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Scarlette Sinya Performer Blog

       Play Time with Mommy

I wanted to tell you what happened when my girls came home from school yesterday and how naughty we all were. We did some very bad things.

       Extreme Ageplay Fantasy, Training Sluts

Did I mention that I am a mommy? Yes, and I love my girls. My girls vary in age and I wanted to answer the question because it keeps getting asked. Are my girls trained and could they use more training? The answer is yes and yes. We are always on the lookout for a passing P daddy to bring in on the fun. I have mini's that always can use more cock in their sweet tight pussies. I am a firm believer in strict rules when it comes to listening to mommy. I will do whatever is necessary to enforce my rules. And, should my girls not listen, well.... let's just say, my creativity and BDSM toy box come out to play

I was teaching the girls the other day how to suck on a cock and take it all the way in to the back of the throat. I was showing them on a co-worker I had come over that volunteered to be my model. Secretly he had actually paid me a little money to fuck the girls and this was my excuse, but they do not need to know that. They do what they are told or else. That's how I run my ship, tight and taught. .