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       Newbies First Story

The first time I was introduced to a cock. It was so big and so fat and I was so scared. Yet, turned on all at the same time. He didn't notice me peeping in the doorway, watching him stroking it slowly with both hands. And that cock just looked so delicious. Long and plump and throbbing. And the more he rubbed it, the more hard it got and the more my pussy throbbed. I mean my pussy was extremely wet. Wondering how much more better it would feel if it were inside of me. I kind of lost balanced and he must've noticed I was there, but I hurried off into the other room and wasn't sure. It was pretty quiet for some time. Until I heard foot steps and the door slowly opening. I looked up and there he was, standing there completely naked with his rock hard cock in his hand. Giving me this intense look as if he wanted to devour me. I stared him down like a deer caught in headlights with my mouth at awwww. And before I could even say a word, he shoved that fat cock right in my mouth.
To Be Continued....