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Angelicious ~ Superfreak Get Wicked! Performer Blog

       Spicy Or Sweet ~ A Natural Switch

I love that I have the best of both worlds.

Being a very natural switch, I can slide from domination and power plays, to submission and sweetness, although it doesn’t happen instantly, needless to say.

Most of my phonesex fetish calls over the years either want one or the other, although some simply want a good old fashioned fuck and nothing more, nothing less. If I know beforehand what’s desired and wanted, I can get myself in the appropriate mood fairly quickly. I find that a man who wants a real femdom experience, who truly needs that iron hand, will always make sure I know how he feels, and his manner of addressing me usually tells the tale on its own, ie, calling me as Mistress or Goddess before even asked to do so. On the other hand, a strong master looking to dominate me will usually send a message letting me know who’s boss before we ever have that first chat. Which in all honesty, I truly do appreciate, because unless their name gives it away, I really can’t be a mind reader and I like to go into a session knowing what’s what. Better for both of us, after all, he’s paying for this, and I don’t want to waste his money and my time asking him on call, just what exactly what sort of fetish or BDSM experience he’s looking for.

Now sometimes, they don’t really want to let you know, at least not right off. Or perhaps they don’t really know themselves. Some callers are still unsure as to their own place in all this, and some too may be switches as well!

But for me personally, I truly enjoy the fact that I have the chance to sometimes be top, and other times to be bottom. Being a natural born switch, to me, entails genuinely wanting all or nothing, and I find there’s rarely a time that I’m on the fence with this.

Bring on the good times, I’m always eager to play, whether my hand is harsh or honeyed.