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Kelli Anne Jones Performer Blog

       First Time With My Older Brother

I was lying in my bed. I knew I was supposed to be sleeping, but I wasn’t tired. I kept having all of these thoughts that I knew were naughty. Before I knew it my little pointer and middle fingers were underneath my cover rubbing my pussy. I felt so naughty, yet I couldn’t help myself. I heard the door to my room open. I stopped and closed my eyes. If it was daddy I would get in trouble for not being asleep. I heard footsteps coming towards my bed.
“Are you still awake Kelli?”
It was my brothers voice. I pretended to be asleep. He lifted the covers and started rubbing my bare ass with his hand. He slid his hand down the curves of my ass and grabbed my pussy. He rolled me over and slid one finger into my tight virgin pussy. It felt so strange and good at the same time. He pulled down the top of my slip and started to fondle my breasts. My entire body tingled as his fingers brushed against my nipples. He started to gently pinch them and squeeze my breasts. Then I felt something brushing my lips.
It was my brothers cock. I opened my mouth slightly to let him in. I liked the taste of my brothers cock and the texture of his skin in my mouth. He took his hand and opened my mouth to slide his head completely inside. I grew excited as I felt it throbbing in my mouth. I wanted to tell him I was awake so he would slide the entire thing in. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I wanted to feel my brothers cock inside my pussy.
He got on top of me and started to rub his cock against my clit. My pussy felt a mild tickling sensation and I could feel it starting to get wet. I had never been this wet before. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my eyes and let out a deep quiet moan “Please fuck me big brother!” I told him. He lifted one of my legs up, grabbed his throbbing cock with his hand and began to thrust it into my pussy. It hurt at first but the more I got used to it, the better it felt. I loved having my big brothers cock inside me. He laid beside me still holding my leg up into the air and continuing to thrust his penis into me. Every thrust felt amazing.
I love the sound of him grunting and stifling loud groans so our parents wouldn’t hear. He rolled me over so that I was face down on the bed and fucked me that way too. Suddenly I felt something. I couldn’t tell what it was at the time, but it felt like an amazing build up of pressure. I couldn’t contain it any longer. I let out a loud moan as I came all over my big brothers cock. He pushed my head into a pillow as I yelled with pleasure so our parents wouldn’t be woken. At the same time I felt a sticky substance release into my pussy. My big brother had cum inside me. I loved it.

       Daddy Teaches Me How To Orgasm Like A Big Girl

Daddy has always been my number one man in my life. I always looked to him for help in everything. It was nice when he offered to help me learn my body a little better!
Daddy and I often had special days where we would hang out and do fun stuff. He took me shopping a lot, which I loved since he always picked out the most daring things for me to wear. It was always our little secret though. Mom would never approve some of the things he would buy…like the panties.
One afternoon daddy and I were hanging out and surfing the net. I saw a pop up for porn and instantly blushed. Not because I didn’t know what porn was but he was there with me. He asked me if I had ever watched porn before. I told him no, which was a blatant lie. Daddy clicked on the link to see what would come up.
It was a a video of a young teen girl having sex. She looked 18 or so like myself. My eye’s were glued to the screen, watching the girls face as she reached her orgasm. Daddy asked me if I had ever had one before. I coughed with sheer embarrassment and answered that I had tried a few times but it just felt funny to do it. He offered to show me like any good father would!
My father left the room and came back holding what looked to be a tiny vibrator. He handed it to me and told me to keep watching the video. He sat on the sofa and asked me to show him how I do it. I figured he helps me with everything, why not this?
Pulling off my pants I sat back down in the chair. I opened my legs and tried to get comfy, I watched the screen paying no mind to my father. I rubbed my pussy and I did feel that moisture dampen my panties. After a few minutes passed daddy stopped me. Without word he pulled my panties down and spread my lips apart.
He took the vibrator from the desk and turned it on low. My back arched in response. I could hear him say “That’s a good girl Kelli” as he turned up the speed. He shut off the vibrator just before I climaxed. My eye’s flew open and I started to as why he stopped. He looked up at me for a moment before he blew a stream of warm air over my clit.
God I wanted more! He pushed a single finger into my virgin pussy. Not enough to break me though. His finger rubbed a small spot inside of me that made me wild. Next thing I knew, he went from blowing on my clit to licking and sucking at it.
The orgasm built like a fire inside of me. Within minutes I felt the orgasm hit me. I cried out as I felt my father shove his tongue in me for a better taste. My young juices flowed into his mouth as I came back down. When he was done cleaning me up he told me what a good girl I was.

