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Countess Esmirellda St. Claire Performer Blog

       Sexiness is in the mind~

As a Pro Dom I've always said sex isn't about showing a naked body, it's about mind control. You don't have to show everything to be sexy, In my opinion a tease like sexy lingerie, high heels and corsets leaves something to the imagination. Why show everything as women, we all have the same packages in different shapes and sizes. But I think the climax is golden when you can imagine a gorgeous women in a corset with high heels and stockings parading around you, now to me that's the sexiest thing. Lips, eyes, mouth all those body parts are sexy too! Maybe it's just me, but I think a women that can tease a man with clothes on well she definitely has a natural born talent more than any women that shows everything. Just my perspective as a Professional Dominatrix for many years. Mind Control!

       Financial Domination

I see a subject as nothing but meat. He is there only to serve me. I will take everything and anything from you because it is mine. You are meek and you are only here to serve the best, and I am the best so get on your pathetic knees, and get the checkbook out, it is mines! lol

       Calling all slaves

I am a real time Dominatrix for a lifetime. I have been worldwide, featured in magazines and prints. I am looking for a slut who will give me his money, I am a financial dominatrix as well as everything and anything else. So i can blackmale you and you provide me with the funds. haha, can you handle it my obsessed little men.
Countess Esmirellda

       You Will serve me.

I am a Professional, been in the business for a lifetime. I expect dedication and loyalty from my slaves. I own you in every aspect, shape or form. You NEVER will turn the tables on me. I tell you what to do at all times. Nobody every manipulates with me I don't expect that and I don't tolerate it, I don't like games. I love all aspects of B/D/S/M. Call me I am not some dumb young bimbo with no knowledge, you can get that anywhere. I have been a sex therapist, hypnothehrapist, and Domina for many years also so I love to get into your mind. So if you want to talk to an educated woman, I am it! With Love Always.
Countess Esmirellda!


I published a piece in “The Art of Fisting.” It is a delicate procedure but a delight for the subject. I have been a Dom for a lifetime. So all you fistees, text me and we can discuss if you will be my next victim in the glory hole.