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       Last Night's Party

So..last Night I was invited to the most Raunchy Party it was all kinds of young girls walking ,swimming,drinkimg you know like in a regular party but after seeing this I knew anything can be possible everyonr in the part naked it didn't matter what age you was it was anexculive private party only invites was allowed not just any one can just popped up that's what I loved about it no questions just mingle go with who ever you pleased as of this morning I can't put all the piecies together yet , I do have a slight headache but in the back of my mind how I just got up from a king size bed with 2 girls and 2 boys (littles and 1 Daddy and me Hmm.. I would have to wait till Daddy get up....

       Touch Myself Daddy ...he said

I like when Daddy pull my panties down and he takes his hand and rub my bald tight pussy and daddy's big down there and I take my soft lips and wrap my lips around daddy's mushroom head ..and I start sucking your cock like a lollipop.. and dad takes his fingers and finger fuck me .. push it deep down daddy … I want Daddy's cock pushing threw my virgin pussy making me wet and wanting Daddy's milk...

       Love to play while im on the Phone

I love to masturbate while we chit chat about this and that oh daddy .. I love the way you touch me making me very juicy juices developing in my bald cunt,,,lets role play


I am not your average girl here. I am into all kinds of taboos, fetishes, and fantasy. There are no limits in my kinky world. I am a dark and deviant diva that loves going beyond the norm. You know those dark kinky thoughts you can’t really share with anyone else. Well, I am the girl that you can tell all you forbidden thoughts too. I love getting into the dark taboo desires that make you blow your load like nothing else. So relax, and let yourself go to the dark side

       fucked me raw

My dad would die if he knew what I was doing behind his back. I am a nympho hoe who loves to get banged by anyone and everyone. I am guilty of fucking the help. I admit it fully! I love being fucked and used. There isn’t anything I want more than to be a sloppy slut. A cum dump! I am supposed to be prim and proper but I am far from that. I love being a slut. I have been playing with my pussy since I can remember. I like fucking myself and having older men watch as well. It is no surprise I have fucked most my teachers and even my uncles. I have gotten into some incest fun. I love it so much. Getting my tight ass and twat filled leaves me a horny sick fuck. I look sweet and innocent but I am nothing but a fuckslut. My daddy has a heap of workers and they have all fucked me raw

