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       Any Boys With Hard Cocks!

Hi any boys with hard throbbing cocks? I am ready to please and ease your hard fat cocks! message me your desires and lets fucking get nasty! Your Sweet or twisted forbidden fantasies are my pleasure call me for an unsensored, explicit, role play. Your accomplice, Your mommy, Your Dominating Milf. I have young flesh for your perverted cocks! Cum for me baby!


Cum enjoy a unique role play, 2 Voices 1 Call. I am the only Sexy, Sensual milf here, that can take you there, not many have my voice talent, it allows me to play 2 characters at once......mmmm We are ready for more are you? Cum for me baby.

Age role play, Dominance/Mistress skills, Exciting dares and challenges, New and unusual twists, Masturbation Instruction, Especially alluring voice, Exceptionally vivid descriptions and imajination. Message me for a SPECIAL OFFER! Cum for me!


I am a hot, bisexual, sexy, mature MILF. My special talent will blow you away, 2 VOICES 1 CALL. I am Sexy, Exotic accent, perverted, sensual, Message me, or call for a unique Role Play experience. Let me talk DIRTY SPANGLISH in your ear. LITTLE ROSE BUD WILL ANSWER TODAY Cum for us daddy.

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Hi my sexy perverted boys! Listen to my NEW GREETING, tell me what you think? message me, tell me if i made your cock palpitate? mmmm You will never be bored with this sensual Milf. Call me lets get fucking filthy. Send your special request, or call. Cum for me baby

       Sensual Perverted MILF

I am a hot, bisexual, sexy, mature MILF, I love playing with men of all ages. My special talent will blow you away. 2 VOICES 1 CALL. I enjoy it all with you. Age role play, Dominance/Mistress skills, Exciting dares and challenges, New and unusual twists 2 voices 1 call, Masturbation Instruction,

Especially alluring voice, Exceptionally vivid descriptions, Call me lets enjoy all the fantasies you have in mind i got you papi. Cum for me baby!

       TO ALL MY SEXY BOYS, SISSY'S, MEN with hard cocks!

To all my sexy boys, sissy's, men, with hard cocks. If you feel sexy, naughty, filthy, depraved, aggressive, submissive? what ever your feelings are, i can help you make them come true. A call with me is as real as it gets, tell me your biggest fantasies i will make it happen.

If you want to Role Play let me know message me. I enjoy bringing you to your peek, no matter the scenario, no taboo. i enjoy role playing with you, and anything goes. Cum enjoy a unique call with me, as i play 1, 2, or 3 roles with different voices on 1 call. Cum have the orgasm of your life as i fuck the cum out of you.

       Litte Rose Buds needs a bath

Oh boys i am getting little Rose Bud ready for her bath. I want your help, i can use the extra hands molesting her tiny tiny body. She wants to say hello, I will let her wrap her little hands and suck your cock just like you like it. You can soap her smooth little body and feel her slit as you bathe her.

I know how much you love molesting her. I enjoy watching your perv cock grow for her tiny bald pussy. Cum for us daddy, you had a long day at work and deserve her pleasuring you.

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       My Sexy Perv Daddys

Hi my sexy perv Daddy your sexy Milf awaits for you with little Johnson and little Rose Bud. We need your depraved touch, little Rose Bud is especially hungry today. I was tasting her little pussy i was rubbing my mommy boobs all over her little body.

She was sucking on mommy's boob so hard that it felt so good, little Johnson wanted to taste her, but i told him you have to wait for daddy. He has to show you how. Call me get a unique phone call with me. As i play both mommy and little with 2 different voices. Enjoy your self and cum hard for us as we role play.

       Little Johnson loves mommys pussy

While daddy work out at the gym, my little sissy cum slut, sneaked in my room. You behaved so nicely, like a good little cum slut for mommy. I love when your young mouth slides in and out my mommy's cunt. You have learned so well to use your tongue, on mommy's big long hanging pussy lips...... Cum to mommy now! i need to taste that sweet, tight, young, pussy ass of yours, my sweet boy

       Exotic MILF anything goes

Hi lovers I am Latin, dirty, filthy, fun, sensual, perverted, vile. Call me enjoy me or my littles. I will help you molest them. Who ever helps me get to my 200 call gets a free voice recording.....message or call baby Cum for me!

