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Brandys Babysitting Center Performer Blog


At the playground with the little's, Who wants me to snatch one up ? i will help you so you can use and abuse the little fuckers, and if we need to snuff one of them so be it. Brandy is still looking for A BUS DRIVER for our FIELD TRIP must be able to molest and abuse! PERV COCKS ONLY!


Diapers, Diapers, Diapers, who wants to help me change these littles? All shape and sizes. Brandy is also looking for a PERV Daddy to dress up as a VILE CLOWN for our activity after our field trip.

We also need a Perverted, vile BUS DRIVER no experience required, just a hard fat daddyCock!


Field Trip tomorrow BUS DRIVER NEEDED Looking for vile, perverted daddy cocks. Cum sign up if you want to assist. Molesting, and abusing the little's is welcome. Therefore, previous experience is a plus! but not necessary. You will be in charge of those left on the bus.

Call Brandy shes waiting. PERV COCKS Only!

       Diapers and Changing Tables

Pedo Cocks needed to assist with Diaper changes, you are welcome to touch and feel, let your hands feel every inch of that tiny body. We would need you to rub your Hard, Fat Daddy pedo cock, on their little fuck holes. You are welcome to penetrate deep, at the right corner of the diaper changing table is a basket with straps.

If the little you are abusing and molesting puts up a fuzz, tie the little bastard up, and rape away. Perv Cocks Only!

       Brandy's Baby Sitting Center

My name is Brandy daddy's babysitter. I am also a mommy, I absolutely enjoy babysitting, as it keeps me around young ones and their parents. Most parents call me to help train their young ones, in many different areas, they are all ages and sizes.

My boys and girls are fully trained as well, they enjoy babysitting with me at times. Especially when i have a group to attend, boy they keep me wet, upps! on my toes.

We are always looking for extra cocks upps! hands to help with the little's. Call or message if you desire to assist. Brandy or one of her little's may answer.

       Babysittin Center

Hello Darlings, come visit our center, we are always busy and in need of extra perv hands. Our littles are always hungry, and we have to keep them busy.

We are always looking for PERV COCKS to assist, especially at Feeding and Diaper changing time. Be aware! you might get an accidental Golden Shower, is ok to taste! You might have to wipe dirty, creamy poop off their little bums..

If you are in need of volunteering, come join us, you will surely be pleased. Message Brandy, call her, don't be surprised one of our mature littles may answer.

       Assistance Needed PERV cocks only

Good morning Darlings, Brandy's Babysitting Center, is looking for assistance. My little's strolled in their pajamas this morning, some have pajama pants and little shirts, some have pajamas the lift as they vend over, and show their little cotton panties....

I am a little short handed, call if you want to volunteer, Golden showers are usually inevitable, you might get some on your face. We are waiting cum play...


Hi Darlings, Brandy's Babysitting Center is having a foam party. We are looking for vile, perverted, daddy's and mommy's to assist us with the little's. Don't forget to bring extra clothes as we will need to change them.

Don't wait to late, call me to book your sinful session with me......

       Sweet Activity Day

Hello darlings, we had such a sweet day today. I want to thank all the perv taboo daddy's and mommy's that enjoyed all the cream pies, bald cunts and sweet juices. Stay tune for our next Sinful activities, perverted, vile cocks are always welcome.

I am your Dirty Filthy, babysitter i have a selection of fresh bald cunts and pee pees for your use and needs. Call me, let's discuss the details of your sinful thoughts, and act them out.

Welcome to Brandy's Babysitting Center, where all your fantasies are fulfilled.

       Brandy's Baby Sitting Service

Contact Brandy's Baby Sitting Service, we have lots of family fun! All kinds of different activities you will surely enjoy Darlings. Bring your ideas they are always welcomed.

We have plenty of sweet treats and always fresh! if you are hungry, give me a call. I will have your dish ready......Wink
Lets play Darlings