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Lost Little Girl Performer Blog

       Can I Be Your Slut?

It is true, that I want to be your next sex toy.I want to be on my knees, serving you.I have my mouths wide open. I have some great oral skills. I will put both hands, behind my back. Let's try out some different stuff. You will have to come up, with some ideas. I have so many toys here. I was just going through them too.I have over twenty of hem. Each day, I take a couple out to use. If you call soon, you'll hear me moan.

       Dirty Girl Masturbating!

I'm up on my bed, about to do something that is totally is our little secret. I let my door unlocked. Just walk in and make yourself at home.We can look at the stars with my telescope. I can name them all. We can then snuggle up together. My blankets should keep us both warm.It's great, when two people can enjoy a great evening of dirty phone sex.

       Watching Porn!

OMG, you won't believe on the fun I am having. I'm on my bed watching porn on my laptop.I wish you could see how horny I'm getting.I promise to be on my best behavior.

       Babysitting As A Teen

I remember back in my day, I was babysitting for this family. They hired me, when I was a senior in school. One night I was called over to babysit for them. It was around eight in the evening. The dad called, when I was in my room doing my homework. I had him pick me up twenty minutes later. As soon as I stepped into his house, I noticed that we were the only ones there. He wanted me to be his naughty babysitter.