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Twisted Tangie XXX MILF Performer Blog

       Mommy's toys

Mommy just bought some new sex toys and she wants to try them out on you. Big dildos, butt plugs, a strapon or two, everything my sweet sissy boy likes. Now run along and put on your pink dress and panties and meet mommy in her bedroom!

       Today is her birthday

Today is her birthday. I want it to be special. Mommy is going to get into her bed and teach her some things. I want her to know the sensational feeling of my warm tongue licking her clit, and the feeling of mommy's big strapon filling her barely legal pussy. Mommy is going to give her the gift of her very first orgasm.

       Dirty Twisted and Taboo

Some awesome things we can do together are:

Extreme accomplice play:
Oh how innocent and trusting they can be .... by the time we're done with all the demented things we will do to them, they will never be the same!

Extreme age play:
Oh come now! Maybe a little younger! Fresh, brand new and un-touched. Tiny, tight and innocent. Oh how sweet they are!

       Mommy's strapon

You love strapon play with Mommy! You get to be Mommy's little toy for a while.
You love when Mommy bends you over, reaches around and plays with your little cock and balls while sliding that strapon deep inside you.
Sometimes Mommy wears the strapon to bed and you get to snuggle and feel it up against you all night long.

       Toys - real and battery operated

My toys range from my dildos and vibes to real live ones playing in the park.
I played with my battery operated ones this morning so now I want a real toy!
MMMM a tiny, young pussy to lick or a little cock to rub against my pussy.
I would love for you to come play too!

       Play with Mommy today

Good morning! Would you like to come in? I see you standing outside my bedroom every morning and I know you are watching me.

Is it Mommy’s big titties? Oh! I think it is! I see that your cock is getting quite hard! Would you like to play with my titties? Go ahead, Mommy likes that. Yes sweetie, squeeze them, massage them and suck on Mommy’s big nipples too! When you do that, you make Mommy’s pussy very wet. Give me your hand and I’ll show you.

Oh that feels so good. Maybe you should skip school today and stay home with Mommy!

       Babysitter Tangie

Hi sweetie, I’m Ms. Tangie and I’m your babysitter tonight. We are going to have so much fun! I’m even inviting a friend of mine over to play too. I think you will like him! Now be good and take off those dirty clothes and go wait on the bed, I have some fun games for us to play! I’m going to get undressed too and lay back on the pillows. Why don’t you get to know me a little better while we wait for my friend. That’s it, you can touch me, don’t be shy actually it makes Ms. Tangie feel really good when you touch my big titties and my pussy. In fact, if you put your little fingers deep inside, you will see how wet it is! MMMMM oh yes I really like that! Oh! I hear my friend! Here sweetie, lie back next to me, he wants to play with both of us…..

       Twisted and Perverted Fantasies

Ever have those days when you need to cum and you know that only the sickest, most twisted and demented things are going to help with that?
That was me a little bit ago. I had my vibe on high and imagining my son when he was little. I was remembering back from when we used to shower together and he would like to clean Mommy's pussy. He would say"Clean kitty, Mommy?" I would tell him "Yes, Clean Kitty really good for Mommy."
He would take the soap and wash cloth and wash it so good! Then I would tell him to take his little fingers and wash inside too!
He would keep "washing" until I had a huge orgasm. That was how he knew that"kitty" was all clean!
OMG! I came soooo hard reminiscing about that!