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Got a question? Ask me anything!!
Send me a message, I'm an open book.

What are all the piercings you've ever had?
I love piercings and have had quite a few in my life. Both nipples, tongue, lips, septum, right nostril, both eyebrows and both of my ears have 4-6 piercings

What is your shoe size?

What is your bra size?

       Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything!

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
Grey goose and cranberry, or a glass of white wine

How old was your oldest sexual partner?
44, I was 19.

Do you have any injuries from sex?
I fell in the shower while trying to receive a load of cum

       Tongue Questions

Yes! Those pictures are of me and it is really my tongue you see. Here are some of the most common questions I get

When did you get your tongue split?
Last May, so I've had it for about a year and a half.

Was it painful?
YES! Healing was the worst. It was so swollen I could barely keep my mouth closed, and the stitches meant I couldn't eat anything. The moment I had the stitches removed, I immediately got the chicken nuggets i'd been craving.

Would you get it redone?
Yes. I would like to have it re-split within the next 5 years or so. Hopefully it will give my little tongue's split more definition and range of motion.

Will you regret it?
I don't think so. I have a deep love for body modification and have been wanting this for a long while. I'm very, very happy I got it done.

       More Questions!!

Got a question? Ask me anything!!
Send me a message, I'm an open book.

Have you been in any polyamorous relationships?
Yes! I was the third to a couple for about 6 months. I loved it, we had lots of fun together. I'm bisexual and I love playing with both!

When did you get your tongue split?
Last May, so I've had it for about a year and a half.

       More Questions!!

Got a question? Ask me anything!!
Send me a message, I'm an open book.

- What is your most feared punishment?
I hate electro-play. Its not a hard limit, but certainly a punishment. If there's one way to get me to cave quickly, its shocking me.

- What is your most enjoyed punishment?
Blood play. Particularly my blood, either cut or from piercings.


Got a question? Ask Me Anything!!

- Have you made a sex tape with a partner?
lol... LOTS! Tends to be a favorite when I'm drinking.

- Have you had sex on live stream (cam)?
Yes, once before. I was 18 and my friend were teasing on cam, she got her big black strap on. First she throat fucked me and really put my gag reflex to the test, before she bent me over and fucked me.


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-Have you and your partner ever used a dominatrix?
Never with a partner. I've been with dominant women before. Never in a professional setting (yet!!)

-Do you like to be spanked during sex?
OMG YES!! It's one of my favorites! I love a good spanking

-Do you like to be flogged during sex?
Yes yes yes yes yes!!
Flog that naughty ass of mine!!


Got a question? Ask Me Anything!!

- Do you like to be choked during sex?
I love it!! I know its dangerous but it makes me cum so hard

- Do you like experience sensory deprivation?
mm yes! I have learned not when I'm drinking. I once got very dizzy after having my head in a box!

- Have you ever cut your partner during sex and drank their blood?
Mmmmm yes and I've had my blood drank before. I love blood play, it's probably one of my deepest fetishes.


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- Would you let someone of the same sex perform oral sex on you?
Yes!!! I love women, especially their tongues and fingers :D

- Have you ever had or performed a golden shower?
No, but I had an ex who liked to watch me pee

- Have you ever had sex while having your period or while your partner was having their period?
lol hasn't every girl at some point? that's what a shower is for!!!

Have you ever role played during sex?
All the time. My favorite is incest roleplay but i'm open to trying everything

Have you ever let a pet or other animal lick your genitals?
lol call me and find out!! ;)


Got a question? Ask Me Anything!!

Have you ever had a true one night stand?
Yes, a couple lol. I get frisky when I've been out partying at the club!!

Have you had sex on the first date?
Yes... I'm a little too easy :P I like to know if I click with someone sexually

Has a partner performed oral sex on you?
Yes! of course. I absolutely love to have my clit sucked and tapped... its a quick way to get me to cum!

