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       Gangbang with Daddy

Poker night, my favorite night! Daddy and all of his friends, drinking, smoking pot, getting wild and horny ..... for me!

When the game is over, daddy comes into my room and wakes me up. I go to the living room and daddy takes my jammies off. That's when the fun begins! His friends touch and rub my young body. They push their cocks into all my holes, they cover me with cum and I love every moment!

After they are done, daddy gives me special 1 on 1 time with him .... that part is my absolute favorite!

       Daddy's slut

Oh, I love being a slut for Daddy! When I need a new car, a loaded credit card or even just a new outfit, all I have to do is spread my legs and let Daddy pound my young, hot cunt!

       Face sitting on my brother

When I was younger, I used to tease my brother by sitting on his face. I would grind my ass on his face and laugh at him. Well as he got older, it started turning him on. One day out of nowhere, he pulled my panties to the side and started licking my juicy little pussy and ass.

I went crazy and started riding his face until I came! From that point on, and yes, even now my brother has been eating my pussy and sending me into an orgasm frenzy!

       Babysitting fun

Recently, I started babysitting this little brat! She is loud, rude and does nothing that I ask her to.

I was just about to quit when she came out from her room naked and asked if I would lick her pussy like her brother does. OMG, you can only imagine how shocked I was at first, but the thought of incest totally turned me on at the same time!

Her brother is a teenager and has only been here once while I was here so I really didn't know him, but the thought that he licked his little sister's pussy was making mine totally wet!

She laid back on the couch and spread her legs. Without hesitation, I went down on her, and I couldn't believe it!

She tasted so good! I couldn't help myself, I licked her young pussy lips, stuck my tongue in her tight, little pussy hole, sucked her little clit, tongued her little asshole and even fingered her. She's young but she was enjoying it like a woman, and totally surprised me when she actually had an orgasm!

We played a bit longer, I taught her how to do the same to me. She's going to talk to her brother so we can all play together next time!

       Slutty Girl Phone Sex

Outgoing, straight A’s, cheerleader class President, social butterfly … that’s me!

Sure, all seems innocent, but there’s more to me! I was extremely young when I realized that it felt so good to have my little pussy touched and palyed with. I would seduce my dad, my brother and even my uncles just so they would play with it. Well, it didn’t stop there, especially after I experienced cock! Having my pussy fucked and filled with gooey cum was my now favorite past time. Dad, brother, teachers, uncles, coaches and of course almost every boy in school had their cocks in my pussy at one time or another! Slut was my middle name!

Anyway, it seems that I haven’t had your cock yet …. you know I want it, and you know you want to give it to me!

Call me!

       You're the best babysitter ever!

My mommy and daddy need a babysitter for me this weekend. I told them that I want to stay with you! We have so much fun together! I like the games we play like hide your big cock in my little pussy and tickle my butt with your cock. *giggles* I really like that I really like that I don’t have to wear any clothes when I’m at your house! So please say yes and I’ll tell mommy and daddy to bring me over! *yayyyyy*