Live Adult Phone Chat

Live Adult Phone Chat

What could possible be more entertaining and intimate then live adult phone chat?  This is the reason why phone sex, despite all of the latest advancements in technology has remained a lucrative and entertaining subject.  There's just something so enticing about speaking to a complete stranger and sharing your most intimate details.  There is also a factor that needs to be considered, and that is that YOU create the fantasy.

For example have you ever talked to someone on the phone that you have never met in real life.  Maybe a friend of a friend.  And during your conversations you have out together an idea of what they probably look like, what their interests are and even a hint of what type of lover they could be.  This is very common and even goes back to the days when people had pen-pals.  Now for those of you that do not know a pen-pal is someone that you would actually write a letter to.  This would be mailed (using snail mail of course) and maybe after several weeks you would get a response.

You would start to create your own vision of this person.  And more often then not that vision would be of the perfect person.  Why?  Because of the mystery.  Basically you would feel in the gaps and those gaps would be replaced with the ideal person.  The funny thing is that you could be writing to anyone and that person may just be pretending to be who you are seeking.

Next came chat rooms.  Remember chat rooms?  Before webcam when all you had was text chat.  I'm old enough to remember that if someone entered the chat room with a female name 'she' instantly got attention.  Where as a guy would have to wait in line hoping for a response.  I'm sure that every guy pictured their ideal playmate.

You see it's the fantasy - not the reality that makes phone sex so enticing.  And regardless of any new technologies it will continue to have a place in the adult industry.  I remember having a heated argument with a large webcam website owner.  I tried to convey this concept to him but he did not like the thought that mystery has more allure than true reality.

Speak Live to Adult through Phone Chat about Anything

Live Adult Phone Chat

For example you may read a webcam model's profile, see a few pics and in your mind you create her personality.  But when the time comes for a live chat you realize that she is nothing like you imagined.  That's because it is usually impossible to meet the exceptions of your fantasies in the real world.

But phone sex gives you the chance to create your own fantasy and because you really never know or even see the person you are talking to you can hold on to that fantasy.  Live adult phone chat is really the only place where this can occur.  Nothing beats talking to a complete stranger, removing your inhibitions and revealing your most secret desires.

Think about it.  If you were asked a question at work or even on TV that had to do with a sexual nature you would probably do what most people do.  You would fall in line and answer in a way that matches what is socially acceptable.  You would never reveal your true thoughts.

But with private, discreet and anonymous phone sex you can free yourself of these chains and truly live out your fantasies.  It might be the last place that this is possible.

Have you seen the Netflix series 'Black Mirror"?  Warning, there are some truly disturbing (yet thought provoking topics).  In series S03E01 a world is portrayed in which everyone is rated by other people.  Kind of like a personal credit score.  For example if you are rude to someone they could penalize you and your personal score as a human being would go down.

Whereas if you kissed enough ass and said all the right things to the right people your score would go up.  And your score counted for everything - whether you were approved for  a loan, housing, job etc.  Those people with low scores where basically non-existent and had no chance at a happy life.

So what did this cause?  It caused everyone to be fake, play by the rules and never step out of line.  It is a truly thought provoking  episode and worth watching.

But the scary part is how closely it resembles are everyday life.  How many of you cannot say what you are truly thinking?  Giving rules for conduct by your boss and have to live a life that does not offend anyone or cause any controversy.

Is it any wonder why we seek a release by watching the exact opposite on TV?  Since we can't get away with it, it helps us to see others that can.  I believe this is a terrible thing.  People need to speak their minds.  They need a place to unload (pun intended).

This is why we have made a no taboo website.  No matter what pressure we may receive it will remain that way.  because to censor what consenting adults can say is a slap in the face for those that died to protect our freedoms.  It to censor yourself is unhealthy.

So join us and let go - you will find it to be very therapeutic.

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