       Daddy & His Realistic Sex Doll

I found a sex doll is Daddy’s closet! I know, why would I be snooping in there, right? A few nights ago I was trying to sleep when I heard some moaning. Daddy and I live alone and I knew he didn’t bring anyone home. It was the kind of moaning a man makes when he is fucking. When the weekend came I took my chance and started snooping in his room. That’s when I found her. The doll was gorgeous, I know, she’s just a sex doll. She was very realistic, perfect round tits, smooth tight pussy. She was everything any men wanted, or any bi-curious teen like me needed. Then I had an idea.
I came back into Daddy’s room with a strap on pink dildo. A friend of mine had given it to me in the hopes that I would give it a try. I mean, she didn’t say she had to be wearing it. As the doll was laying on the floor I strapped the big dildo on her. Weirdly enough, she even felt real. Her skin was soft. Daddy’s doll and I were going to have a great time. As I straddled her and started pushing down on the plastic dick I couldn’t help myself but squeeze her big full tits. That alone almost made me have an orgasm. I started riding her hard and fast. It felt so good and every time I opened my eyes and looked into her I got even more turned on. No wonder Daddy was making all those noises. She was perfect!
Before I knew I had came a few times but I want it more.
I kept riding her and my pussy juices were now dripping down on her. It was pure ecstasy and then I felt something in my mouth. I was so into it, I started sucking it immediately. The big cock was dripping pre-cum straight into my mouth and that’s when I opened my eyes. It was Daddy but that didn’t stop me. I sucked Daddy’s big cock and I kept riding his doll. I still needed more. After getting his cock all slippery wet I begged for him to fuck me in the ass. I wanted to be double stuffed. He kneeled down behind me and pressed his dick in my tight asshole. Daddy knew best, that is exactly what I needed.
After having my two holes filled it was Daddy’s turn to fuck her. I wanted to watch him do it too. I took off the strap on from her and Daddy moved her up to the bed. Daddy fucked her little pussy as I watched and played with myself. There was no lube needed as I laid on top of her to suck and spit on Daddy’s cock like a good little slut should. Once Daddy was ready to cum I told him I want it him to shoot his load into my mouth. He had a better idea though. Daddy came all over his sex doll’s perfect tits and like a good girl I licked it all up.
That night Daddy made me his little fuck doll and used my holes even though he already had a sex doll of his own.
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       Daddy loves me in a tiny skirt and panties..

A tiny skirt and cute panties is all I need to turn daddy on. He loves it when I dress up for him, specially in the little frilly white and pink panties that I bought last weekend. They add just enough of an innocent spark to them that makes it feel naughtier when he takes them off. Something drives him crazy when I pair it with a little skirt and bend over a lot.. Sometimes he purposely has me bend over to pick stuff up for him, and has me running around the house just bending over and giving him a little peek. I know what he’s doing, but I pretend I don’t, and it turns him on more that he thinks he’s taking advantage of a cute little innocent tease.. The more I wear them, the naughtier he gets, and sometimes he just can’t resist to come up behind me as I’m bending over, just so he can rub his bulge up against me. I’ll play innocent and ask him what he’s doing, what the bulge is that I’m feeling.. and he likes to play with my head and get me to keep the innocent act up, all the way into his bed.
His favorite part is pretending it’s the first time, every time. When he spreads my little pussy lips while I’m still wearing the tiny skirt, and says it might hurt a little.. and then he slides it right in. I fucking love being his innocent little girl, being turned into a slut right in front of him. The naughtier I get, the rougher he gets, and soon I’m a filthy whore in a cute little skirt, getting fucked hard and rough and still begging for more. The best part is when he fills me cum with cum and makes me wear the little skirt around without panties.. knowing damn well that his cum will be dripping out of me soon enough, sometimes even running down my leg. Seeing me like that makes him crave a second round, every time.
Come play with me.

       Kelli gets forced while trying to sell raffle tickets!

