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Mandi Corrupt Cougar Performer Blog

       Man Handled

While I am well kept, maybe a lil teensy bit spoiled , I am down to earth and never a snob - unless Trophy Mommy/ Wife / Cougars rile you up , make Your fantasy .
My raunchy self loves some good ol rough man handling , a down `n dirty hard dicking , slaps, smacks, spanks and hair pulling .
I adore having visible proof later of the "abuses" I suffer - bruised wrists, bright red hand prints on my ass .
I am equal opportunity - professionals, geeks, blue collar , race, age....
Hmmm maybe You can treat me like You would that stuck up bitch You see around ... give her what she been missin`. You know she`d just be beggin for more if she`d give it up once to You ...Make me Your Bitch, Daddy.

       What happens in Vegas

Doesn`t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it might happen upon my blog.
Like the first time hubby took me on vacation to LV - and I met up with a GQ worthy black man while in the spa.
After he did me in, I could hardly walk. He put my ass in La La Land.
I blamed it on the jet lag and hangover ;) to hubs.
More details, cheating wife exploits, give me a call.

       Whiff of Panties

Spritzed on VW Boudoir perfume - I collect many types of fragrances , but this particular one smells like yellow flowers, honey,
and a taste of skanky , damp, steamy ,high end satin knickers.
I revel in the sly glances, and leanings in of men when I venture out in it.
They catch the whiff .


Secret stories of your randy adventures ?
Secret rendezvous , spontaneous exploits , barely hidden fucks `n sucks ?
Cheating, pick ups - I`d cream to hear of your slick and cunning ways...or those titillating surprise opportunities .
I have a few of my own clever, and also the unexpected, tales of a devious, mischievous Wife.