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Everything Goes Emily . Performer Blog

       My big strappy

I love stuffing things in a man’s ass! It’s so much fun. One of my absolute favorite things to do is strap on phone sex. Aren’t you at all curious about what it would be like to be pounded by a beautiful babe like me? I want to fuck you in a variety of positions and stuff you so full of my big strappy that you’ll moan like a bitch just for me. My eager little strap on phone sex bitch boy.Once you see how wet it makes me and know just how much it turns me on. As soon as I have you trained well enough, you’ll run and fetch my harness and help me slip into it. I even have one with double heads to it’ll fuck feel extra amazing for me to fuck you, too! I can cum just from turning your ass into a pussy for me to fuck. How amazing is that? *wicked giggles*

I’m going to fuck you in a variety of positions with strap on sex. Doggystyle in front of the mirror so I can see the look on your face as I push deep inside of you. I want to hear you beg me to pound you harder. Assure me that you can take a good ass pounding by little ol’ me and I’ll start hammering away at your man pussy.

Eventually, I’m going to want you on your back like a proper bitch too. Just so I can see you stroke your cock and show me how much you’re enjoying being plowed by a beautiful Princess. You just can’t get enough, can you? Good, because I’m going to fuck you over and over. I want you to learn to worship my strappy and start saying, “I love your cock!”

       Strap on fun!

You can try and act nervous when Emily comes out to play. I think it’s fucking cute. It turns me on, even! But we both know that your eyes are getting wide because you’re fucking thirsty for Emily’s big red sparkly splendor, not because you’re afraid of how hard I’m gonna fuck you with it. In fact, if we’re being honest right now, we both also know that you’re actually going to be begging for Ruby Rocket to shoot right up that sweet fucking ass of yours even higher and even harder before too long.

That’s fine, sweetheart, let it out. Beg Miss Emily for more at the top of your lungs while Ruby pounds your ass from behind like the bitch you truly are. Are you fucking kidding me? We both love that and you fucking know it! Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you get on top and ride my fucking huge red rubber dong in your tight brown hole until you can’t help but shoot your cum all over my chest and neck and face.

But if you’re really, REALLY lucky, sweetheart, I’ll show you just how fun strap on phone sex can be when you’re all tied up in a black leather swing and Ruby Rocket keeps filling you up so deep you feel like your eyeballs are going to pop out…

       In honor of all you Fathers

Happy Fathers Day, I have a weekend special, all call packages are $1 a minute, cum let me get your cocks off. I am very good at making men cum, everything goes with me.

       Show me yours and I will show you mine..

There is just something about a chick with a big strap on!! Don't you think, I love making men my prissy, little, sissy boys, Giving those little, tight man pussies my big blue cock. You should absolutely cum and play with me...


Well, recovering from the wild weekend, and still wanting more.. What are you looking for, cum give me some ideas, and we can get very dirty together.....

       My weekend plans

Hey all of you fellow pervs, I am here and ready to please you. I have a lot of stories to share, like the gang bang I did in college or the time me and my ex boyfriend had fun on the sunny beach here if florida..........Call me and get to know me, you won't be sorry..

       Strap on fun

I love all of my toys but my strap on is always lubed up and searching for the next tight hole to enter..Who is next, call me for some fun...

       Over the weekend

Well, as some of you know I love my toys!This past weekend I bought a new strap-on, I am just itching to use it...You know you want me to.

       I am a very naughty girl!!!!!!!

I am always horny and ready to get you off! If you're looking for taboo then I'm the slut for you! Everything goes with me! Just you, me and our depravity is all we need to have an explosive time! I can be sweet and sensual but I also have a demented dark side where we can explore the forbidden. I really enjoy incest and playing with those little ones. Just the thought of doing a taboo role play really gets my cunt wet

       Did I ever tell you

Omg, did I ever tell you about the gang bang I was in, well it started one night when I was in college, at the frat house.. I was attending a party, and all of a sudden I ended up in bedroom with 7 guys, they made me take my clothes off and tied me to the bed..........Call me for more..............

       Delve into my dark side

I love the taboo, my wild side is very dark and I am ready to share it with you, Does your cock get hard for littles, or for a horny little slut? I am your girl.......

       Part of my dark side

This will give you more insight into my personal life!!I have been sexually active most of my life, when I was little my brothers had their turns with me, my daddy found out and joined them!!! So, I was taught early on how to please a man... I guess that is why I am so open to anything, trust me nothing will scare me off, Call me to learn more....