It was a cold January afternoon when I went out in the neighborhood to raise some money for school. It was just a little fundraiser, they were having us sell raffle tickets door-to-door and win over some of the residents. It was all so I could get some extra credit and get some funding for a cheerleading uniform for next year. After a while of going from one door to the next, I finally got to the last house in the block. I was all dressed up in my schoolgirl uniform, with my long, blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. The sun was going down soon so I wanted to make a final sale and get home.
As soon as the man opened the door, he gave me a little smile, knowing that I’d already been down the other side of the street and was selling something. He didn’t seem to mind, and even invited me in for some water – which I loved. I’d been walking a lot!
After we went into his kitchen, I started explaining the raffle tickets and how I just had 15 left. They were $10 a piece, and as I started to explain what the prize was, he cut me off. He didn’t care about the prize, he said he just wanted to help me out. He was so nice! He said he’d buy 5 of my tickets if I did something for him, so of course I agreed and asked what it was. He wanted me to sit on his lap and give him a kiss. That seemed a little weird..but, it was just a kiss, right? For $50, it didn’t seem that hard. So I climbed on his lap and let him kiss me. And then he handed me the glass of water, and offered to buy 5 more, for another favor. I asked what it was this time.. and he wanted to see my little boobs. It didn’t seem that hard, right?
I was hesitant..but I pulled the schoolgirl shirt up over my head and let him see them. And he reached in and started playing with them, which made me pull away a little.
He didn’t like that, but he said he’d do me one last favor.. he’d buy the last 5 if I laid down on the floor. It seemed a little weird. Why? I asked him a few times but he said he wasn’t going to explain why, he just wanted to see if I’d do it. It was the last 5 tickets that I needed to I did it. I laid down on the floor a little confused, looking up at him as I started buttoning my shirt back on – but he didn’t let me. He got down on his knees, pushing me down a little more and taking control. It was terrifying, I tried to pull away, but he just wouldn’t stop. His pants were off.. he just wouldn’t stop!
As soon as I felt it slide in.. I knew the fight was over. He won. He started pumping, harder and harder, making sure to play with me so that it’d stay nice and wet. He went on for what seemed like hours..all I could do was try to push him off – but he got his full money’s worth. $150 worth of raffle tickets and a sexy little schoolgirl fuck..
Come & Take me.

       School girl Kelli needs help with her homework

Hi, I’m your student. Sweet school girl Kelli. I am really struggling with this homework and I’m hoping my teacher can help me. You ask me to stay after class. It’s Friday and everyone is headed to the game but I know I need help so I agree. It doesn’t even occur to me that we will be all alone. The school day is over and I come to your office.
“Hey Kelli, come on in. Please shut the door behind you.” I notice the blinds are all closed which I think is weird but I do what I’m told. I really do need help. An innocent school girl, knowing nothing of what’s about to happen. I set down my bag and start to get out my homework. You laugh, “Wait a second Kelli, we need to talk about how you’re going to help me before we get to me helping you.”
I look at you confused.
You grin and motion me to come over. My hair is up in a ponytail and I have on a pair of tight jeans and a white tee shirt. I know I should have worn a bra today but I didn’t and now I feel uncomfortable being so close to you. I can see you staring. Then I hesitantly move closer because you ask me to. “What do you mean help you, sir?”
You open your drawer and pull out a ruler. “Well Kelli, if you need help so bad you’ve obviously been neglecting your work. That’s a very naughty girl.” Suddenly I know what you’re going to do, oddly enough I’m not scared. I’m curious. Suddenly you tug the button of my jeans open, the zipper going down at the same time. You twist me around and pull my jeans down. Excited that I’m wearing a thong I’m sure. You bend me over the desk and I know I’m about to get it. Hard.