       My little Rose Bud is yours

Hola Boys! cum play call me I will let you talk to my little Rose Bud she wants to say hi. You perverts have spoken to her sweet little ass before. You have molested and used all her little fuck holes, as i encouraged you. Cum for me!

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       200TH CALL

HI boys yes i am excited cant you tell? hi hi i am pleased to have played with you guys. Glad to help you with all your needs and desires. I want to say thank you for enjoying me, i dont plan to go anywhere as i enjoy what i do and very good at it, as some of you already know.

I have a special talent, sensual, exotic voice you boys are going crazy about. Yes i can play not 1 not 2 but 3 roles in one call. Most of you have experience 1 or 2 that's right i got more where that comes from.
i am enjoying recording mp3 voice recordings for you, weather is Taboo or not i still get excited doing them for you. Keep them coming and oh yes! call me, help me get to my 200th call today. Yes! in such little time I have pleased that many, yummy.

So Role play any time of scenario with me i am open to all and lay back and enjoy my voice and a unique phone sex call. Cum for me BABY

       Thinking of you baby!

Sitting here drinking my wine feeling mellow and nice, waiting for you! yes you! because you want a sexy MILF with an exotic accent, to whisper all the filthy things you need to hear. Because you want to experience, a unique phone sex call, one that will surprise you along the way with 2 voices in 1 call, you will Cum for me!

       Mommys Incest family

Mommy decided to keep little Johnson and little Rose Bud home for your perverted, dirty taboo pleasure.

Mommy and Daddy love family fun! We are working bon building our little incest family.
Cum join us, cum with us, we await anxiously for your hard, fat, daddy cock!


Hi lovers I am Latin, dirty, filthy, fun, sensual, perverted, vile. Pantie boy, sissy boy, rough or extreme boys, any type of boys, this sexy milf loves to pleasure! i have done all types of Role Play. Cum and enjoy my talent, with me you can have a threesome, and accomplice and her little, and you will hear both as i play two voices at once.

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Daddy is home from work, is late, his been driving and rubbing his perverted cock. He's been thinking about us, he comes in goes to the littles room, picks up Little Rose Bud, and Johnson, lays their tiny body's, next to me.

He kisses me and said Daddy is home is time for sinful family fun. I got excited and rolled over to face our littles, took the diaper off little Rose Bud for Daddy to feast on her bald tiny pussy. I took of little Johnsons Pull up, and feast on his little diddle..... Cum with us!


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       Worthless Tiny peepee

You really think you can fuck me and my little girls, with that small dick?! because it doesn't deserve to be called a cock! You are useless to my needs. That's right our son pleasures me anytime my pussy aches for it. I love fucking him and his college buddies.

I have always been a fuck whore you just didn't know it, so I married you, yea! had I know your cock is not a cock, and just a little, tiny useless pee pee, I would off sent you to hell. Therefore, for not having what it takes to please this sexy, fat, juicy pussy.

Our son and his buddies can gang bang me all they want. You will seat and watch, up close and personal with out a choice. Don't make a peep if you do! well, I will shut you up with your sons cock in your mouth.
Cum for me!

       Family Fun with a Sexy, Sensual Milf

Hola baby, if you like and truly enjoy Family Fun, come experience a unique phone call. Let me indulge you with my exotic accent and sensual voice as i whisper, all the sinful, perversions i know are in your mind.
Role Play any scenario with me, i guarantee you your fantasy will fell real with me. No limits, anything goes! message me a story line if you have one, I will answer in character and with the appropriate voice, as my talent allows me to give you 2 Voices in 1 Call.

Relax, lets play, and enjoy! Cum for me.


Experience a unique call you want a mommy and a little? 2 Voices one Call.. cum enjoy the sound of double play and let my sensual voice bring you to your Ecstasy! Special Talent is hard to CUM by! Wink Wink!! and i can also do a Voice Recording in such a way!