       Cum Eating Fetish: Forced Cock Sucking

Do you have a cum eating fetish,

God, you make me so horny, Drake!” Melissa giggled and wrapped her arms around the football player’s neck, pressing her gorgeous body against the heavily muscled college student.
Across the room, Billy stared at the couple, more than a little jealous. He still couldn’t believe his luck that he’d even been invited to the party, let alone the brotherhood. But, like he’d been told, they needed a brain in residence and since his family founded the frat house, he was in.
Inclusion in the house didn’t mean anyone was falling all over him, though. Or pressing their gorgeous tits against me. Billy tore his eyes away from the couple and tried not to think about the tightening in his crotch, or his cock pressing against his zipper painfully.
His head whipped around at Melissa’s quick intake of breath. Was she okay? As the couple came into focus again, he could see she was more than okay. Drake’s face was pressed into her neck. She arched her back, and Billy saw that the buttons of her pink blouse were undone, exposing her cleavage and a white lacy bra. He gulped and tried to tear his eyes away, but he couldn’t.
Billy watched as Drake’s hand pulled out on small, perky tit from Melissa’s bra. He pinched and tweaked her nipple as she whimpered and writhed against him. Billy knew if he was caught staring at the couple, there’d be hell to pay – family legacy or not. He wasn’t sure who made his dick harder – Melissa and her boobs or Drake and well, all of him. Tall, dark hair, wide shoulders. Billy was fascinated by the guy and although he’d never admit it to anyone, kind of turned on by him. I wonder how big his cock is.
As if Drake heard his thoughts, Billy found himself staring directly into the bigger man’s eyes. Drake’s eyes narrowed. Aw, fuck, I’m in for it now, thought Billy. He gulped and stood to walk away, not willing to fight – or be beaten up – by a brother.
“Get the fuck over here now, faggot.”
All noise in the party stopped. Billy could hear Melissa’s ragged breathing and the pounding in his own heart.
“You want to be a pervert and watch? Is that it?”
Billy shook his head and tried to back away from the couple. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him. He was mortified. The hard-on he’d been sporting shriveled and died under the intense scrutiny of everyone at the party.
“Don’t back away from me, you fucking faggot. Get your goddamned ass over here, now.”
Under the watchful gaze of his entire frat and all the hot girls they’d invited, Billy hung his head and walked towards Drake. He knew he should walk away, run actually, but if he did whatever his humiliation was going to be would only be worse and probably even more public.
Drake looked over his head at the rest of the party. “Mind your business, and get back to the party. I’ll handle the loser from here.”
The music started up again just as Drake grabbed Billy’s collar and pulled him close. He stared directly into Billy’s eyes, as if daring him to blink or look away. Billy felt like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, terrified of getting hurt but completely unable to move a muscle.
“You liked what you saw, huh?” Billy tried to stammer out a denial. “Don’t fucking deny it. It’s high time you were properly initiated into the house, ya little faggot. And when I’m done with you, you’ll know your real purpose in our house – other than making sure we pass our classes.”
With his fingers in Billy’s collar, he grabbed Melissa’s hand with his other hand and led them both upstairs. Billy’s entire body trembled, unsure of what was going to happen next. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be alone with them, with no witnesses to keep Drake and his little bimbo in check. Melissa smirked at him as if she knew exactly what was about to happen.
Drake nudged open his bedroom door at the top of the stairs and threw Billy onto the floor.
