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Ageplay Abigail Performer Blog

       I'm ready!

I want you to teach me just how to satisfy that cock! I want to be the perfect student for you! I love to roleplay and be your submissive slut as well. I'm ready to get right down on my knees and open up my mouth nice and wide and get ready to that taste delicious cock! I'm going to wrap my lips right around it and slide it right onto my tongue and taste every single inch of it! Are you going to slide right down my throat and make sure that I take every single inch? Mmmmm... Slurp! Teach me just how to stretch out all of my holes! MMMmmm!

       Ready for Ageplay Roleplay fun??

I'm ready for some roleplay fun! I'm your neighbor's daughter and here I come bouncing up to your sidewalk. You can't believe what I'm wearing. I'm wearing a tiny crop top and extremely short shorts and you can see my very lean shapely legs. You open the door and there I stand in front of you, can't resist my petite body and my cute face, you open the door and let me in......

Maybe you can teach me a few things too........ ;-)

       In my mouth...

I just love something nice and hard right deep inside of my mouth. There is something about being right down on my knees with a hard cock resting on my lips! My mouth just starts watering and I'm ready to push that cock deep into my mouth and right down my throat, ready to taste every single inch! Are you going to give me a mouth full of cum too! I'm hungry!

       Ageplay Abigail

It's so late and I just can't sleep yet! My tight, young holes are just craving a big, hard cock to stretch me! I want someone to teach me all that they know about sex! I'm ready to learn and I promise to be a good student!