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Bath Time with Daddy Performer Blog

       Hot Cocoa And A Bubble Bath

I just took a relaxing warm soothing bubble bath. I was all by myself. I made myself some delicious hot cocoa too. I put extra whipped cream on top. I sipped on it, while I was in the tub. I wish you were in there with me. I was totally naked. I could have used a friend, to play with. I was splashing around. I didn't want to leave. I even did some crazy things in there too. You should call me, so we can do some roleplay. It will be a fun time. I'm not wearing anything, but my Christmas slippers. They are keeping my feet so warm. If I took them off, would you rub them? They could use some attention.

Bath Time

       Take A Swim With Me!

OMG, we got a new pool, in the back yard. Will you come and take a swim with me? I can put on my bathing suit, real quick.Will you help me pick one out? I have a pink one with butterflies, and my other one is just a plain blue one. I have worn them both. Come and put your feet in the water. Mine might be a little dirty.Maybe later on this evening, my friend from school, can come over. If I promise to do my homework, will you let her come over?

Bath Time

       It's Bath Time!

It's time to bathe with me, this evening. I just got into my tub. I haven't put in the bubble bath yet. I'm waiting on you. I want the water to be so warm.The buibble bath is under the bathroom sink. I'll turn on the faucet. I like be your playful slut.I have a special treat for you too. If you call now, I'll tell you what it is.