“Stay on your knees like the little sissy bitch you are, faggot.”
Billy heard Melissa’s familiar giggle and then whimper and knew that Drake had gone back to fondling her and doing who-knows-what.
“Stay on your knees, faggot, and turn to look. You wanted to watch so badly before, we’ll give you something to see.”
Billy wanted to say no and refuse, but he had to admit to himself that he wanted to watch them. He wanted to know more. As he turned, he gasped to see Melissa stark naked on the bed, her legs wide open. He could smell her sex and see the shiny glint of her fluids on her cunt. His cock hardened in response.
“You’re going to watch me fuck this sweet pussy. I’m gonna cum hard and long inside of her.” Drake grinned meanly. “Then you’re going to learn your real purpose.”
Billy shook his head, afraid to know more. He was the house brain. That was fine with him. No matter how hard his dick was, he didn’t want to be more.
“You don’t get to say no to me, faggot. You’re the new frat house cock sucker and cum eating slut. You will clean up after us, whenever we say.”
Billy felt tears pool in his eyes, even as he felt more blood rush to his cock. He shook his head in denial. No way. Not me.
“Watch, ya sissy faggot. Watch how a real man fucks a woman.”
He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene as Drake mounted Melissa, his eight inch cock thick with bulging viens, pounding in and out of her pussy. The smell and sounds of sex filled his senses. He could feel his dick dripping into his pants. He desperately wanted to stroke his dick while he watched them fuck, but he was afraid to make a move. Several moments later, Drake arched his back, growling out obscenities at Melissa as he unloaded his hot spunk into her pussy.
Still breathing hard, Drake turned to Billy. “Okay, you little hungry homo, you’re up. Suck my hot spunk out of my girl, and be sure to get every last drop too.”
With his face burning red and his tiny little cock leaking, Billy crawled over to the bed. Melissa winked at him as he knelt between her thighs. He’d never eaten a woman out, and he wasn’t sure what to do. Before he could decide, Drake shoved his face into Melissa’s cunt.
“Start eating, bitch.”
Sucking and licking like an animal at a trough, Billy tasted their combined fluids and almost creamed his pants. The salty, briny taste was new to him. He must have done something right because Melissa started writhing and screaming. A rush of juices filled his mouth just as Drake yanked his head back and threw him back on the floor.
“On your knees, cum eating fag boy”.
Billy’s face was covered in cum, and he gasped for air.
“Open your fucking mouth, now it your turn to make me cum.”
He knew he should pull away but when Drake pulled his head back by his hair, he opened his mouth. He almost threw up as Drake shoved his thick meaty cock to the back of his throat. Drool dripped down his chin as Drake fucked his mouth like a pussy.
“Now, clean my balls, faggot.”
Drake shoved Billy’s face into his nut sac the same way he forced him into Melissa’s pussy. Billy licked and sucked for all he was worth.
Finally, Drake shoved Billy away from him. “Good job for your first time, you little cock sucking bitch. Be lucky I didn’t have you clean my asshole, too. Maybe next time.” Drake laughed.
“Now you know your purpose. You’re my bitch and you’ll be sucking my cock and eating my cum from wherever I say, whether it be out of my girls‘ pussy or the head of my dick. Got it?” Billy nodded, ashamed and embarrassed that he’d enjoyed it. “Now get out.”
Billy made to stand but with one look from Drake, he dropped to all fours and crawled out. He felt something shoot past him into the hall. It was a plastic cup.
“If you need to jack off, fill the cup. You’re the cum eater, remember? Even your own.”
Drake’s laugh filled Billy’s ears as he grabbed for the cup. He need to cum so goddamned bad, he didn’t care if he had to drink it in front of the Dean of Students.

