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Phone Sex Topics too Extreme for Social Networking Websites
Extreme Taboo Phone Sex Banned has officially been banned on youtube, facebook, vemio, dailymotion and veoh. Why? Because we submitted a series of videos that defined various phone sex fetish topics. Our videos did not contain any nudity or copyrighted content.

For example we created a video to define BBC Phone Sex. For those of you that do not know this means Big Black Cock. It was basically an adult educational video because the phone sex world has some pretty unique fetishes - like SPH? I bet most people have no clue what that stands for. And to our surprise some people did not even know common terms, like MILF.

So we thought it would be fun to put together a video series for each category we have in our list. That totals 109 different phone sex topics (as of last count). All of the videos would be completely harmless and have no porn images or anything like that. Just our logo, text and a voice over commentator. Well it appears that it is too much for these sites.

So our we upset by this? Most companies would be but we consider it a badge of honor. Who knows, maybe we are the ones that are messed up but in our opinion the entire purpose of video sharing websites is to share knowledge. We understand blocking actual pornographic imagery, but to censor adult topics created in an educational format?

So many of you may not know this - but there is some pretty messed up stuff on facebook and youtube. Did you see the episode of Fear Factor in which the contestants had to drink donkey cum and piss? Yeah, that's right. It's on youtube right now. Don't believe us? Just go to youtube and search 'girls drinking donkey cum'. Tons of videos from Fear factor on that disgusting episode.

And they block us for writing about BBC phone sex? Of course we can 'appeal', but FUCK that. And FUCK them. If our website it too extreme for those prudes then all the better. I mean it's what you come here for right? Fuck those candyass sites and their bullshit rules.

Of course this always seems to happen. Someone comes up with a great idea (and social media sites) are a great little invention. But once they reach a certain size they start cracking down on everything. They get in bed with corporations and block what the average user can post and see. They start being the judge of what should be viewed and what shouldn't. And please keep in mind that we are not advocating for the viewing of anything illegal. We are simply talking about the right to post non-pornographic educational videos.

Here's some more shit that you may not know. PayPal used to process for adult membership sites. Yep - PayPal. You know how PayPal is apparently right up there with Jesus when it comes to morality. It's a little dirty secret that I'm sure they wish did not exist. But before they grew out of their diapers they would process payments for anything.

And if you are on facebook for any other reason then promoting a business then you are basically feeding the devil. They want your content, your posts, pics, videos, friends and more because they sell that shit and grow their advertiser base from it. It's toxic. Live streaming murders and other various crimes. The mentality is turning people into narcissistic sheep that lack any form of empathy.

That's why the only true place for real freedom is smaller 'home grown' sites. Websites that are not owned by large companies and under the restrictions of their advertisers. Just like crooked politicians that are owned - who needs that shit.

At we only deal in fantasy conversation between 2 consenting adults. Straight up voice only fantasy conversation; anonymous and free. A place to be anyone and do anything, because God knows we are living in a time when our freedoms are being hacked away more and more everyday. People need a place to explore, live out their dreams and sometimes even just vent. We offer that.

Also - if you are someone that found this posts and is interested in being on our website as a PSO (phone sex operator), then you should know that we are a no taboo phone sex website. Why did we throw that in this article, because we make it very clear that we are no taboo yet occasionally receive applications from PSOs claiming that they are 'uncomfortable' with some topics. If that is the case fine, but don't register on a no taboo line.

And as always, please keep in mind that phone sex is completely different then anything 'real'. It is fantasy lived through the imagination of 2 consenting adults.

If you want to join us and maybe learn a little about yourself, your fantasies and fetishes (some you may not even be aware of yet), then register.

If you are interested in talking to a phone sex performer right now without the need to register you can call us toll free at 1 844 SIN-CATS. That's 1 844 746 2287. You'll be connected with a LIVE dispatch operator that can help you find the perfect performer for your fantasy.

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