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       David's First Time Eating Ass

David had never eaten ass before, but it was something he'd been thinking about for quite some time. His wife, Jenna, however, wanted nothing to do with it.

Which is why he came to me.

I walked into my bedroom that night wearing a tight, black lace nightie and a pair of black stilettos with an 8" heel. David's naked body immediately displayed an erection, which went to just under his belly button.

Not bad for a submissive, I thought while slowly walking over to him.

"Oh my God," he whispered. "You're beautiful!"

I simply smiled as I got on top of him, brushing my breasts along his legs as his pre-cum seeped through the lingerie.

"Are you ready?" I purred to him, to which he eagerly nodded.

He let out a gasp as I turned around and presented my naked, round ass on through a massive hole in my lingerie. There was no backing out now.

"Open wide!" I said while lowering my ass onto his eager tongue.

       Cock-Sucking Faggott!

You are such a fucking whore, aren't you? You're no man! Would a REAL man crave cock in his holes??? Would a REAL man fantasize about wearing lingerie while being ravaged in a gang bang??? No! You are a cock-sucking faggott and THIS Mistress will make SURE that you NEVER forget it! You belong on all fours in front of me, asking how many cocks you'll get to service today. And remember that I couldn't care less about YOUR orgasm! This is about YOU embracing that you are nothing more than a set of holes for men to use!!!