       Cock Sucking Surprise for Brian: A Cuckold Confession

Brian heard Emily’s laugh coming from their bedroom as he walked into their small apartment. He was immediately confused. She was supposed to be at work until late.
He assumed she was on the phone until he heard a deeper, more masculine voice join hers. What the hell was going on?
Brian threw his keys on the table and walked quickly to the bedroom door. Swinging it wide, he was shocked at what he saw. Emily and Phil, his college roommate, were naked on his bed. Phil had Emily’s nipple in between his teeth, lightly nipping at her tender skin, causing her to giggle.
“What in the fuck is going on around here?”
They stopped and looked at him with surprise but not any sorrow or embarrassment, he noticed.
“Hey honey!” Emily stood up and wrapped the sheet around her. “What are you doing home so early?”
“Forget why I’m home so early! Why the fuck are you naked with Phil?”
He had to give her credit. She finally looked a little ashamed. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. Phil stopped by to see you, and we got to talking about old times, and well…” Her voice trailed off.
“Dude, we got to talking about some of those old porn flicks we used to watch. You know, the threesomes where the guy comes home and catches his girl, then joins in.” Phil gave him a small smile. “You used to like those best, remember?”
“Okay, okay. Let me make sure I’ve got this straight.” Brian ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. “You two are fucking in the bed I share with my hot girlfriend for me?”
Emily and Phil both nodded, looking more and more ashamed. Emily burst into tears. “I am so sorry, Brian. I thought you’d be turned on, I really did!”
Letting the sheet drop at her feet, she wrapped her arms around Brian’s neck and pressed her sweet body against his. He wanted to stay mad but the smell of her perfume and the feel of her luscious tits pressed up against him made him hard as hell. He buried his face in her neck and grabbed her ass.
“Baby, you can’t just spring this kind of shit on me.” He turned and glared at Phil. “And dude, you knew better. I should kick your ass for taking advantage of my girl.”
Phil threw his head back and laughed. “Don’t give me that bullshit, man. You forget, I used to watch porn with you. I know exactly what your fantasies are. Maybe we need to make one come true today.”
Brian swallowed hard, unsure of where this was going. Emily leaned back in his arms, with a questioning look on her face. He looked away, his face burning.
“Emily, I’m sure you won’t mind helping, will you?” Phil’s voice cut through the fog in Brian’s head. “Brian used to want to be a sissy boy and cock sucker, at least once. Isn’t that right?”
Brian clenched his jaw, unable to answer. He wanted to deny it and beat Phil’s ass for even bringing it up. Another part of him was turned on by the old fantasy, and with Phil’s gigantic cock twitching in front of him right now, it was impossible to say no. He decided not to say anything.
“Baby? Is that true?” Emily’s voice was soft and sweet. “You know I want to help make your fantasies come true. Please let me help.”
He could have ignored anything but the sultry tone in her voice. She sounds like sex and sin, and he would do anything for her. She knew it, too. Wordlessly, he nodded, still unable to look at Phil.
Brian almost jumped when he felt Phil press his body against him. Phil stood behind him, gently grinding his cock against Brian’s ass as Emily began to unbutton his shirt. He was surrounded by sensations. He could smell Phil’s cologne and Emily’s perfume. Their touch was warm and comforting. He still felt unsure but the overwhelming desire to be a part of what he’d walked in on earlier won out over his doubts.
“I remember your favorite sex flick, Bri.” Phil’s mouth almost touched his ear he was so close. His warm breath sent chills through Brian’s body. “It was the one where the guy sucked cock and then jacked off while he watched his girl get fucked. That turns you on, doesn’t it? But remember the best part? After his girl gets fucked good, he ate the cum out of her sweet little pussy, didn’t he?”
Brian nodded, unable to speak, as Emily undressed him. Phil chuckled in his ear as he reached around and gripped Brian’s cock. Brian realized, with a shock, that Emily had completely undressed him and he never noticed. Phil kept a strong hold on his dick and used it as a leash to lead Brian over to the bed. He followed without a word.
Phil pushed Brian down onto the bed so that his cock was in Brian’s face. “Open up, and be the cock sucker you’ve always wanted to be.”
Brian could feel his own dick swell and harden against his stomach as he opened his mouth. Phil gently guided his cock onto Brian’s tongue with one hand as he wrapped his other hand in Brian’s hair. Brian swirled his tongue around the tip and down the shaft. He took Phil down his throat as Phil gently pumped in and out of his mouth.
“Fuck, Brian, that feels so good. Emily can’t stop touching herself while she watches you suck my cock.” Brian growled with pleasure, his mouth still full of Phil’s meat. “Let me go take care of her, my sissy boy, and then you’ll get a taste of me, too.”
Brian felt oddly empty and dejected when Phil pulled out of his mouth. But he turned around on the bed and watched Phil mount Emily from behind, doggy style. He liked how Phil smacked her ass and pulled her hair. He began to jack off as he watched Phil thrust in and out of her, over and over again. She squealed and screamed with pleasure. Phil’s cock was huge and stretched her wide. Just as Brian thought he’d been completely forgotten, Phil groaned and arched his back, cumming inside Emily’s sweet pussy.
Phil pulled out, a string of cum connecting his cock to Emily’s cunt. He smirked at Brian.
“Okay now. Be a good sissy boy and come get your taste.” Brian’s mouth watered. “Clean it all up like a good little cum eating bitch boy, and maybe we’ll let you blow your load.”
Without a word, Brian knelt behind Emily and buried his face in her cum-soaked folds. The taste was briny and salty. Phil’s jizz covered Brian’s face as he tasted both their juices. He sucked and licked every drop out of her cunt and pulled back just as Phil thrust his cock in Brian’s face.
“Every drop.”
Brian obediently opened his mouth and used his tongue to clean Phil’s shaft. Phil pulled back and thrust his groin forward. Without a word, Brian gently sucked Phil’s balls and cleaned them as well.
“Good boy, Brian. Now you can have your own reward.”
Emily giggled as she knelt between Brian’s legs. He decided he was glad he’d come home early and that Phil had dropped by. He might have to pull out some of his porn later and see what else they could do together…