Have you performed oral sex on a partner?
Yes, all the time! My split tongue makes it even more fun to suck a cock and I've heard nothing but good things from the guys.

       More Questions!!

Got a Question? Ask Me Anything!!!

- Has a partner ever watched you have sex with someone else?
Yes, I once had a threesome with a girlfriend, who got too drunk to participate. So I still had sex with the guy, but she watched until she passed out. We kept going.

- What is your ideal threesome scenario?
MMF... with a surprise that one guy's brought all of his friends too.

- Have you ever been part of a Chinese Finger Trap? (one guy having sex with her from behind while she blows another guy)
No, but I would love to!! I hope I can do this at least once in my life!!

- Have you ever watched another couple have sex?
Yes. I've attended a few dungeon parties. Things get pretty kinky lol

- Have you ever had sex in public?
Yes!!! my favorite!! I love sex in public! I lost my virginity in public :D

       More Questions!

Got a question? Ask Me ANYTHING!!

- Have you ever had interracial sexual experiences?
I briefly dated a native guy. I'd love to expand my horizons, though!!

Have you ever rimmed a sexual partner? (eating out your partners ass)
Not yet... *blush*

Has a sexual partner ever rimmed you?
Yes, I love it

Have you ever had cyber sex?
All the time!!! Almost as good as phone sex

Have you watched a partner have sex with someone else?
No, because I get too excited and want to jump in too!! I love being watched, though.


- How often do you prefer to have sex?
Every day if I can. I love being fucked.

- What is your sexual orientation?

- How often do you masturbate?
Daily, always every night at bedtime.

- Have you ever had sex with more than one person within 24 hours?
Yes. I slept with an ex boyfriend on the way to a party, where I later slept with a friend.
Plus a lot of threesomes!

- Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex?
Yes! Women are absolutely amazing!!

Got a question? Ask me anything!!


Happy I could help, Daddy. You shouldn’t be looking at those naughty websites and chatrooms. You could get in trouble. Instead of looking at them, fuck me instead. Mommy won’t have to know. I feel better than her. I know you like me more. I want to be your favorite girl.

I’ll keep you safe, Daddy.


I've been away so now I'm all riled up. I need an outlet. I feel pent up. I need a release. Please, I don't think I can wait any longer. I don't know how long I will last. I need it.


“She’s too hysterical,” I heard the doctor say between my screams. “Nurse…”

Gloved hands held my arm before a sharp pinch. Writhing on the bed, a number of hands held me down. A burning sensation spread through my muscle. She removed the needle and pressed a cotton pad to my arm for a moment. Everything began to fade.

Darkness overtook me. My lids lazy and heavy, I could feel what they were doing to me but unable to watch or fight any longer. Fading in and out, I felt my knees lift and press toward my chest. Feet in stirrups. Something cold and hard pressed against my lips, spreading them as it found a home deep within. With steady clicks, I felt it expand and spread me open. All I could do was groan. Even though I tried to fight, my body felt limp.

“There. Now we can begin.”


My fingers clenched his hair as my hips eagerly lifted to his lips. Eyes rolled back and lids fluttered. The backyard filled with the harmony of my moans. As his tongue traced over my lips and flicked my sensitive little bud, I gasped and shrieked with delight. The sound of the back door doesn’t interrupt but grabbed my attention. I looked over at you with a smile, “Hey baby. Your brother stopped by for a visit.”

x DDlg x Ageplay x Extreme x BDSM x Cuckold x Gangbang x Accomplice x Forced x No Limits x


Dressed in absolutely nothing, I wait obediently for Daddy to get home from work. I can be a good girl if I want to be. I hear a car pull into the driveway and the engine stops. The anticipation makes the air feel heavy. Gravel crunches under foot until you reach the porch. I can hear footsteps on the wooden porch. A key in the lock and the handle turns. I smile and look up at you. Daddy’s home.

x DDlg x Ageplay x Extreme x BDSM x Cuckold x Gangbang x Accomplice x Forced x No Limits x