Email me your special request, or story line for a personal Voice Recording MP3. 10 Minute minimum

       Mommy Daddy & Little Rose Prt2

Oh daddy you made my perv pussy throb as you played with our little Rose Bud. I know her little bald cunny is sweet, you so greedy, I had to pull you off for a taste, My oh my! her little clit is swollen.

I love the way you rub her little flat chest with your big hands, when you whisper to me, eat her little cunny and kiss me. When is time for daddy to play with her little bum, my perv pussy leaks so much from watching.

I love picking her up my her little waste as daddy penetrates her sweet bald cunny, and thrust her on your cock till you open her up.
call me.
To be continued!


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       Dirty Daddy

Daddy is so perverted, I was asleep, when I hear the front door open. Daddy is home from work, is very late and we are sleeping. Except I hear his foot steps heading to our little girls room. He was in there briefly, because I hear him heading this way.

I stay in bed pretending I am sleep, I feel him sitting on the bed, I hear him, slobbering away, and moaning. I turn around to see him eating our little girls cunny he had all ready taken her diaper off. My pussy got so wet, I told him daddy I want some, you are so dirty.

As I taste my little girls sweet cunny, daddy is tasting mine. Call me to be continued!


I am your older, Perverted, Bisexual, MILF. I get off with sharing many things with you. Things that most consider sinful, my sensual, alluring voice, will have you cumming in no time. I speak spanish and love filthy talks in your ear. Telling you how to milk that cock, and cum for me.

I love to please and watch you drool in pleasure. Don't be ashamed, tell me your deepest fantasy, and lets play it out. This sinful mommy will make it happen, I am a very good listener, I can keep your secrets, even be your accomplice.

I am very open minded, love Role Play, I have a vivid imagination and give details. Being submissive/dominant are both equally delicious to me. I would love to get to know you, your desires, and build a pleasurable relationship. Message or call me anytime as i am always available for your needs..


If you are looking for young fresh meat, to violate, use, and abuse. Call me my Voice is talented, and becomes as young as your cock desires. Message me, I can give you a FREE...

Tell me your desires, and I will answer in character, or you can just enjoy me, being my normal young innocent self. Is ok to molest, rape, or torture me. My little fuck holes are yours to fill.

Is ok to breed me daddy, we are building our own little incest family. Open up your perverted mind, let your fantasies flourish with me.

       DOMINATING sensation!

Baby i am Feeling a DOMINATING sensation! threw out my sexy body. MESSAGE ME let me tell you whats making this pretty pussy wet. Then you can call me, so we can fuck each other up.

I love taking control and being submissive but today, my sexy beast wants to come out. I need Perv cocks, to indulge our fantasies with cum get this Sexy, Latin, Sensual MILF. Read my reviews you will surely cum on my pretty face.

       Sensual Perverted MILF

Hola my pervs I dont need introduction as you already know who I am, Your sexy Latin Milf. I am fairly new and already have over 100 calls, read my reviews, leave me a message. I enjoy special request, as my goal is to please you.

If you want to enjoy a realistic Role Play with a twist of double character, call me lets play, as i have many special talents. Cum see why callers love me, i am as real as it gets.... CUM with me

       Monsters Under The Bed 2

Mommy's little boy strolls in the room again, What happen baby?
Mama! the Monsters, i am scared. Again baby? Yes! Mama, he had a machine he wants to hurt me. He said he is experimenting with my peepee Mama. Cum little fella, dont be scared, cuddle with Mama i will keep you safe!

Little does he know, the Monster is me!

       Monsters Under The Bed

My poor little boy strolls in mommy's room scared sometimes. He said's there are monsters under the bed. He tells me yes! mama they come out at night. They are mean to me they tie me up, and eat my little peepee mommy.

Little those he know, those Monsters is me!!

       A little about me

I am your older, Perverted, Bisexual, Sinful MILF. I get off with sharing many things with you. Some most consider sinful, but what fun is there in being vanilla?

My sensual, alluring voice, will have you cumming in no time. I am Bilingual, love filthy talks in your ear. I love to please and watch you drool in pleasure.