       Uncle Tommy Took My Cherry

My parents said he was a loser and always warned us that we would turn out like him if we didn’t study and stay out of trouble. I never saw that as such a bad thing. I thought he was great. He was funny and loud whenever he came over. I guess I just didn’t realize that he was usually high when he came over.
I attended a Catholic school and wore the typical uniform: white blouse, plaid skirt. One night, I stayed after school to help set up for a school play and stayed until it was over. My mother started work in the early evening so she informed me that Uncle Tommy would be picking me up from school that night. I was glad.
He was waiting for me in the parking lot in his old beat up car. He opened the front passenger door for me. “Where’s your jacket?” he asked. “It’s pretty cold tonight.”
“In my locker. It’s okay. I’m not that cold.” I said as I climbed in.
On the way home, I asked him to stop at Dairy Queen for some french fries. He grumbled but agreed. He turned off the main highway and into a dark and secluded road. “Shortcut.” he said. We drove for a few minutes when his tire suddenly blew out. “SHIT!” we both shouted in unison. He pulled over quickly and hit the steering wheel with both hands.
“Just change the tire. What are you getting so upset about?” I asked him.
He looked over at me with a small, apologetic smile. “I don’t have a spare.”
“What are we going to do?” I asked. “I’m not walking down that road. Fuck no. There are probably a bunch of psychos lurking in those woods with knives!” I exclaimed.
He laughed. “There aren’t any and it’s only about two miles.”
“I’ll freeze my ass off. I’m not going anywhere and you aren’t leaving me. We wait for a car to drive by, okay?” I said firmly.
He shrugged. “It may be a long time before another car drives by. But what the hell. I have nothing better to do.”
An hour went by then two. I was shivering in my seat wishing I had my jacket. Uncle Tommy took his sweatshirt off and wrapped it around me and put his arm around me to try to keep me warm. I felt sorry for him because now he was shivering too. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight, afraid we were going to freeze to death.
I suddenly became aware that his breathing was getting heavier. I nuzzled my face against his and noticed how good he smelled. His hands were moving up and down my back slowly and he rested his chin on my shoulder. My clit quivered involuntarily as I felt his breath on my skin. Without thinking, I kissed his neck gently.
I was aware that he was holding his breath. His body stiffened. I thought he was angry but then he moaned softly and held me closer.
“If we’re going to keep warm… “ he said softly. “We need to really do some physical activity.”
“Like what?” I whispered.
He pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me. His tongue slid into my mouth and I kissed him back, hungrily. He started to undo his pants and I lifted my skirt for him. He grabbed my panties and gave them a tug, pushing them aside.
“Sit on my cock, Kelli. Just sit on it. Slowly.” he instructed.
He held his cock as I positioned myself on it. I felt the hardness against my clit and I shivered. He began to thrust his hips up gently and slowly and I felt his cock slide against my clit, back and forth until the head came to my opening. Uncle Tommy grabbed my hips and pushed me down a little until he was a few inches inside of me.
We moaned together and then he began to thrust a little faster and harder and I followed his lead. I lifted my body up and came back down, pushing down and wiggling my hips before lifting myself up again. I rode him harder as the initial pain wore off and I felt how wet my pussy was and how good his cock felt as it made its way deeper into my virgin tunnel.
He pulled his cock out and came all over my skirt and his shirt. I climbed off of him.
“That’s our secret okay? It’s not bad. But nobody can know. Understand?” he said as we fixed our clothes.
“Yeah, sure. As long as we can do that again.” I said, smiling. He laughed.
A car came by about five minutes later and we were rescued. The next morning I asked my mother if I could spend the weekend at Uncle Tommy’s. I spent many weekends at Uncle Tommy’s after that night.

       Ride Home from School

It all started yet another day walking home from school. It was a hot one and I really didn’t want to walk.
Then out of nowhere a car parked right next to where I was walking and it was my pervy neighbor. He offered me a ride home and since we had done this once before, I figured I would accept.
This time it was for sure different. I was no longer the naive girl who was going to be surprised when he pulled his cock out for me. Oh no! Instead I tried to be the slutty school girl he craved. As he was driving I put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing. He didn’t seem at all surprised, he knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He drove over to an isolated park and that when the real fun started.
As he parked I pulled his cock out and started stroking it.
He was so hard. All in had in my mind was tasting. Of course, I did but he had something else in mind this time around. He asked if I had ever had sex before and young me, of course, said yes. I was lying, deep inside I was still a good girl. He said we should get off the car and find a spot to see what happens. Well, the spot happened to be right on the hood of his car. He bent me over it and I felt the tip of his cock press up against my young teen pussy.
I was so tight, he didn’t even take five minutes to cum. Perhaps if he gives me a ride a third time I might actually get to cum on his cock.

       Kelli’s naughty real life sex story.

I was 18 it was my Senior year in high school, Nothing mattered to me but having fun and what felt good to me, so if you’re into teen phone sex you will love this. So one day I was hanging out with a friend of mine her name is Kerry and she has this guy come over that she kept talking about nonstop, saying she couldn’t wait to fuck him and see if he had a big cock. So he gets there and she is all over him like she is trying to claim her territory but what she failed to see is that he had eyes only for me. I could feel his eyes watching me everywhere I went, I went outside on her porch to have a cigarette I was leaning forward looking down at the ground. All of a sudden I could feel him behind me he pressed himself against my back, I could feel his cock hard and pressed firmly against my ass. My friend was on the phone which gave him time to make an escape away from her clinginess, Him being so blatant about it was bold and kind of a turn on.
Wyatt was his name and he was older than me and I was like a cat in heat I had to have him. So we made up some excuse why we had to leave and we went for a walk down to the train tracks, The grass was tall and it was dark, no one would be able to see us. I know what your thinking this is a pretty hot high school sex story. I bent over and pulled up my dress up over my ass and he shoved his cock in my pussy and just started fucking me hard and deep with his massive cut cock. We fucked until it began to rain and we had to hurry up so he slammed it into me as hard as he could exploding his hot cum inside me I could feel the spurts filling me full of warm liquid, I came knowing that he squirted cum inside of me.

