be the fucking boss, you old-timer, old fart loser!

·         I’m submissive
·         I’m extremely sneaky. Don’t leave me home by myself because I eat whatever I want, snoop in your things & borrow the money that you have stashed away, in your pockets or just laying right in front of me. It’s called borrowing because I’m going to break the money & bring you change back. I’m going to either spend the money on some snacks or walk to the store with my friends & enough your hard- earned money. What’s mines is yours, isn’t that what you’ve always told me? It works both ways.

·         Love candy, cereal, ice cream, cooks & soda

·         I don’t like going to school

·         I hate rule, especially the ones, you don’t follow either

·         I love bedtime stories & having sleep overs

·         I act up sometimes I want attention. I like playing footsies under the covers with you.

·         I love cum-filled fluid sac, especially when they cum & give me jizz juice. I enough being sticky. I like wrestling with you except laying in the wet spot afterwards. You can have that!

·         I love to be called dirty names

·         I always want to be well-fed even. I want to take care of you especially when you have all of that cum caked up thick in your balls.

·         I’m addicted to dick & balls

·         I say “dick” over “cock” because it sticks more to me. I think of it as a dick being strong & powerful whereas a cock is like a limp noodle.

·         I want someone to teach me all kinds of things because I’m willing to learn.

·         I like wearing my hair down or in pigtails or Ponti tails

·         I like to be tickled & to laugh

·         I like playing dress up.

·         I like telling you to “go fuck yourself” when I’m in trouble

·         I love pink, purple & blue

·         I like to wear cute & colorful pajamas. I also like taking baths.

·         I like to color & sometimes draw pictures of dick & balls, vaginas & you when I saw you fucking all those women when the door was cracked.

·         I like to give you presents, especially the dirty panties the stinky ones that was laying right in the crack with the crusty, musty, cream-filling inside.

·         I like to dance, especially the dances I give you

·         I like to go to amusement parks in the house where I can bounce on balls

·         I love to swallow & drink warm milk before bed. It’s delicious in my tummy.

·         I don’t like eating your nasty ass food or vegetables because that’s for old people like you.

·         I backwash in your drinks sometimes on purpose

·         What goes on in this house, stays in this house is what you say but if you don’t give me what I want, since I’m a spoil brat, I’m telling on you.

·         I love playing house

·         I will always tell the truth, no matter what, even if it hurts your feelings.

·         Please note I might curse you the fuck out only because I don’t know any better.

·         I love rolling my eyes & mumbling underneath my breath whenever you have anything to say.

·         You’re just a sperm donor

·         I curse when you’re not around

·         I like to drink your juice hallway & then filling the rest with water
·         I put my Legos on the floor & hope you walk on them barefooted.

·         I laugh whenever you hurt yourself.

·         I tell people that you’re no longer with us when you are

·         I put extra soap in the shower, so I can laugh when you fall.

·         I wipe boogeys on your pricey items around the house

·         I go to the neighbor’s house to make it seem like you don’t have any food in the house.

·         Yes, I’m fucking evil, I did worse shit than this, but I will take my secrets to the grave unless your discipline methods works & I have no other choice but to disclose information.

·         I like twine around my wrists or some tape

·         I hid your keys so you wouldn’t make it to the game, your doctor’s appointments, your lady friends house.

·         I’m the one that spray painted and keyed your car when you told me “No” when I wanted to go over my friend’s house.

·         I’m going to put you in a nursing home when I get older & that will be the best moment of my life.

·         What kind of discipline do I need? I’m a bad bitch, now come teach me a fucking lesson. Isn’t that your job? You’re suppose to teach me right from wrong & I must say, you suck at it! As you can tell, I have a dirty mouth. What are you going to do about it? In a few years, you’re going to be cripple with arthritis in your needs & won’t be able to catch me when I run?

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