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       Trailer Trash Trisha

Have you ever wanted to go "slumming" with a nasty trailer trash slut? I bet you've thought about it before, haven't you? The idea that I don't really matter and you can do anything you want to my whore body excites you. I am the epitome of "poor white trash" and I'd let you and your friends fuck me all night long. So cum on over to the trailer park and fill up my slut holes with cock and cum!

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I'm a NASTY ho who has always been a ho ever since I was first fucked as a teenager. I have had over 1,000 cocks and I'm no where near done! I'm raunchy, filthy, dirty and kinky and will do anything for a cock..or 2 or 6.

Gang bangs are my favorite because I can have multiple dicks in every hole for hours! I'm that white trash whore you've always wanted to fuck, who has NO limits! So cum on, call and show me how NASTY you like it.