       Oral sex with the girl next door.

You know you’ve wanted me for years. We lock eyes every so often. I am pretty sure you’ve imagined me naked a lot of those times. Do you lust over my sweet young body? Are my holes extremely tight? Well, they are and I am so ready for new cock! Don’t be shy Baby, come over and tell me how you want to stick your tongue deep inside me. Exploring it, tasting it, feeling my soft pussy lips quivering to your touch. Don’t you need some new tight young pussy?
Maybe we can go for a ride in your car or go inside your house. Ssssh this will be our naughty little secret. No one needs to know. Oral sex is sexy hot. I want your cock to be the first. Imagine slowly taking off my little white dress and my little white panties just for you. Go slow and enjoy every moment of my soft skin. I want to feel your strong hands exploring me. My tight bald pussy is wet with desire, as I whisper that I want you to be my first.
“How old are you,” you ask. I just smile as I lay down on the bed. I giggle and say “Take a guess!” Slowly you squeeze your dick inside of me and pound my tight virgin cunt! Fuck me! I am wet and ready for you! No Condom needed!

       Fun With My Cousin Irina

I remember the very first time I noticed my cousin in a special way.

I was visiting family and she came over one night, and nothing much was going on, just hanging out, doing whatever.

It was hot that day and I had been out swimming so I was still in my bikini and shorts and she was just wearing a cute top and her jeans. So, we’re just sitting outside after supper and we start talking.

My parents didn’t think anything about ya know, she was my cousin, what harm could come of it? (sexy evil grin) We were just sitting on the porch and I mentioned how tired I was from swimming all day. All of a sudden, she got up, walked behind me and starting rubbing my back, telling me to just lean forward and relax.

It felt so good, and I remember I started moving my arms up a bit as she began to rub my sides. I arched my back towards her, and she slipped her hand under my bikini top just a little bit and rub softly the sides of my tits. I remember that feeling between my legs, how my pussy began to tingle slightly. I knew I wanted more, but I know this was so taboo that I needed to stop it.

That night didn’t progress any further, but she did come back the next day, this time, it was just me and her. I was in the kitchen, making us a sandwich and she came in, watching me, talking to me. I was smiling, teasing her by “accidentally” bumping into her. I could see in her eyes how excited she was getting. I had never had full on sex before, but I had played around, told you I started early. We started talking about sex and I told her I love to play with girls. When I told her that, I saw she was curious so I asked her if she wanted me to show her. What do you think she said?

So, I took her hand, led her to the sofa, and unbuttoned her jeans and slid my little hand down her pants. I watched her close her eyes and moan softly as she moved her hips up and down in my soft hand. She leaned over to kiss me and wrapped her hands around my waist, lifted me onto her lap, and pushed her hands in my panties. There we were, two wild cousins, kissing, fingering, and humping our way into taboo sin. God it was fucking fabulous!!

       Showing Off!!

I love to masturbate I even do it with the windows open. All my neighbors know what I do and can’t help but to grab some binoculars and stare. Right, when I know they are looking I give the best show of all. I spread my legs and rub my clit until I squirt all over. Some guys have left me gifts at the door. I’m not picky I put them on and how them just how much I love them. One guy even bought me a vibrator. Wow, that was just so fucking hot this barely legal phone sex slut grabbed it after I came and licked it all clean. I sure hope he got a pleasant view from that.

       Deepthroating You

I started kissing your warm mouth, then I worked my way south. Across a meadow of soft chest hair, to beyond and what awaits me there.. Your manhood stands, hard and strong, and there my lips explore and roam.. My tongue is wet, my mouth is warm, doing that for which I was born. I take your hardness between my lips, quickly within, your manhood slips.. You groan as I begin to suck, anticipating the coming fuck. My body moves with a sensual motion, swimming in the erotic ocean... It won't be long, this I know.. as I feel your cock begin to grow. Bigger, harder, with a throb, pulsing as I lick the knob. Knowing that before I'm done, you'll fill my throat with your cum!!

       I wanna have your child

Dear Papa, I heard you and mother fighting last night. Apparently she can't have more babies. I hate to hear you guys fight and I would do anything to please u both. I'm 18 now Papa I never experienced sex but I listen to u and mother all the time and it sounds so hot. I even masturbate to the sounds in the air at night. Papa I know this going sound crazy but I wanna you to put your loving seed inside of me so you and mother can be happy again. Mother can raise it as her own and I can get my fantasy I always wanted to have u be the first guy ever. I hope that u and mother can accept this offer. Love your daughter Kelli.