Don't be ashamed, Tell me your deepest fantasy, this sinful mommy will make it happen. I am a very good listener, i can keep your secrets, if you have a confession.

Role playing is so delicious, message me any request. I am open minded, uninhibited, with a vivid imagination.
I think i have multiple personalities, lol as i enjoy being both Submissive and Dominant.

I would love to get to know you, your desires, and build a pleasurable relationship. Message or call me anytime as i am always available for your needs...

       Your Son and Brother

I am getting ready for the big family event, i am setting up the tables by the pool. Your son, and brother are enjoining the water, but your brother just cant stop starring. I continue with my set up, when i feel a hard, wet, bulge pressed against my ass.

He whispers in my ear, "I am going to take you" i immediately felt shivers down my body. I will be lying if i told you my pussy didn't get wet. Your son comes out the water and said's, "yes he is, and I am going to watch and learn"

Your brother bends me over on top of the table, pulls my little red bikini to the side, and gently rubs his mushroom head on my pussy lips. He tells your son, we have to make this fat, juicy pussy wetter, for our cocks......

Your son comes over to rub his young cock on my pussy, but your brother stops him and begins to suck his cock. Oh my!! my eyes, and mouth got bigger, and excited me baby the rest is confidential....

       Movie Date with my son

Last night mommy took her teen boy, to the movies with his friend. We watched an action movie, but this dirty, perverted mommy, was having action of her own, with their young cocks. My son's cock is so delicious, and big for his age. His friend is just a bit smaller, but just as tasty, and fresh.

You should of seen how my boys where trying to keep a still face, and not be loud, as i milked their young, hard cocks in my mouth. Their precum is so fucking sweet, and fresh. I got them so hard, and swollen. I sucked them till their young balls got tight, from all their cum inside.

Let me tell you what else happen when we got back to the house.....

       Training Day for my little's

Today is Training day, my little ones have learned so much. I found a wonderful, perverted daddy to volunteer for hand on......oh boy there was more then just hands on.

So proud of how my little princess took that perverted, hard cock in her mouth. Her little sister was watching and learning. Big brother kept mommy busy with his Hard cock... I would love to give you more details, but i will wait till you get me

       My little Faggot & Sissy boy!

Mommy is so proud of her little sissy boy! as usual he comes in my room, to cuddle in bed. He feels so soft, and warm, i begin to caress his hair and young body. As i caress his little belie button, if feel his young cock, grow hard, and my perverted, pussy gets wet.

I grab hes young cock, rap it around my hand, and say, oh! my good boy! your cock has grown, mighty big. He moans, and said yes mommy it is. Moaning, I begin to gently suck hes young mushroom head, and my little sissy boy is moaning in pleasure, when he said, mommy! i have to tell you something. I said ok baby, whats going on?

Mommy! last night when daddy had you on all fours, and your big mommy ass was arched up in the air, he was pumping hes big cock in your ass mommy, i want to do it too. I said, oh my! you where watching again thru the crack of the door? he said yes mommy!

Ok! my little sissy boy, come fuck mommy's big ass hole. To my surprise, he saids no mommy! i want you to use your toy and fuck me! i am your little faggot and sissy boy now.........

       Creaming on your sissy cock

While daddy work out at the gym, my little sissy cum slut, sneaked in my room. You behaved so nicely, like a good little cum slut for mommy. I love when your young mouth slides in and out my mommy's cunt. You have learned so well to use your tongue, on mommy's big long hanging pussy lips...... Cum to mommy now! i need to taste that sweet, tight, young, pussy ass of yours, my sweet boy.

       Our DATE tonight!

I enjoyed your morning, hard cock today. For our date tonight i will bring a special treat! can you guess baby? is sweet, is pink, it melts in your mouth! at times in your hands!.....

       CREAM on my mommy tits

OMG! baby you came so hard! in my mommy pussy....I loved how you drooled when i scooped my milf cream, off your cock, place it on my long nipples and ate hot!! Thank you!


mmmm Thank you for calling me baby!! i enjoy sharing my little princess with your perverted cock! Cum again baby