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Daddys Princess UNINHIBITED Brat Performer Blog

       My Period Daddy

Daddy, Daddy I am a big girl now, mommy said. I got my period daddy my little panties got so bloody in school. Mommy had to pick me up, so yeah daddy you said I will get a baby now. Yey want to give you a baby just like you said.

Mommy said now we really can have our little incest family, daddy i promise to teach her well. I love you daddy cum for me tonight.

       My little, Pretty Mouth

Daddy hi, i love how you keep me from school to cuddle with me. You always poke my little bum daddy. When you whisper in my ear hi my little cum slut. Oh my little cunny gets wet daddy.

When you finger my little ass hole, all the way up to my little slit, and give me a taste. Oh daddy i am hungry, feed me your sweet, warm cum.

Love your Little Fuck Doll