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Ageplay Cindy Performer Blog

       It is Cold Outside

It is very cold outside. I just went out, to get something out of my car. I got a new toy today, after my other job. I wanted to surprise you. I have on my red velvet gloves. I got them from Christmas last year. They keep my hands warm.I need you to lay by me. I have a new queen sized bed. It should be soft enough, for the both of us. I turned up my heat. I will probably warm up, when you wrap your arms around me. We will keep each other company, all through the night.


       Let's Play!

Hieeee, it's me Cindy. I think I need someone to pop my cherry.It hasn't been done before.I will slide down my little pole. I've always thoughts of being a stripper. I have the body, for it. I'll have to learn how to do some dancing first. I can sure use a teacher.I can practice, with you.I can also slide down your big pole. It is a lot slippery, then my slripper pole.

       Come Out And Play!

After school, I changed into my pajamas. I heard a noise outside, so I went outside to see what it was. I then saw my step brother and his friend walking home from school. They are two years older then me. We aren't really related.I asked them, if they would help me with my homework. I wasn't understanding the questions. My step brother, suggested that we do my homework in the tree house. It was in our backyard. Before we did anything, he suggest a game. It was called the kissing game. I had to give them each a little kiss. It was to be expected.We did more play, then my homework.