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Sexy Sarah R Performer Blog

       My secret!

I have a secret! When you and I are in a room together, I get hot. I can’t keep my mind from wondering about how good you and I could be together.

I think about how I want to feel your sexy lips on my soft lips. I wonder what it would feel like to have you kiss every inch of my body. To feel your strong hands tug my hair as you pull my head back to expose my neck and chest up for your enjoyment. To know what it would be like to have you explore every inch of my body with your hands. I get so wet thinking about it.
I think about you taking me on the table that separates us while we are sitting here in this room.

I imagine you taking control of me. Using me. Enjoying me. As you enjoy yourself while we passionately gave into our most deviant desires. I imagine myself sitting on the edge of the table while you spread my legs, and kiss my face, and play with my hair. As I rub my hands through up and down your back, underneath your shirt, on your sexy strong back. I imagine myself pleasing you with so much enthusiasm, that you can’t contain yourself for too long, which will lead you to explode with pleasure for me!

Just sitting here thinking about all of the ways that I can get you off, and fulfill all of your dirty and naughty desires gets me so worked up, and it makes me desire you even harder.
I wonder, what it would be like to be your girl, the girl that makes every single one of your dreams come true!

And I more than anything I wonder, “Do you think about me too?”

Your Purfectly Naughty Smitten Kitten
Sexy Sarah

       Sex by the Pool!

Being a deviant phone sex kitten with a exhibitionist streak is fun!! I convinced my friend to put on a show for a few guys in the apartment complex.

Victoria and I were at the pool, I see her laying in her lounger. She looked hot, in her bright red thong and tight little bra that didn't leave much to the imagination. I said "I have an idea. Let's have some exhibitionist phone sex!" She gave me a deviant smile.

We decided to make it more fun by calling our favorite Phone Sex Operator from We got our deviant phone sex goddess on the line. and she started telling us how she would start to make out with us. "I'd take my hand, gently place it on your breast, while your lips started to touch." As we heard her speaking to us, I wrapped my legs around my friend, and began to taste her lips. My hands danced underneath her bathing suit top, grabbing and squeezing every inch of her.

I began to moan as our deviant phone sex adventure started to get even hotter. We froze when we heard some clapping behind us. We looked up and there was a group of hot as fuck guys enjoying the show, some were even taping it on their phones! The exhibitionist in me, got exciting and now I became determined to put on an even sexier show!

I told our sexy phone lady that we had company and she got even more excited! She instructed us to get a little dirtier “there is nothing wrong with having them join in, she told us!” She then, told the guys to tell us what they wanted us to do.

The guys wanted to see almost every naughty thing you can imagine, and being the sexy exhibitionists we are, we were more than happy to comply!

If you want to know what else we did, give me a call and let's have some fun!


       My Favorite type of Calls!

For all of you who are wondering whether or not to call me! Wondering if I'm naughty enough to play with you, I can assure you that I am!! Just check out me reviews!! Below is a quick list of my favorite type of calls!

1. I love age-play role-plays!! I love being your cute little girl who you will enjoy teaching all of the ways of love. The naughtier, the dirtier, the more extreme the better!! These are my favorite type of calls! So please, Mister let's play my favorite game, so I can get my grand prize. That sweet juice you fed me last time, and let me suck like a baby bottle from your magic stick!!

2. I love being a naughty and nasty accomplice. Who is it that your cock has been craving lately? Let me help you take her somewhere nice and quiet so we can have our way with her...or him! Maybe to my bed, maybe to the woods, or maybe in your car parked right outside of the church!!

3. It gets me off, when you tell me what to do!! Being told what I can do, what I'm not allowed to do, and just being your bitch!! So come on sir. don't tease me and make me beg for it!! Tell me what to do next!!

4. Is your wife home? Stupid question, because I don't give a shit if she is or isn't!! I'll fuck you on her bed, and make you cum harder than she ever has and ever will, when she is in the next room!! Why? Because I'm your dirty little mistress who is ready to please you and tease you anytime day or night!! And then turns me on to know, that she isn't as good as me!

The truth is, I love all types of calls! I welcome any fetish and love to meet people, and to learn all about them. I love to make friends and enjoy the company of others!! So it doesn't matter what type of call you enjoy, if you call me I'll make sure you enjoy me too!!

So Call me!!
XOX- Sarah

       A Succubus Visited

A succubus visited me last night and now- I’m hooked! I woke up on sweaty and wet sheets, as I dreamt of being with a hot girl!!  It wasn’t just any hot girl!! It was a hot bitch who was up for anything, in my anything goes phone sex dream with a succubus!!
I remember it all so vividly, I was trying on my new bra looking at my tight little body in the mirror and then she opened the door behind me, she walked right up to me, and I wasn’t startled one little bit, I let her wrap her arms around me, as I saw us in the mirror.  Enjoying each other. Her long blonde hair, cascaded over my shoulder as she rested her beautiful face as her reflection gazed into my eyes with those eyes that burned into me, and made me excited.
I felt sensations going up and down my body, that I hadn’t felt before with a woman, an insatiable lust only she could make me feel.  A need and deep desire for her.  To have her. To hold her. To be with her and I wanted to be with her- now! I felt her desire for me and I lusted as she did.  
I lusted with an intense hunger than nothing else, but she could satisfy. She turned me around and with a ravenousness craving that I hadn’t felt before, I began to passionately kiss her on her erotically enticing lips. We passionately made out as we enjoyed every inch of each other.  
She made me feel ecstasy like no other, I felt all things good and evil.  My senses heightened, I heard all things of Heaven and felt all things of Hell.  I reached Nirvana.  And I will take you there, just grab my hand and let me be your succubus!
Your Smitten Kitten