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Mistress Shannon Hard core Performer Blog

       Sensual seduction

Sensual seduction is the most dangerous of situations. You never quite know what you can be seduced into trying or doing without even realizing it until it’s already too late. Are you brave enough to play with a seductive mistress who will guide you down the dark and taboo path? Someone to encourage you to open up, confess your darkest thoughts, deepest perversions and even act upon them. I am ready right now to hear your confessions of all kinky and taboo thoughts, even the thoughts that are so dark you feel they shouldn’t see the light of day. Phone sex can be more than just moan and groan. It can be about a sensual exchange of perverts and their darkest desires. I will show you mine if you show me yours, are you ready?

       Taboo confessions with Mistress

Go ahead, come inside. You have nothing to fear or hide here. All your secrets will be kept between you and I, Mistress would never share your confession sessions with anyone …… right? I mean, of course I wouldn’t share anything you confided in me about while we were in the middle of a phone sex session. Your deepest, darkest and fucked up perversions are our little secret. Cum for Mistress, we will push your boundaries and open up your inner pervert and let that flag fly. Then when we get off the phone we will tuck it all away neatly to hide it from the rest of the world. Cum join me for a rock out with your cock out good time.

       Mistress is horny as fuck

Cum worship my sexy body. Kiss my feet, worship my thighs and kiss all the way up to my juicy pussy. Lick and suck my wet pussy and then work your way back to my tasty ass. I have big tits to be licked on and sucked on too! Today I am feeling horny as fuck and need a good little fuck slave. A slave who can fuck me over and over again. Up for the task? Phone sex to make me cum, have your rock hard cock in hand and get ready for a wild ride. Don’t keep me waiting.

       Hard core pervert

Deep down I am such a fucking pervert. I love taking the fetish and taboo things to the extreme. I love hearing you confess all about what nasty things you love and what things you hide from your wife/girl friend. Those are the very best things to have fun with because you know you can’t tell her those things for fear of her reaction. Phone sex can be so fucking good if you let go and let those bones fall out of the closet. Don’t fear I am a kinky Mistress that can indulge in freaky delight with you. Hear you confess and offer comfort or dish out the punishment and humiliation you need. Don’t deny yourself any longer. Give me a call.

       Sensual or Hard core

Ball busting fun is great, but sometimes you need a more seductive mistress for your pleasures and mine. A mistress like me who will drag every dirty secret out of you and help you become who you are meant to become. Maybe you need to embrace your inner faggot cock sucker? Or possibly you’re a sad sissy panty boy that needs to become my personal Barbie doll? Maybe just a little dick loser who needs his daily dose of humiliation? Or are you that twisted and fucked up pedo who needs someone as fucked up as you are to drive you over the edge, teach you the tips and tricks of being the best pedo pervert you can be? Whatever the case, I am your Mistress. Pick up the phone and call now for your daily dose of fucked up phone sex.

       Experienced Mistress

I am new to this site but well versed in being a slave owner, a mistress and goddess. I know all kinds of ways to humiliate you, dominate you, violate you, torture you, seduce and blackmail you. Drain your fucking wallet. Raise the rate is one of my favorite games. But I also enjoy CBT, forced sissy, panty boys and CEI. Orgasm control and denial. Accepting applications for new slaves who believe they can properly serve an experienced mistress properly. Call me for a phone fucking of the mind. Don’t keep me waiting.