       Sex With Dead Bodies Is A Real Turn On

The best thing about having sex with dead bodies is how fucking stiff that fuckrod gets once rigor mortis sets in. It’s just so much hotter to have a cold dead fuck under me while my boyfriend fucks me from behind. We had the best fucking time killing the bastard though and being I had him all turned on as I was riding that cock and he was really enjoying this sadistics cunt.. But I just get the most pleasure out of feeling their bodies go cold beneath me and the blood shed, damn that really gets me fucking hot. It’s just such a rush to be fucking some twat while his soul is leaving his useless body as he grows cold… and limp.. but fear not that cock will be good for the best fucking in a few hours. The best part though… as he gets a jolt from the slashing of his throat that fuckrod thrusted such a massive load inside my cunt. I really can’t help my love of killing and fucking the dead.

       Family parties can be so boring but not when my Sexy Uncle Greg shows up!

Family parties can be so boring but not when my Sexy Uncle Greg shows up!
Uncle Greg and my whole family are super close so I knew he would be at my Dad’s party. My dad had a birthday last week so we threw him a little party on Saturday. Mom did most of it and I showed up with some drinks. It was a huge party and Mom invited Dad’s friends and people he knew from work as well as a couple of neighbors they’re close with. My Uncle Greg was there and he’s always been a huge flirt to me ever since I started getting tits. It’s never gone further than some flirty comments and light touching plus he never does it when anyone else is around. It’s our little secret and I like the teasing games we play but we took things further at Dad’s birthday party.
We had dinner and Uncle Greg sat beside me, his hand slipping under the table then under my dress. I ignored him but my pussy began throbbing. I felt like such a bad girl and my parents were right there! After dinner Mom wanted a small break before we had the birthday cake and since I hadn’t done much to help with the party Mom made me clear the table and get things ready for while everyone else went to the living room to relax. I was putting the dishes in the sink when Uncle Greg came into the room and put his arms around me. He held me close and rubbed his crotch on me slowly. “Can I give you hand?” he asked as I leaned into him and his hand went lower. “No but you can give me something else.” I told him and rubbed my ass on him as he started to get hard. I didn’t want Mom or Dad walking in on us so I turned off the taps and kept one eye on the door as I shoved up my skirt.
Uncle Greg tugged my panties down to my knees and put his hand on my back, bending me over the sink. I heard him undo his trousers and his dick pressed into me as he shoved a hand between my legs. He fingered me quickly, making me wetter then I felt his dick brushing over my lips. He pushed in slowly and I could hear laughter coming from the living room. It reminded me of how many people were in there and it would be so easy to get caught from someone wanting to get a drink. It felt so exciting and
Uncle Greg began fucking me, the edge of the sink slamming into my stomach. He kept his hand on my back, fucking me hard and forcing me to move with him. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” he panted under his breath as I bit my lip to try and keep quiet. My pussy was shooting tingles through me and I rocked on his dick, impaling myself on it as my arm hit a plate. It rattled but didn’t fall as I bit back a cry as I came. Greg kept fucking my tight wet pussy, rubbing past my walls until he groaned and started to cum.
Uncle Greg put his dick back in his trousers and said “I’ll try and keep everyone busy while you clean yourself up.” Great, not only did I have cum dripping down me but I still needed to clean the kitchen. Typical man, can’t be bothered to help me out but can find the time to fuck me. Oh well, I was one of the hosts for the party and I loved the unexpected present I got from my Uncle.

       Sneaking off with Daddy during a family gathering

Sneaking off with Daddy during a family gathering to a quiet corner where no one can find us and letting him pull my panties off from underneath my short skirt to prop me against the wall and fuck me as hard as he can. Being an underage little girl always gets my pussy so wet and I also really enjoy being a naughty sister and taking my brother beneath the bleachers at a football game to explore that which is so forbidden. It is so hard to be quiet and not moan out loud like a dirty fantasy whore when I am getting one of my family members cocks inside all of my holes. Sometimes I even love it when they force fuck me and rape me. Tie me up and let all of your friends come over to use and abuse me!

       Blasphemy Phone Sex

Are you fed up with those goodie, goodie Christians and their stick up the ass religion? I know I sure as fuck am. Well, I’ve got just the thing for you baby. Let’s have some no limits blasphemy phone sex together. Your cock is already twitching in your pants at the thought of it, isn’t it? Give in and let me show you just what a nasty and twisted little freak I can be. There are so many better ways to use a bible that don’t include preaching from it or seeking enlightenment. Please, that bible is such a fucking joke. Life is way to short to constantly deny yourself of all the fun things in life, like no strings sex with a hot blonde stranger, or getting head in a back pew while the priest drones on and on mindlessly.
he bible does make some pretty good toilet paper to wipe your ass with though. Then, of course, there’s always the hot fun of fucking on it and covering it with pussy juices and cum. Blasphemy phone sex always gets my hot tight wet pussy dripping with anticipation. Look at that big stone altar up there. It’s the perfect place to put on a really good show for the entire congregation. Slide your crucifix up my tight ass while you plunge that cock deep inside of me right underneath the crucifix while that piece of shit Jesus looks down on us and wishes he was getting laid. Let’s really give all of those hypocrites something to talk about. They might act horrified but secretly you know they’re fingering their cunts and jerking their dicks wishing they had the balls to do even half of the shit that we are. Let’s see how far I can push your limits and just how dark, twisted, and demented we can get together.