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Angela Vixen

Angela  Vixen

Hello there, welcome to my play area. I’m angel, angel Danger, Angela Vixen or whatever you want to call me. I’m in need of a sugar Daddy because I’m a sugar baby and I’m looking forward to getting spoiled by you. This would be a relationship type thing. You give me what I want and spoil me with gifts and I’ll be the best sugar baby you will ever have. I want to go on trips over the world and since I’m a cashee type of girl, you must spend some glitz and glamour coins on me. I love age play and anything surrounding this such as an accomplice. I’m submissive and I only do fantasies where I’m the main player. Now you know. If you want to make my kitty purr and make my purse full for shopping later, call me! #Your Angel

I'm currently looking for my one and only sugar Daddy. I've wanted a sugar Daddy for a very long time now but haven't found the right Daddy who makes me feel good. My sugar Daddy will always take care of my needs. I've been waiting to tell my sugar Daddy:
      " Hey Daddy, how was your Day? Did you have a long day? Let me take your coat off. I've cooked for you, ran a nice warm bubble bath for you. I've been waiting here, ready & willing to take a huge load off of you Daddy. I want to relieve your stress, suck you cock, drain your balls, lick your hairy ass clean, and take really good care of you. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you Daddy.  I set something up really nice for you Daddy. Since you always take good care of me, financially, emotionally,physically, sexually, I want to return the favor.
Since you're unhappy being with your wife, I appreciate you coming to me and allowing me to take care of your cock.I understand that your wife take care of your wants as far as cooking, cleaning, taking care of home, you know? I take care of all of your needs, fantasies, desires, nasty-filthy sex. I'm always game for any and everything. In fact, I have a surprise for you. I've invited a few bad bitches over to show you how much I appreciate you Daddy. They know the routine, they are here to perform all of their bad bitches duties.You're a damn good Daddy and you need to know your worth!. Remember Daddy, take care of me and I'll take care of you! Anything goes down tonight!
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Let me fuck you, so I can knock your fucking socks off!kisskisskisskisskisskiss
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