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Jill Sexy Performer Blog

       Masturbating In Space!

I know it might be weird, but I have often dreamt of masturbating in space. I know it isn't possible. It is just something that I have thought of doing. I would go near the moon and shake my tush. All of the other planets would be jealous of me. I might have float over to Neptune. I would be in my fancy space suit. I would be teaching myself, no matter where I go. I might even see a sexy space man floating by. I would run after him. We could explore other planets. I could learn some stuff from him. It will be blast, masturbating with him in space.

Stoner Jill

       Talk Dirty To Me!

It's time for you guys to talk dirty to me. Tonight, I'm extra wet, in my panties. They are the pink ones, with the flowers on the front and back. I wish you could see me in them. I have on my little pink flowered tank top too. Can you guess, if I'm wearing a bra? I wander how many orgasms I will be getting from you. I hope it is in the double digits. I want to explode in my panties. I have been waiting to cum, for so long. I might just burst. I don't know I can control myself. I might start doing some things to myself. If you call in the next hour, I might just tell you, what they are.

Stoner Jill

       Pet My Kitty!

MMM, my kitty is purring. I think it's calling your name. It is a little pink inside. You will find, it wiggiling around, if you put your face in between my legs. I haven't been fucked for days. If you get to the right spots, it might meow really loud.It's so great, hearing you say filthy words in my ear.I'm on my bed half naked. I wish you were here, laying beside me. If you were, we'd be so kinky. I will be taking calls until midnight,pacific time. Please note, that I'm the real deal.

       Showering With My Girlfriend!

I remember seeing my friend's boobs for the first time, in the shower. We just got back, from a soccer game. We were both sweating through our shorts. We decided to save energy, to shower together. It was hot and steamy. The hot poured across our breasts.She has the perfect body. We've showered like this, many times.Each time, gets more intense.

Stoner Jill

       Dirty Stoner Slut!

Hi guys, my name is Jill. I'm probably one of the dirtiest stoners, in the world. It gets me so horny. I feel like watching porn, and getting off with hot men on the phone. I have a sweet voice, that you will adore. I'm usually at home, sitting around in my underwear. If only, you could see me now.

Stoner Jill